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Azimuth News
Azimuth Helps Meriwether County Schools Secure $2.5M in New Grant Dollars
George E. Washington Elementary School Book Adventures Program wins a Dollar General grant award that will provide targeted reading materials to approximately 100 students who would normally have no access to appropriate reading materials throughout the summer. The program is designed to provide reading and review materials for struggling readers to help them better prepare for the next grades.
In October 2018, Azimuth opened a satellite office in Atlanta, Georgia to better-serve our clients. Since then, we have worked with rural school systems, municipalities, nonprofits, and Defense contractors throughout the state to secure additional grant funding. We are excited about our growth in Georgia and look forward to helping more organizations fund their mission.
1-Year Grant Strategy
Azimuth has added a 1-Year Grant Strategy to our slate of services. The Strategy identifies relevant public and private grant opportunities and provides detailed guidance regarding how to apply, when to apply, and how to develop a competitive application for each opportunity. The opportunities are presented in date order and organized by quarters to assist with implementation planning. As part of the Strategy, Azimuth performs a strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results (SOAR™) analysis to assess your organization’s grant readiness.
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Adrienne Crump Named VP of Operations
Azimuth’s growth has been exponential over the last few months. While this is great news, the new opportunities come with challenges that are overwhelming to juggle single-handedly. To facilitate our growth while continuing to provide excellent customer service, Adrienne Crump has joined the team in a leadership role as the new Vice President of Operations. Her experience with grants, coupled with a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition, has trained her
to focus on audience awareness and purpose in writing – key elements to winning grants.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Adrienne joined the Azimuth team in March as a lead consultant. Her leadership and drive helped the company grow 150% between the second and third quarter of 2019. , Adrienne was named Vice President of Operations in July and is responsible for providing leadership on new and developing client projects and serving as a conduit between business development and operations.

Adrienne has 28 years of research, writing, and editing experience for government, business, and academia. She began her career as a Public Affairs Specialist for the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Virginia. Upon relocating to Tucson, Arizona, Adrienne worked at the University of Arizona where she gained experience researching, writing, and administering grants.
Evelyn Bragg
Based in Anniston, Alabama, Evelyn Bragg has 20 years of experience in the education profession and joined the Azimuth team in July as a lead consultant. Evelyn previously served as Director of Learning Technology at Jacksonville State University where she led a team of educators working to foster collaboration in PK-20. She was also responsible for developing research designs and implementation plans for a randomized control trial through a U.S. Department of Education Investing Innovation (i3) grant.
Eva Romero
Eva Romero’s experience with grants began fifteen years ago with international grant management at The Rotary Foundation in Chicago, IL. She built on this experience, winning grants to fund her own research activities as she pursued and finished her PhD in Spanish/Hispanic Cultural Studies from The University of Arizona. Eva’s passion for arts and culture has her dabbling in film, photography, and radio while working as a lead consultant for Azimuth from Tucson Arizona, where she is based.
CEO Jessica Taylor Recognized
Azimuth's founder and CEO was recognized as one of Alabama Media Group's 2018 Women who Shape the State.

More recently, Jessica is featured on the cover of Montgomery Business Journal's September/October 2019 issue for her charity work as President of Samaritan Counseling Center's Board of Directors.
Grant Alerts
Rural Health Network Development Program
Deadline of Applications: November 25, 2019
Expected Number of Awards: 46
Match Requirement: No
Estimated Total Program Funding: $13,800,000
Award Ceiling: $300,000
Award Floor: $0
Program Purpose: to support integrated rural health care networks that have combined the functions of the entities participating in the network, including skilled and experienced staff and a high functioning network board, in order to address the health care needs of the targeted rural community.
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Community-wide Approaches for Healthy Children
Deadline of Applications: March 6, 2020
Expected Number of Awards: 6
Match Requirement: No
Estimated Total Program Funding: $2,000,000
Award Ceiling: $450,000
Award Floor: $300,000
Program Purpose: to assess the effectiveness of interventions targeted community-wide in order to prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in racial/ethnic minority and disadvantaged populations. Funding will be used to implement and evaluate prevention approaches that expand or improve upon evidence-based interventions or promising research evidence.
More details
Cyberlearning for Work at the Human-Technology Frontier
Deadline of Applications: January 13, 2020
Match Requirement: No
Estimated Total Program Funding: $15,000,000
Award Ceiling: $750,000
Award Floor: 0
Program Purpose: to fund exploratory and synergistic research in learning technologies to prepare learners to excel in work at the human-technology frontier. This program responds to the pressing societal need to educate and re-educate learners of all ages (students, teachers and workers) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content areas to ultimately function in highly technological environments, including in collaboration with intelligent systems.
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Azimuth News
LaConya Murray
Known as The Brand Attorney, LaConya Murray is an Intellectual Property Lawyer who spearheads Off the Mark IP Solutions. She specializes in trademark, copyright, and contract solutions for entrepreneurs, speakers, and course creators in order for them to successfully own their genius™. Although based in Alabama, she is able to serve clients from different parts of the country while traveling to educate, inspire, and motivate entrepreneurs and the like, to protect their assets and make the most of their brand.
Alabama Office
445 Dexter Avenue, Suite 4050
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
Georgia Office
3340 Peachtree Road, Suite 1800
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
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