Mental Health Research UK Newsletter - June 2015

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We are supporting more research and this is already making a real difference.
Supporters are entering more events and funds continue to increase due to your generosity.
We are still giving at least 95% of all donations to research.
In support of our Mission
Supporters stories continually remind us of the importance of our work.
We are now linked to the Schizophrenia Research Fund which gives us added strength.
We are the British Medical Association's Charity of the year.

None of this would be possible without your support

Well done and thank you from 
Mental Health Research UK

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Chair of Trustees Introduction

We are so grateful for your support which has allowed us to commit funding to more research than predicted. 
The staff of the BMA has voted us as their charity of the year, we're delighted.
Our website has been relaunched. This provides a wealth of information about Mental Health Research UK. It includes an Annual Review for 2013/14 and a Fundraising Guide. We hope you find them interesting and useful. 

Take a look

Read on for a snapshot of what is happening.

Professor Clair Chilvers - Chair of Trustees


Bethan Davies, the first PhD student we supported will graduate in July.  Her research has been a great success. It focused on depression amongst students, a highly vulnerable sector of the community. She has developed an online resource to improve students' abilities to recognise, treat and manage depression. Bethan is now receiving funding from the National Institute for Health Research to continue her research - adding value to our original funding. She will explore how to develop her online resource further, as well as potential collaboration with other providers of similar resources, to help improve the mental health of students.

Four other PhD Scholarships are in progress, two more will commence in September and we are evaluating applications for another two to start next year.

Simon Harkin recently undertook a swimming challenge for Mental Health Research UK. He has raised over £3,500 including gift aid - a brilliant contribution.
He said "12 years ago my little brother committed suicide after several years of suffering from his bipolar disorder. He had made two previous serious attempts on his life before his last successful attempt. The impact on our family was devastating both during his illness and after his death. Nobody will understand what we went through unless they experienced it themselves."
He undertook to race for 2 lengths of the pool and then to continue swimming one further length for each £25 he raised up to a maximum of 34 lengths - the age of his little brother when he died. Given his great fundraising he must have ended up swimming a long way!
This is just one example of the many fundraising challenges completed this year. To see more visit:
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