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Headphones are disrupting how Conferences and Expos are organized
The newest trend in keynote speeches and delivering information to your audiences, Quiet Events introduces wireless vs. RF headphone technology to conference spaces allowing for immersive experiences without disturbing other activations.

Once used strictly for silent disco parties, the use of headphone tech has evolved since its inception, allowing companies to make more efficient use of expo floors, event spaces, breakout rooms, training sessions, and more. Let Quiet Events save your organization time and money while creating both a memorable and exciting experience for your attendees (Plus makes for amazing photo ops with the light up headphones are a nice perk!).
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Why Quiet Events
tick.png 7+ plus years in Business, and 11 Offices Throughout North America
tick.png Over 25,000 Headphones
tick.png Licensed and Insured
tick.png 24/7 Tech and Customer Support
tick.png Exclusive multi-channel Capabilities
Why Headphones?
Be heard
An immersive experience for the audience to be spoken directly to vs. distortion over loudspeakers
Thank your Sponsors!
Company Branding on headphones. With our branding option, you can have your choice of logo on the side of our headsets.
Save money and space
Pay for one conference hall, instead of multiple rooms and break it into 10+ breakout sessions without walls.

With no noise restrictions, find unique spaces like rooftops, parks, parking lots, to host your event.
Easier for you and your clients
The logistics of having people scramble to room to rooms for breakout / training sessions is a nightmare. Our solution allows you to keep everyone together making planning easier for you and simple for the attendee.
More ways to use us!
tick.png Training sessions
tick.png Translation services
tick.png Health and Wellness
tick.png Dance after parties
tick.png Karaoke
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39-40 51st street, Astoria, NY, 11377
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Phone: (800) 833-9281
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