Frostwood PTA
Big Form
Lunch Menus
District Calendar
Teacher and Staff Birthdays
Debra Cox 8/8
Britney Laws 8/22
Karen Martinez 9/5
Angela Buegeler 9/5
Lisa Mayer 9/6
Betty Othold 9/8
Elizabeth Walior 9/17
Jane Salinas 9/26
21 - School begins; PTA meeting
4 - Holiday
10 - CIT Meeting
12 - Curriculum Night,1st & 5th Grades
13 - Curriculum Night,3rd & 4th Grades
14 - Curriculum Night,2nd Grade
15 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
18-21 - Book Fair
19 - Provine Fall Individual Pictures
24 - Newcomers Ice Cream Social
29 - Exec Meeting
6 - IFEST Parade/ Tea
6 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
9 - Student Holiday
12 - Picture re-takes
13 - PTA Meeting
19 - Early Dismissal-Parent Conferences
20 - Early Dismissal-Parent Conferences
21 - Carnival*
25 - Boosterthon Pep Rally
27 - Exec Meeting
31 - Oskar Character Education Show
3 - Boosterthon Fun Run
6 - PTA Meeting
10 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
13-17 - Wellness Week
20-24 - Holiday
8 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
12 - Fifth Grade Winter Concert
15 - Early Dismissal
18-29 - Winter Break

1-2 - Winter Break
2 - Teacher Staff Development/Workday
2 - Student Holiday-No School
12 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
15 - Holiday
30 - Provine Group Pictures
2 - Exec Meeting
2 - 100th Day of School Parade*
6 - Third Grade Play
9 - PTA Meeting
9 - Western Day
10 - Auction*
11 - CIT Meeting
16 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon*
19 - Holiday
22-23 - Jump Rope for Heart
6 - Spring Individual Pictures
11 - CIT Meeting
13 - End of 3rd 9 weeks
12-16 - Spring Break
23 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
28 - Exec Meeting
30 - Holiday
6 - PTA Meeting
10-12 - STARR Testing
13 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
14 - International Fest
27 - Exec Meeting
27 - Pink Piggy Day*
4 - PTA Meeting
7-11 - Staff Appreciation Week
8 - Fifth Grade Farewell Concert
14-17 - STAAR  Retest-5th Grade
18 - Field Day
28 - Holiday
31 - Kindergarten Talent Show*
1 - Early Dismissal/Last Day of School
1 - 5th Grade Graduation
1 - End of 4th 9 weeks
4 - Teacher Workday


Welcome back Frostwood Tigers! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!  The teachers and staff have been working hard to get Frostwood all ready for the new year.  Please check out our PTA website, for information and links to help you get ready for the school year.  We would love for everyone to join the PTA, volunteer for jobs in and around the classroom and complete our Big Form. Please see the grade level coffee schedule below.  We would love to see you there! It is a neat way to meet other parents with children of similar ages, as well as learn all about what is going on at Frostwood.  Please contact me with any questions, I am happy to help.  I am looking forward to a great year and Go Tigers! 

Courtney Anderson
2017-2018 PTA President 



Our school hours are 7:55-3:00. This is every day. PLEASE have your child at school, ready to go about 7:45. Missing the first few minutes of instruction can throw off the entire day and we want your child to start each day relaxed and happy.

There is limited registration on the first day of school and only after 1 pm.  Parking will be very difficult on the first morning. Please only bring one family car and try to carpool with neighbors if you plan to bring your child on the first day. 

There is never parking on Tara or Rhett Drive during school hours as indicated by the posted “NO PARKING DURING SCHOOL HOURS” sign.  Please be courteous to the residents who live near the school during the busy drop off/pick up times.  They too have to get to work, school etc. and we need to be polite visitors.


For those of you in the carpool line, please remember the following guidelines:

Move safely and quickly.

Adults, stay in your car. Children are to open car doors and exit only to the north side (the school side).

Be nice. That means no honking, yelling, or cutting in line. Remember, your children are watching you.

Dress Code:

Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for school. What is super cute and fun on the weekend may not be appropriate for school. Our goal is for your child to be comfortable and never embarrassed. We need the children in athletic or tennis shoes every day. Shorts and skirts should be finger length when standing with arms down. We ask our young ladies to wear shorts under their dresses or short skirts and to cover the back side when wearing leggings. No spaghetti straps and tummies need to be completely covered. When in doubt, just ask!

Back to School Coffees

Mark your calendars with the following dates for Back to School Coffees

There is a separate coffee for each grade level.  This is the perfect way to meet new friends, catch up with old friends, and sign up to help in your child's classroom.  The coffees are at 9:00 am and we really want to see you there! 


As you know, Aug 21st is a special day as a solar eclipse occurs across America. Even in a partial eclipse looking directly at the sun, even briefly, can cause serious eye damage or blindness.  

We will be live streaming it through the time period and all watching around the peak time for Houston; 1:15 pm. Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will go out for a short period of time, with proper glasses, to observe. Our younger students will not observe the eclipse live due to safety reasons.

Recess times will be adjust the first day so that kids are not outside during the eclipse time period. 

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Growth) Assessments Replace Previous Norm-Referenced Assessment Programs:

Spring Branch ISD has a long-standing history of using norm-referenced assessments to determine the academic achievement of students and empower teachers to respond to student learning in ways that help every child reach his/her fullest potential. In the recent past, these assessments included the Stanford and Aprenda and the Iowa and Logramos. Based on feedback from parents, teachers, administrators, and the community more broadly, we have been looking for a better assessment tool to provide better information about student learning far more quickly and with less instructional time spent assessing instead of teaching.

After careful consideration and two years of thoughtful piloting, SBISD is shifting our norm-referenced assessment to the Measures of Academic Progress - or MAP Growth.  Three schools piloted MAP Growth in 2015-2016 school year and the pilot expanded to 23 schools in 2016-17.  This year, all elementary and middle school campuses will participate in, at least, the Reading and Math portions of MAP Growth. There are also Language/Grammar and Science portions available and some grade levels will elect to use these as well. This replaces Iowa and Logramosas well as the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). By making this change, we reduce the overall time students spend testing, and teachers will receive data about student learning faster so they can personalize instruction to meet students' learning needs.

Students at Frostwood Elementary will take the fall MAP Growth assessments at the beginning of the school year, between Aug 21 and Sept 6. MAP Growth is a computer-adaptive test students will take three times per school year. MAP Growth helps schools and teachers know what your child is ready to learn at any point in time. Feedback from teachers during the pilot is that they could see the progress of individual students and of their class as a whole. Principals and administrators shared that they were able to see the progress of a grade level, school, or the entire district.

Since students with similar MAP Growth scores are generally ready for instruction in similar skills and topics, teachers are better able to plan instruction. MAP Growth also provides typical growth data for students who are in the same grade, subject, and have the same starting performance level. This data can be used to help students set goals and understand what they need to learn to achieve their goals. Teachers receive results within about 24 hours that show what students know and what they are ready to learn. The results can be used to help personalize lessons at the appropriate level for the students. 

The MAP Growth tests include multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and other types of questions. You can view a WarmUp Test ( to get an idea of what the questions look like.

We will share results and goals for students at the October Conferences, along with other beginning of the year data.  

Don't forget to complete your ANNUAL VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION:

1.  Register with SBISD at

2.  Volunteers who were cleared last year are 'good to go' for the beginning of the year only.



Safety Message from Principal Pennington -

Based on recommendations from a recent safety study, we will now ask ALL students coming to Frostwood from the West side of Gessner to cross at the light at Gessner and Memorial. A sidewalk is being constructed where there currently is no sidewalk. (Students should no longer cross at Beauregard.)

Due to the speed of vehicles coming through the lights that neglect to slow down mid-street, we are asking all walkers and bike riders to cross at Memorial Drive. We will move our crossing guard from Beauregard to this corner. There will be SBISD police out for the first couple of weeks to help re-train the families and the students.


Grade Level Coffees

Please join us for the grade level coffees at the
following dates and homes from 9:00-10:30 am.

Monday 8/28- 3rd grade- Libby Kafka- 11839 Wink
Tuesday 8/29- Monica Brauchle- 2nd grade- 159 Warrantor

Wednesday 8/30- Tracy Lou- 4th grade- 11923 Longleaf
Thursday 8/31- Michelle Riddle- 5th grade- 119 Paul Revere
Wednesday 9/6- Tara Read- 1st- 11910 Doncaster
Thursday 9/7- Angela Stoehr- Kinder- 12614 Pebblebrook



Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered to lead, support and take time to help in anyway possible with our school community.  At this time the only position still needing a chairperson is for Green Tigers.  Please contact Courtney Anderson if you are interested in helping out with this position. Thank you!

Please click the picture below to review the list of committee chairs and their contact information:




What’s Big Form? It’s the quick and easy way to complete your Frostwood PTA forms and pay by credit card on our secure site. The deadline for all submissions is Thursday, August 31.

Big Form is not available on paper, so use the link below to:

•   Join the PTA

•   Donate to the Underwriting Campaign

•   Purchase additional school directories

•   Sign up to receive the Tiger Tales newsletter

•   Sign up for Tiger Buddies

•   Donate for Staff Appreciation lunches

•   Contribute to grade-level auction items

•   Sponsor the TigerFest Carnival

Questions? Contact Karen Thompson


September 18th -21st, 2017
Monday, Sept 18th – Thursday Sept 21st
8:00 am-3:30 pm
Class shopping schedules TBD
We will only accept cash from children during the class shopping times.  A parent must be present to use a credit card.  Please put cash in a zip lock bag and indicate the dollar amount of donations to Housman Elementary if you wish to contribute.
Tuesday, September 19th, 7:00-8:00 am (last names A-L)
Wednesday, September 20th, 7:00-8:00 am (last names M-Z)
Wednesday, September 20th 5:00-8:00 pm
Dinner, drinks and treats available for purchase.
Entertainment by Julian Franklin
Contact a Book Fair Chair
Nancy Magilton, Karen Masraff, Jill Perez or Megan Sakkal



Yearbook Help - Yearbook Photographers - Grade Level Photographers

The yearbook will need lots and lots of photos to capture as many memories as possible.
Three photographers per grade level are needed to cover classrooms candid shots, grade level activities, and school wide events.

Signing up as a photographer will make it your responsibility to cover all classes in your grade with your partners.

Yearbook Self Portraits
In addition to the fun moments captured by our cameras, Self Portraits is the part of the  yearbook that allows our kids to get involved by doing more than posing for photos.  One volunteer per grade level is needed to help get those cute self-portrait drawings organized and ready for printing.

Some computer work is needed.

Buy your yearbook Now through March 2nd

5th Grade Parents
5th grade parents, purchase your yearbook dedications Now through January 12.
One Ad per student


Parade of Nations Help

The Parade of Nations is an event where Frostwood celebrates the wonderful diversity in our school and our community.

Parade will be on Friday, October 6 at 8:15 A.M.

Volunteers are needed on the day of and the day before the event to help the planning committee with decoration and snack/drinks area set up.



Mark your calendars!! 
TigerFest Carnival will be held Saturday, October 21st from 11 am - 3 pm! 
TigerFest is a fun, family friendly event filled with games, attractions, activities and food. 
Please look for opportunities to volunteer, contribute items for games
and consider sponsoring the event!


TigerFest 2017 Carnival Team,
Becky Fenn, Ara Hardig, Lindsay Lanham, Alicia Ross and Terri Tarwater


LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS-  The classroom library schedule is here!  With enough volunteers for each class, the time commitment should equate to once a month.  The class volunteers assist the kids during check out and help keep the books shelved so that our wonderful librarian, Heather Bothe, is available to assist the kids with lessons and book selections.  If you’re interested, please sign up on the PTA website or through the link below.  Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to help Frostwood and spend time with your child and his/her friends!


Please contact Keri Bassett with any questions!



Introducing Frostwood Wish Lists!  

See what your children’s teachers would like for their classrooms and donate those items by searching for Frostwood Elementary under
“Friends and Family Gifting” on! There is one registry per grade level
and a "general" registry (don't forget about specials!). 
The registries are active now and will be updated throughout the year.

Have you heard of Amazon Smile? 

 donate .5% of the purchase price of ALL eligible
Amazon purchases to Frostwood PTA.  
Search for Amazon Smile and
designate Frostwood Elementary PTA.  
It’s simple and free!

Questions?  Contact Corey Marrs or Whitney Gormley



Welcome back!

I hope all of you had a fun and restful summer! I am looking forward to seeing your children’s smiling faces soon!

Just a few reminders –

  1. Be sure to do your back to school forms online. Health issues and contact information can change, and I do not keep the cards from year to year.
  2. Fever, diarrhea, vomiting – your student must be free of these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.
  3. Again this year, there is an increase in the number of students with food allergies. Please consider this and check with your classroom teacher when bringing treats in for any celebrations.
    • Some allergy friendly ideas to consider are:
      • Popsicle brand Popsicles (yellow box), Minute Maid juice bars, Nabisco Oreo cookies, Keebler Bug Bites graham crackers, Nabisco Barnum animal crackers, Rold Gold pretzels, Cheez-It crackers, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, Nilla Wafers, Shipley’s plain glazed donuts.
  4. All medications must come through the clinic, even cough drops. I have copies of permission forms to fill out for both non prescription and prescription meds. Prescription med forms do have to be signed and authorized by the student’s physician. Please do NOT send medicine to school with your student in their lunch kit or backpack.

Please know that my door is always open and I’m a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for helping me to keep all of our students healthy and safe at school. I look forward to a great year at Frostwood!

Nancy Musgrove RN,  713-251-5725



Message from Librarian Bothe -

SUMMER READING - Summer reading packets went home with your student at the end of last school year. Reading logs are due AUGUST 23rd!
Please click on the attached links for additional copies of the
summer reading packets if you need a new one before school starts.
Summer Reading Letter
Summer Reading Ideas
Summer Reading Log  
Summer Reading K-2  
Summer Reading Rising 2nd to 3rd  
Summer Reading Rising 3rd to 4th  
Summer Reading Rising 4th to 5th

SUMMER READING CHALLENGE - We are Tigers! Hear us ROAR!! We hope you has a lot of fun this summer with our very first Frostwood Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

1. Posted below are the items on the Frostwood Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt! 
2. Take a picture of one or all members of your family (or multiple families) completing items on the list 
3. Post pics/videos and description here in our closed group (do not reply to this post - make your own)!
4. I will mark you down and if you complete all the challenges, I'll have a special surprise for your peeps when you return to school! BY ALL MEANS, GET CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!! Challenge Begins June 2nd, and it ends August 20th at midnight!


1. Read in the bathtub (no water, just blankets)
2. Read a book your whole family loves
3. Read with an accent (video submission accepted!)
4. SWAP favorite books with a friend and read
5. Read in a blanket fort
6. Read a whole page of a book backwards (video submission accepted)
7. Read for 30 mins (you should do this every day anyway!)
8. Read on a family Road Trip
9. Read while eating a picnic lunch
10. Read while eating a sno-cone (carefully!)
11. Read in a tent 
12. Read a poem and perform for friends (video!!!)
13. Take turns reading a page at a time with a sibling, neighbor, cousin, or friend (video!!!)
14. Read to a pet
15. Read to someone who can't read
16. Read on a swing
17. Read to a relative over the phone or computer
18. Have a "Reading Party" with friends & treats
19. Read with a flashlight
20. Read under the kitchen table
21. Read a book you have read a zillion times
22. Read at bedtime
23. Read on your bike (not in motion, please!)
24. Read at the pool
25. Read near the Frostwood school sign!
Have a terrific and safe Summer!
BONUS: Reading with a "real" Tiger (safety first!)

Heather Bothe, Librarian


Classroom Volunteers!

Please take a moment and sign up to be a classroom volunteer! Positions include Room Chair, Winter Party, Valentine's Party, Carnival and Auction. Your kids love having you help out in and around the classroom! 

Any questions?
Please contact Mona Rio


Make sure to look for the sign up for PTA Membership in
The Big Form coming soon to the Frostwood PTA website.  

Please contact
Christine LaMarra with questions
or 281.974.6512 mobile 



The Staff Appreciation Chairs are gearing up for a another great school  year! Show your appreciation for our wonderful teachers and staff by signing up to help host a luncheon, bring/bake your favorite goodies or submit a financial contribution. 

Financial contributions can be made this year by Big Form ONLY. So please make sure to submit those donations at the beginning of school!

WANT HELP OUT? WHAT TO DO NEXT! - Staff Appreciation hostesses are needed for the entire school year. It is simple and easy way to show your support. Plus the staff LOVES and appreciates our luncheons. As a hostesses you select the theme, coordinate a catering order (from a local restaurant), drinks, paper goods and decor. The chairs are they to help and guide you along the way!  
See it is EASY and at no cost to you (all items above are reimbursed).  Simply coordinate with your hostess group before signing up below (just list their names and email addresses). Hurry and pick the dates that work best for you as they fill up QUICK!
Staff Appreciation Sign-up 2017-2018 School Year
If you are interested in volunteering to help with Staff Appreciation you can sign up via the link below!  Please contact us if you have any questions!   

For question please contact:

Kim Winkler or Aubrey Slye



Frostwood Dads

The Frostwood Dads’ Club is hosting its annual sporting clay tournament on Friday, November 10th at the beautiful Westside Sporting Grounds course in Katy.  Teams of 4 can be purchased for $800 and individual shooters may register for $250.  Many sponsorships are still available.  Please visit to register or contact for more details and information.



Don't Be Left Out of the School Directory!

Preparations are underway for the 2017-18 Frostwood School Directory!  To be included in the directory, you must enter, confirm and save your family data in the My School Anywhere online directory management system by Friday, August 25.
If you are a RETURNING Frostwood family, you should receive an email from the Directory Committee with your family's unique link to the My School Anywhere online system.  Please click on the link and follow steps 1-5.
If you are a NEW Frostwood family, go to and enter the following invitation code:  FWEDirectory2017.
Questions? Email Connie Jones.  


What is SBEF?


Spring Branch Education Foundation is committed to supporting our students and educators. We partner with Spring Branch ISD and the community to fund programs that enhance education and prepare our students for the future.

Our local taxpayers pay additional taxes attributable to increases in property valuations. However, the additional tax dollars do not remain in Spring Branch Independent School District under the current State of Texas education funding formula. Unfortunately, the formula was recently confirmed as constitutional by the Texas Supreme Court. See for important additional information about the severe funding problem facing our school district.

Private funding, through the Foundation, remains 100 percent in the district and helps enhance quality of education. SBEF raises funds only for SBISD. Last year, the Foundation donated more than $1 million to the district, reaching students on every campus through grants and scholarships.

Please visit our district website:

Please read below about opportunities
to learn about ways to support SBEF by attending one
of these wonderful events this Fall:

Ladies Luncheon

Luncheon registration form

A Night in Monte Carlo Gala

For questions about attending and supporting the SBEF gala,
please visit the event webistie:

Or please contact Kristi Robishaw or Becky Fenn



Dear Frostwood Parents,
My name is Katie Hemphill and I am the new Frostwood Violin teacher.  I have taught in SBISD for many years as a Fiddler teacher and an orchestra director.  I taught at Frostwood 26 years ago and now I an returning with great joy.

I wanted to make sure you were informed that FWE has a violin program.  Your child would have a 15 minute private lesson during the school day and a group lesson after school with their friends.

We perform close to once a month, we have a concert with all of the SBISD schools that have a fiddler program in October, we will play at the mall in Decemeber,  a solo festival, our own summer camp called Fiddlers Fair, and we are even going to try to perform at a Stratford versus Memorial basketball game this year!

If you are interested in the fiddler program please contact me for more information!

Mrs. Hemphill

The Battle of the Beltway- 
This is a bracket style competition for small businesses helping in the community.

There are 4 schools involved: Meadow Wood, Frostwood, Wilchester, and Rummel Creek. Each of you are the go-to point. We are depending on you to help us spread the word and to encourage friends and family to pitch in on this competition. 

How will the competition work? Both Caliente and Pizaro's will be selling bottles of Belle Glos (Pinot Noir) or similar to raise money. (Bottles of this caliber are nearing $45+ at Specs, we will be selling them at a lower cost to you of $35)

For every bottle of wine sold we will donate to the winning schools. The more bottles your school buys will determine the winner.

The competition will last 3 weeks and Starts August 7th.

Here is how the competition will be set up:

Round/Week 1: Wilchester v. Rummel Creek - Round 1 Winner

Round/Week 2: Meadow Wood v. Frostwood - Round 2 Winner

Round/Week 3: R1 Winner v R2 Winner - 1st place

Award donations will go as follows:

 50%- 1st place

 25%- 2nd place

 25%- donated to Thornwood as our chosen charity school

Which Restaurant is supporting your schools:

Wilchester- Pizaro's Pizza

Meadow Wood- Pizaro's Pizza

Rummel Creek- Caliente

Frostwood- Caliente

Cost: $150 Per Player
Deadline is November 15

KINGDOM BASKETBALL is a wonderful opportunity for
boys and girls, Pre-K through 12th grade.


Provides a positive self-image for all ages

Teaches good sportsmanship and will reveal their true character

Great opportunity to build new friendships

Honors God through learning the game and team building


For additional information and to register online,
click here

Questions? Email

SBMSA Soccer Registration is Open! Girls and Boys SBMSA Fall Soccer Registration

Deadline AUGUST 31st, 2017 @ 11:00 PM CLICK HERE TO REGISTER:

For further information and details email:

Or visit our website:
Tiger Tales is the weekly publication of the Frostwood PTA. Submissions for the next Tiger Tales are due every Friday afternoon before the next Monday issue. Articles submitted must be as concise as possible.  We reserve the right to shorten submissions as we deem appropriate.  Remember to utilize the Frostwood PTA website as much as possible to post extensive news articles or sign-up sheets.  Please submit Tiger Tales articles to Heather Cody.
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Our address is:
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Houston, Texas 77024

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