Mental Health Research UK Newsletter - November 2015

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Chair of Trustees Introduction

There is good news on the research front.  We have recently awarded funding to two further research scholarships at Oxford and Manchester Universities. We are delighted with their research proposals which our eminent scientific committee selected from a strong field of applications. This work should make a real difference and details are provided below. Thanks for your support which made the awards possible.

The other big news for mental health research is that the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation, a large German charitable foundation, has chosen the biological basis of psychiatric disorders as the topic for its €4m 2017 research award. This is a massive investment and great news for everyone in the field. Let's hope this indicates a rising awareness of the need for more research of this kind. 
Blooming Monday, our annual event to raise awareness of depression, will be on 18 January 2016.  This day is supposed to be the most depressing of the year, but why not brighten it up this time, as taking part is great fun and easy to do. We’ll be in touch again about this
 shortly. Read more
Our Annual Review for 2014/15 has just been issued. This provides plenty of information about our activities during the year, as well as our accounts. Click Annual Review to find out more. 

Read on for a snapshot of what is happening at Mental Health Research UK at the moment.

Professor Clair Chilvers - Chair of Trustees

We have awarded funding for two more scholarships to commence in 2016 at Oxford and Manchester Universities. The Oxford research will aim to improve cognitive-behaviour therapies which are already being used successfully to treat anxiety disorders. The Manchester work will aim to help people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders to cope with, and bounce back from, negative stressors and suicidal thoughts.
Six scholarships are currently in progress and doing important research.  Click f
urther details for more information.

Bethan Davies, our first PhD student, graduated in July. Click to read more and even see a copy of her thesis.

Our supporters continue to raise vital funds by completing challenges.  These have ranged from feats of great endurance like marathons, to baking and selling cakes. A massive thank you to all of you.
Geordie Tulloch and Patch Russell raised over £10k for us by cycling 550 miles from Edinburgh to Dungeness, kayaking across the English Channel and then running 5 marathons in 4 days to reach Paris – what an amazing achievement!!
Becky Dudley is 18 and is on a mission to raise £2,015 for us in 2015. She has organised lots of events including wearing a unicorn onesie on the first day of every month, giving up things (such as meat, chocolate and social media) in different months, a walk from Bristol to Bath and a year-long dryathlon- no alcohol for a year, including her 18th birthday!! She has aleady raised over £1,000.  Becky said, “I have an anxiety disorder that means that every day can be a fight against anxiety, against my head, against a brick wall that I can't quite scale. At times it's seemed like the dark places inside my head were going to consume me completely.….. I've watched (and cared for) many people close to me, as they've had their own struggles…..  to many there appears to be little way out and little prospect of sunshine. I'm making it my mission to do everything I can to help them, and others.”
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Our 1000 Supporters and 1000 Vets Campaigns continue to raise considerable funds. The regular monthly donations are very valuable as they give us a reliable income stream.  Read more
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