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Teacher and Staff Birthdays
Jane Salinas 9/26
Katie Justl 10/18
Kelly Pettit 10/19
Megan Hogg 10/21
Linda Standefer 10/24
Maragret Patrick 10/30
Cheryl Mallette 11/4
Julie VanderHorst 11/6
Susan Lange 11/9
George Pineda 11/17
Kay Soule 11/24

11 - Classes Resume
19 - Provine Fall Individual Pictures
20 - SPIRAL Begins
29 - Exec Meeting
3 - Open House 1st and 5th (6:00-7:00 pm)
4 - Open House 3rd and 4th (6:00-7:00 pm)
5 - Open House 2nd (6:00-7:00 pm)
4 - CIT Meeting
6 - IFEST Parade/ Tea
6 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
9 - Student Holiday
12 - Picture re-takes
13 - PTA Meeting
19 - Early Dismissal-Parent Conferences
20 - Early Dismissal-Parent Conferences
21 - Carnival
27 - Exec Meeting
31 - Oskar Character Education Show
1 - CIT Meeting
6 - PTA Meeting
10 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
13-17 - Wellness Week
20-24 - Holiday
8 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
12 - Fifth Grade Winter Concert
15 - Early Dismissal
18-29 - Winter Break

1-2 - Winter Break
2 - Teacher Staff Development/Workday
2 - Student Holiday-No School
12 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
15 - Holiday
30 - Provine Group Pictures
2 - Exec Meeting
2 - 100th Day of School Parade
6 - Third Grade Play
7 - CIT Meeting
9 - PTA Meeting
9 - Western Day
10 - Auction
16 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
19 - Holiday
22-23 - Jump Rope for Heart
6 - Spring Individual Pictures
7 - CIT Meeting
13 - End of 3rd 9 weeks
12-16 - Spring Break
23 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
28 - Exec Meeting
30 - Holiday
4 - CIT Meeting
6 - PTA Meeting
10-12 - STARR Testing
13 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon
14 - International Fest
27 - Exec Meeting
27 - Pink Piggy Day
4 - PTA Meeting
7-11 - Staff Appreciation Week
8 - Fifth Grade Farewell Concert
14-17 - STAAR  Retest-5th Grade
18 - Field Day
28 - Holiday
31 - Kindergarten Talent Show
1 - Early Dismissal/Last Day of School
1 - 5th Grade Graduation
1 - End of 4th 9 weeks
4 - Teacher Workday

In an attempt to give back to instructional time the following changes have been made for this Fall semester:

October 6th - International Parade Postponed to Spring 2018
October 10-15 - Bookfair Postponed to 2018 
October - Boosterthon  - Postponed to 2018

Friendly Reminders:

  •  Snacks: Please send at least 1 small, healthy snacks with your child each day. Often students bring the same snack, so please label each snack with your child’s name on it. ***If you and your family are unable to make this happen due to your displacement, please let your child’s teacher know.
  • Free Breakfast and Lunch for FLOODED FAMILIES: If you and your family have been displaced due to flooding in your home, your child may come to school in the mornings for free breakfast in the cafeteria as well as enjoy a free lunch during your child’s lunchtime.
  • Free School Supplies for FLOODED FAMILIES: If you and your family have lost your child’s school supplies due to flooding, please contact our principal Mrs. Pennington, or our assistant principal Mrs. Stalknaker and they will be in contact with you and get you what your child needs to be prepared for school.
  • Residency Form for FLOODED FAMILIES: Please go onto the SBISD website and fill out a residency form if you have been displaced from your home.
  • Weather/Dismissal ChangesIf due to the weather/changes in schedule/current living arrangements, your child’s normal dismissal changes (for example, from walker to parent pick up) please CALL THE OFFICE as soon as you are able. Often when parents make dismissal  changes at the last minute and send his/her teacher an email we don’t see it in time due to our lessons, so please call the office and they will contact us. Please keep in mind many children are going home different ways the next few weeks so it is imperative our office staff and your child’s teacher is aware of any changes.
  • Tardies will not be issued this week due to flooded streets and traffic.
  • Sweaters/Jackets: Unfortunately some of our classrooms are those of extremes – its either super cold in the fall/spring, or warm and toasty in the winter. So, please feel free to send your child with a sweater/jacket that they can keep here at school (be sure to label the tag with their name please).
Upcoming Events:

  • Picture Day, Tuesday, Sept. 19th
  • Student Holiday, Monday October 9th: No school for students.
  • Parent Teacher Fall Conferences, Thur. Oct. 19th-Fri. Oct. 20th: This will be a half day for students. Please look for an email closer to October with more information regarding signing up for time slots.



Hello Frostwood Parents,                                                                   

We are having a parent meeting on Monday morning, September 18th, @ 7:30 am, in the library. The purpose of this meeting is for families that have experienced flooding to gather as a FWE community for coffee.

We will get to know one another, share stories, and ask questions. We will have folks there that speak several languages so that you are able to ask questions and each have a better understanding of what SBISD is able to do to support your child and your family. We will also have a FEMA representative there to answer questions.

Please join us if you are able as we want to support you through this difficult time.

Vamos a tener una reunión con los padres el lunes 18 de septiembre a las 7:30 AM en la biblioteca. El propósito de esta reunión es que las familias que han sufrido inundaciones se reúnan para tomar café como comunidad de FWE.

Nos conoceremos, compartiremos historias y haremos preguntas. Tendremos a personas que hablan diferentes idiomas para que todos tengan la oportunidad de hacer preguntas y para que cada uno tenga una mejor comprensión de lo que SBISD es capaz de hacer para ayudar y apoyar a su hijo (a) y a su familia.

Por favor asista a esta reunión si le es posible, ya que queremos apoyarlos durante este momento tan difícil.



如果您能够的话,请加入我们!我 们 想 在这个困难时期为您提供帮助。


우리는 이번홍수로 피해를 본 Frostwood 가족들을 위한 학부모 커피 모임을 9월18일 월요일 아침 7:30에카페테리아에서 갖고자 합니다.

우리는 서로에 대한 이야기를 나누며 더 많이 알고자 합니다.  여러 언어의 통역이 준비되어 SBISD 가 여러분의 아이들과 여러분을 위한 질문과 더 나은 서비스를 위해 노력할 것입니다.

꼭 참석해 주셔서 이 어려운 시기에 저희들이 여러분을 도울 수 있도록 기회를 주십시오.


Thank you!

Pamela Pennington




Dear SBISD Families and Staff,

As an indication of generosity and kindness of our Spring Branch ISD community, we have received many messages from concerned neighbors asking how people can help the students and families that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Numerous SBISD families have lost so much.

The Spring Branch Education Foundation has launched a Pledgecents fundraiser (see link above) that will provide funds to support families of students and staff who have been adversely impacted by flooding in their homes as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The funds will be administered by the Spring Branch Education Foundation.

Any donation you can make regardless of size will help us help our Spring Branch ISD families. Please share this opportunity to help on social media to spread the word.

Thank you for your support, whether through this donation opportunity, or any other way in which you are helping support our community.

Note: All contributions will be tax deductible, and you will receive a tax receipt when your donation is processed.

Thank you,

Cece Thompson, Executive Director
Spring Branch Education Foundation


Host Families:

Please let me know if you are available to be a "host" family for another FWE family that has flooded. This will entail you calling and checking in with this family to see what their needs are. You can then get others to help buy items they need or find avenues for them to get stuff. The items will then be delivered to the family. So far I have 93 host families, but we have about 112 families who need assistance in our FWE community. I know that some of you are already doing this for a family and that is great! If it is a FWE family, please let me know so I can check them off my list of affected families.

Please know this does not mean you are housing anyone, just checking in on them and helping them source help. 

Thank you for any and all assistance you provide,

Heather Cody


Thank you to Heather Hennekes for compiling this amazing list of resources for those in our community who are displaced and in need. Thank you!

1. Westside Homeless Partnership - provide assistance with rent, utilities, and transportation 

2. City Resources:

United Way - 311  - FEMA  -  Harris County Recovery Network  -  City of Houston Disaster Recovery Information 
1-844-965-1386  -  Assistance with Cleanup  -  Assistance with repairs 
Individuals who have been unable to work due to Hurricane Harvey can apply for disaster unemployment insurance.
1-877-892-3896  -  Hurricane Harvey Disaster Unemployment Insurance  -  Legal Aid 972-400-1163 

Victim Relief Ministries 713-523-8963 -  Crisis/Spiritual Care - Mental Health America of Greater Houston 

3. St John Vianney:

The Youth Lounge is stocked with cleaning supplies, tools, toiletries, diapers and more. The Youth Lounge is located off the basketball court of the Activity Center. The supply center will be open beginning, Wednesday, September 13, and will be open 9:00am-8:00pm Monday-Friday; on Saturday and Sunday we will be open 9:00am-5:00pm.

Joseph’s Coat is assisting with free clothing and our Food Pantry is suppling non-perishable items. Both Joseph Coat and the Food Pantry will be open Monday-Friday 11:00am -7:00pm and on Saturday and Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm.

4. Second Baptist Church: They have a food pantry that also contains toiletries. Free to anyone. 

5. Gallery Furniture:  Free cleaning supplies 5-9 a.m. 6006 N. Freeway

6. Other resources on SBISD website:

American Red Cross (866) 526-8300 Shelter, food, clothing for flood victims 
Spring Woodlands Assistance Ministries 281 353 4480 Food and clothing assistance 
Northwest Assistance Ministries 281 583 5600 77388, 77379, 77389 Food and clothing assistance 
U-Haul of East Houston 11202 Antoine Drive Houston, TX 77066 (281) 377-3380 Free storage 
City of Houston 311 – city services 211 – available resources Information on city services and available resources 
Report flooding and property damage Report damage for access to federal funding

7. USAA policy holders:
If your zone is evacuated and you have homeowners or renters insurance through USAA, call them and let them know. They will pay for your gas, food and hotel to evacuate. It's called prohibited usage for emergencies under renters/owners insurance. They will cover lodging for up to two weeks.1-800-531-8722

8. Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM):

Emergency Services Appointments (English)
713-468-4516 ext. 100
Direct: 713-574-7533
Assistance with rent, utilities, clothing, furniture, mental health

9. D-SNAP:
The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides short-term food benefits for eligible families recovering from a disaster.
D-SNAP is available to eligible residents of the counties with a federal disaster declaration and weren’t receiving benefits through regular SNAP at the time of the disaster.

Benefits are loaded on a Lone Star Card within three days of applying, and the amount is equal to two months of the maximum amount of SNAP benefits, based on household size.

There is a limited period of time to apply for D-SNAP, based on your county of residence.
If you have additional questions about D-SNAP, call 2-1-1 and after picking a language choose option 6.

10. Mortgage assistance:
This program provides mortgage insurance to protect lenders against the risk of default on mortgages to qualified disaster victims. Individuals are eligible for this program if their homes are located in an area that was designated by the President as a disaster area and if their homes were destroyed or damaged to such an extent that reconstruction or replacement is necessary. Insured mortgages may be used to finance the purchase or reconstruction of a one-family home that will be the principal residence of the homeowner. Like the basic FHA mortgage insurance program it resembles (Section 203(b) Mortgage Insurance for One to Four Family Homes), Section 203(h) offers features that make recovery from a disaster easier for homeowners

11. SBISD Parent U - Sept 19 6:30-8:00 Don Coleman Coliseum 1050 Dairy Ashford
Heather Lambert, Licensed Professional Counselor and trainer will provide information to support our children and each other in the days, weeks, and months ahead. 

Thank you to Terri Tarwater for sharing this information:

From Tallowood:
-We are feeding any displaced Harvey families Mon - Fri until further notice  
-Kitchen is open 5:45- 7:00pm
-No reservation necessary, just show up
-555 Tallowood Road, 77024
-Families are welcome to stay and dine or pick up to go
Please let the families know it would be our pleasure to feed them!  


Inline image 1

Classroom Volunteers!

We are still in need of Classroom Volunteers! Thank you so very much to those of you who have signed up. Please help make this a great year for your child. 

We are in particular need for volunteers in the following classes:

Ms. VanderHorst
Ms. Kim
Ms. Muhoberac
Mr. Venegas
Ms. Gioacchini
Ms. Perry
Ms. Swanson
Ms. Laws

And ALL of our fifth grade classes:

Mr. Attleson
Ms. Cox
Ms. Eggelston
Ms. Engvall
Ms. Mayer 

Any questions? Please contact Mona Rio at
Image result for washing service

Frostwood Family, the Boheme Washing Team, comprised of 12 families, is ready and able to accept and process your laundering needs. Whether you are without power, currently without a machine, or just need help, your friends are ready to SERVE with absolutely no judgement. Unfortunately since Horrible Harvey has disrupted our beloved Frostwood Family for so long, we’ve missed the window for safely laundering submerged clothing. However, any clothing or bedding that wasn’t submerged will be safely cleaned. Due to the water restrictions, we will launder all items at a laundromat outside of the impacted zip codes until the restrictions are lifted. Please contact us at and we will schedule a pickup and delivery. We want you to contact us now or in the future as we know that is a long-term need.

Yearbook Help - Yearbook Photographers - Grade Level Photographers

The yearbook will need lots and lots of photos to capture as many memories as possible.
Three photographers per grade level are needed to cover classrooms candid shots, grade level activities, and school wide events.

Signing up as a photographer will make it your responsibility to cover all classes in your grade with your partners.

Yearbook Self Portraits
In addition to the fun moments captured by our cameras, Self Portraits is the part of the  yearbook that allows our kids to get involved by doing more than posing for photos.  One volunteer per grade level is needed to help get those cute self-portrait drawings organized and ready for printing.

Some computer work is needed.

Buy your yearbook Now through March 2nd

5th Grade Parents
5th grade parents, purchase your yearbook dedications Now through January 12.
One Ad per student



Mark your calendars!! 
TigerFest Carnival will be held Saturday, October 21st from 11 am - 3 pm! 
TigerFest is a fun, family friendly event filled with games, attractions, activities and food. 
Please look for opportunities to volunteer, contribute items for games
and consider sponsoring the event!


TigerFest 2017 Carnival Team,
Becky Fenn, Ara Hardig, Lindsay Lanham, Alicia Ross and Terri Tarwater



Thank you for signing up to volunteer at the library.  If you signed up you should have received an email from me by now.  If you have not, please contact me right away!   
If you haven’t had the chance to volunteer yet, we still need help!  With enough volunteers for each class, the time commitment should equate to once a month.  The class volunteers assist the kids during check out and help keep the books shelved so that our wonderful librarian, Heather Bothe, is available to assist the kids with lessons and book selections. 
We are still in need of volunteers particularly in the following classes:  Kim, Gioacchini, Mallette, Muhoberac, Mulherin, Perry and Swanson.
If you’re interested, please sign up through Sign-Up Genius on the PTA website (  Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to help Frostwood and spend time with your child and his/her friends!
Keri Bassett
Library Chair


Please contact Keri Bassett with any questions!



Introducing Frostwood Wish Lists!  

See what your children’s teachers would like for their classrooms and donate those items by searching for Frostwood Elementary under
“Friends and Family Gifting” on! There is one registry per grade level
and a "general" registry (don't forget about specials!). 
The registries are active now and will be updated throughout the year.

Have you heard of Amazon Smile? 

 donate .5% of the purchase price of ALL eligible
Amazon purchases to Frostwood PTA.  
Search for Amazon Smile and
designate Frostwood Elementary PTA.  
It’s simple and free!

Questions?  Contact Corey Marrs or Whitney Gormley


Make sure to look for the sign up for PTA Membership in
The Big Form coming soon to the Frostwood PTA website.  

Please contact
Christine LaMarra with questions
or 281.974.6512 mobile 


STAFF APPRECIATION - The Staff Appreciation Committee hosted a return to school luncheon on Friday, September 15th. A very special thank you to Dina Nasif for hosting the Syrian cuisine luncheon from her family restaurant, Mazaj.

Luncheon treats provided by Kim Krueger, Mina Coi and Laynie Vandor. 

For question please contact:

Kim Winkler or Aubrey Slye


Frostwood Dads Club:

The Frostwood Dads’ Club is hosting its annual sporting clay tournament on Friday, November 10th at the beautiful Westside Sporting Grounds course in Katy.  Teams of 4 can be purchased for $800 and individual shooters may register for $250.  Many sponsorship opportunities are still available.  Please visit to register or Contact for more details and information.


Box Tops Collections

Collecting Box Tops is a great way to support Frostwood!
We have 2 submissions each year, and the first one is coming up in October!  
Find all of those box tops you have been saving all summer, and turn them in!

Please purchase products that have the Box Tops logo on them when at the grocery store. 
Then go to the Frostwood PTA website and look under the "Support FWE" tab. 
Choose the Box Tops Forms option, print, and adhere your Box Tops to this form. 
Please be sure not to tear or cut off corners with important information! 

Turn Box Tops into your child's teacher.  


Box Tops Form

Contact Alicia Ross with any questions!  



Are you new to Odyssey of the Mind?
Attend the Houston Region Awareness meeting for Parents and Teachers on Saturday September 23rd, from 2 to 4 pm, hosted at Awty International. You will learn why students are begging to join a team. It is a fun, educational way to learn how to solve problems. “The sport that isn’t a sport…” 

Coach Training on September 30th, from 1 to 6 pm,
hosted at River Oaks Elementary.

Details are on the website:



Frostwood’s own Cub Scout Pack 747 wants to invite you and an adult member of your family to join us on Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30 PM in the Frostwood Cafeteria to learn about joining Scouts.
We are taking new boy applicants from grades 1 to 5 and registering returning scouts.  At this meeting, we will provide you with all the information needed to join scouting and an overview of our calendar of events.  Scouting is a family-friendly organization which means Moms, Dads and siblings are encouraged to come.
At this meeting, applications will be filled out and dues will be collected.  Please bring your check book so you can and join the fun immediately.  Dues are $120 for the entire year of scouting.
Bring your family and join us – Sept 26th at 6:30 PM in the Cafeteria!
Or, if you want more information, just email one of the leaders below.
  Hope to see you there!
Han Ooi (
to learn more about Pack 747!



In a desire to be sensitive to our families that were impacted by Harvey, the leadership team for Harmony Creek Community of Girl Scouts will be rescheduling ALL recruitment and troop formation meetings scheduled for the month of September. We would like our families to have time to settle back into school and a more normal routine.
Plans are underway to host a community-wide Girl Scout Expo in October where girls can explore the different levels of scouting and participate in fun activities. The Expo will be for families with current Girl Scouts and girls wishing to join or learn more about Girl Scouts. More information will be communicated when the date and location is confirmed.
If you know of girl scout troops interested in attending or participating as a troop at our event, please contact Sophia Hwang For those girls ready to join now, please direct them to and follow the registration process. We will work to place them in a troop as quickly as they form.
The first Community meeting will be held October 7th at MCUMC at 7 pm.  We will have a speaker on the topic of helping your girls in the aftermath of Harvey.
Thank you,
Emma Acosta
Community Engagement Manager
Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council
3110 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77098
Ph: 713-292-0255
Main: 713-292-0300
Fax: 713-292-0330
Para Español 877-250-8110




Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Below is the map that the Solid Waste Management Department provided our office yesterday to show where their trucks were picking up storm debris.  They reported that there are 121 trucks in the field, and from this map it looks like there might have been a couple of them in District G.

Council Member Travis, noticing the lack of trucks on the hard hit west side, spent the evening and the morning sending emails and texts to the administration demanding trucks in the area. 

We are happy to report that this weekend storm debris removal will begin in Nottingham Forest, Memorial Glen, Fonn Villas and a few other neighborhoods in these areas.  

Please remove all parked vehicles in these areas this evening.  Trucks will begin debris removal early in the morning. Large trucks need to be able to safely access streets in these neighborhoods. If the trucks cannot get to the debris piles because of parked vehicles, they will not be able to pick up the debris.

Apparently, the administration is putting out trucks based on where the 311 calls are coming in for service. If your storm debris has not been picked up, please call 3-1-1 and report your address and that you need your storm debris removed. Ask your neighbor to call 3-1-1.  Post this request on your community website, bulletin board, or via your eblast system.

We continue to be told by SWM that there is no schedule for debris pickup.  They will let our office know day by day where their trucks will be, and we will let constituents know where they can anticipate debris pick up. We are still working hard for all of our neighborhoods still in dire need of debris removal.

Greg Travis, Houston City Council Member, District G
900 Bagby, 1st FloorHouston, TX 77002
Mailing: P.O. Box 1562, Houston, TX 77251-1562
Phone: 832-393-3007

Hope you had a great restart to the school year!  

Did you know that the Memorial Markettes are hosting a Dance and Play day on Saturday September 30th?  Grab a group of friends and help our award-winning dance team raise money for Harvey relief.  We'd love to see you again!

Your super fun day will include morning play, pizza lunch, an afternoon dance clinic with a parent performance, and a t-shirt!  What a great way to spend a Saturday...dancing with your friends and the Markettes.  Donations are gratefully accepted.  

Don't delay.  Register today to guarantee your spot and your t-shirt!  Thank you for helping the Markettes help Houston! 

To register click here:



Dear Frostwood Parents,
My name is Katie Hemphill and I am the new Frostwood Violin teacher.  I have taught in SBISD for many years as a Fiddler teacher and an orchestra director.  I taught at Frostwood 26 years ago and now I an returning with great joy.

I wanted to make sure you were informed that FWE has a violin program.  Your child would have a 15 minute private lesson during the school day and a group lesson after school with their friends.

We perform close to once a month, we have a concert with all of the SBISD schools that have a fiddler program in October, we will play at the mall in Decemeber,  a solo festival, our own summer camp called Fiddlers Fair, and we are even going to try to perform at a Stratford versus Memorial basketball game this year!

If you are interested in the fiddler program please contact me for more information!

Mrs. Hemphill


Cost: $150 Per Player
Deadline is November 15

KINGDOM BASKETBALL is a wonderful opportunity for
boys and girls, Pre-K through 12th grade.


Provides a positive self-image for all ages

Teaches good sportsmanship and will reveal their true character

Great opportunity to build new friendships

Honors God through learning the game and team building


For additional information and to register online,
click here

Questions? Email

Join the Anything Bling Hurricane Party with a Purpose!

In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, we know that so many of our employees, customers, friends, and neighbors have suffered loss. Anything Bling wants to do our part in helping our community heal by helping refill closets with new and stylish clothing! We reached out to our favorite vendors to ask them to donate whatever they could and the response was overwhelming! We received pallets of clothing that we would like to donate to the women whose closets were flooded in the hurricane. Anything Bling is committed to helping the women of our community feel stylish and confident!

When:              Monday, September 18 & Tuesday, September 19 at  10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Where:             Anything Bling Boutique
                        Vintage Park, Cypress, Town & Country and Sugar Land Locations

           Hurricane victims can visit any of our boutiques and select 5 new items free.


We are also offering the opportunity for friends and neighbors to help by sponsoring a victim two ways.  Make a donation of $2 for each item up to ten items, proceeds will go to our employees whose homes were destroyed by Harvey or purchase any full priced item and receive one free item for each item purchased.

In addition, we also have our Texas water T-shirts for sale for $28.  100% of the profits will be donated to local Hurricane Harvey victims.

Join the Anything Bling Hurricane Party with a Purpose!  We want to help these ladies be stylish and smile again.


We hope that everyone is recovering from the craziness of the past few weeks.  So many of our Tribble School families have had to overcome so much in the weeks since Hurricane Harvey.  Please know that you are constantly in our thoughts, and that the Queensbury and Tribble staff are here to help in any way we can.

This coming week, we are trying to help in one of the ways we know best - getting up on stage! In an effort to offer some assistance to our community, Queensbury Theatre is hosting a one-night benefit concert this coming week.  We are joining with artists and organizations from all over the city (just check out the list below!) to create a concert full of music, song, dance and theater for all ages!

We would love to have any and all of our Tribble students and family members join us this coming Thursday, September 21st at 7:30pm - to take a break from all the hard work of the past weeks, and enjoy time together in the collaborative company of Houston's arts community.

Tickets can be purchased for $50, $75, or $100 online, and 100% of all ticket sales and donations will go directly to the Mayor's Fund - supporting the ongoing relief effort for our community.


Presented by: Queensbury Theatre and Kirkwood Music Services

Hosted by:

Ernie Manouse and St John Flynn
Stage Repertory Theatre, Music Box Theater, Opera in the Heights, The Bayou Theatre Company, 
Gilbert and Sullivan Society.
Firecracker Productions, The Christina Edwards Wells Band, Iconotheatrix, HISA, WITS Houston and

Queensbury Theatre's Tribble School for the Performing Arts: #HouArtsHarvey

Tickets may be purchased at:

Donations are also accepted on our website:

Tiger Tales is the weekly publication of the Frostwood PTA. Submissions for the next Tiger Tales are due every Friday afternoon before the next Monday issue. Articles submitted must be as concise as possible.  We reserve the right to shorten submissions as we deem appropriate.  Remember to utilize the Frostwood PTA website as much as possible to post extensive news articles or sign-up sheets.  Please submit Tiger Tales articles to Heather Cody.
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Our address is:
12214 Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77024

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