Mental Health Research UK PhD Scholarships 2017

We are writing to you as we believe you may be interested to hear about a new funding opportunity for mental health research provided by Mental Health Research UK and Schizophrenia Research Fund.

Mental Health Research UK PhD Scholarships 2017

Mental Health Research UK and Schizophrenia Research Fund are pleased to announce our UK PhD Scholarships for 2017. The Scholarships aim to support the most promising research scientists who are asking challenging questions that will contribute to advances in mental health research. 

Mental Health Research UK is seeking the best and brightest researchers and the Scholarships are open to UK Universities with a Department active in research in the fields of Schizophrenia and Adolescent Mental Health.  Only one application for each Scholarship from each University is permitted.

We invite applications from UK Universities for three PhD Scholarships beginning September 2017. Click on the links for details.

John Grace QC Scholarship 2017 will be awarded in the field of schizophrenia and applications that address the positive symptoms of schizophrenia will be given priority. 

Applications for a Scholarship in the field of 
Adolescent Mental Health are also welcomed. 

We are also pleased to be able to offer 
The Fieldrose Charitable Trust Schizophrenia Research Scholarship 2017, supported by The Fieldrose Charitable Trust and the Scott Eredine Charitable Trust. 

Guidance and applications can be downloaded - click on the links above. Deadline for applications is 17th June 2016Applications must come from University Departments, not from individual research students. It is the responsibility of the successful University to select the student.


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Mental Health Research UK is the first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illnesses, their causes and cures. Mental Health Research UK wants to make a difference in the long-term and change things for future generations. We continue to receive a significant number of small donations from members of the public, to whom we are most grateful. This includes donations given monthly by direct debit as part of our 1000 Supporters Campaign.

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