Tarot tales from Newtown, Sydney, with a brief mention perhaps, of chai and other fascinating things.
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Last weekend I went for a short jaunt around the beautiful bushland that is Blackheath. I took oh-so-many-photos, but have spared you all by just posting 3 of them above. The crisp mountain air is certainly something my lungs enjoy and I look forward to going up there again soon enough. 

This month I celebrate having been a full-time tarot reader for 11 years (professional for 12 years)! I love that something I started back in 2002 "just for fun", very quickly snowballed into something serious (as well as fun).

Focusing my energy on this career that is perhaps unusual to some, has brought me great satisfaction. I certainly didn't expect that I would be full-time within a year when commencing on this path at 25 years old.

Last year for my 10 year anniversary I shared the story of what was happening in my world as I made the transition to full-time tarot reader. You can read it here.

To celebrate the 11 year anniversary, I have a competition running on my Facebook page. Go to my Facebook page to be in the running for a FREE 20 minute tarot reading via Skype or email! Entries close Tuesday May 20 at 6pm AEST.

[Let it be said that the competition isn't really a competition - all you have to do is like and share the post. Much easier than the multiple choice competition I had last December where you could only have gotten all the right answers if you were (a) me, or (b) a very good guesser. I had to end up giving the prize to someone who got 3 out of 4 correct!]

I know I am a latecomer, but I am finally on Instagram! You will see photos there that I won't be putting anywhere else on the web :-) Follow me @sarahthepsychic

Read on for the Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Empress :-)
Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Empress
For those who are reading this newsletter for the first time, every month I talk about the tarot card that appears the most in the month's tarot readings. Even though the cards will always have individual significance, a commonly occurring card can also have a say about what's going on for the whole community.

Time with The Empress means time to sit down, take stock and reconnect with all the things we forget about when life is busy and we get lost in the delusion that we are Very Important People.

I love The Empress for all her groundedness, her quiet and clear intuition, and most of all - for her love of her own body.

When we spend time with The Empress we have the opportunity to enjoy being in our own bodies - however they present - and be so clear in our self-acceptance that it doesn't matter what anyone else says to try and derail that.

Strongly embodying The Empress means we can walk on our paths with a clear mind and heart. We can cultivate the things we want to see happen in our lives. We can be assured of the power of our own experiential wisdom.

The Empress' humility is sound and inspiring. She knows she has a lot to offer and will readily admit that, but not in a way that leaves us thinking that this archetype has tickets on herself.

She has plenty of evidence to back herself up without having to explain herself to those steeped in cynicism and ignorance.

And if I was to give a caption/quote for each of The Empress images that I have attached here for you to gaze upon, they would be (from the top image down):

For Elisabetta Trevisan's Crystal Tarot Empress: "I don't need you to comment on how I look - I am aware of my own presence and nothing you can say is more important than that."

Isha Lerner's (art by Mara Friedman) Triple Goddess Tarot Empress (Fullness of Life): "Opening up to my own abundance was the best thing I ever did."

For Julia Turk's Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea Empress: "Who needs alcohol or drugs when you can take a psychedelic walk in nature?"

Science Tarot's Empress (Mendel's Peas): "Growing my own life stories is far more interesting and satisfying than being a part of the chorus of someone else's dream."

May you move well with the Empress this month.

Cheerio 'n' best wishes,
Sarah Barry (Psychic Sarah)

P.S Want more tarot stories? I post a Tarot Reading for the Collective on my website every month. Read on for my offering for May, which incidentally features the Empress, as well as archetypes that help us bridge the gap between our practical and intuitive natures. (I generally post the Tarot Reading for the Collective in the first week of every month.)
The Empress ~ Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan.
Fullness of Life - The Empress ~ The Triple Goddess Tarot by Isha Lerner, art by Mara Friedman.
The Empress ~ The Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk. 
Mendel's Peas - The Empress ~ Science Tarot by a number of artists. More info at
Psychic Sarah's Tarot Reading Room
Note the new round wooden table and the vintage rococco chairs. Hooray for Gumtree where I found this fabulous furniture!
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