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At the end of last month my partner and I went to the centre of Australia to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. I've always known Uluru to be the centre of Australia, but standing there before that mighty rock (it's an 11km walk around the base!) and sitting in that powerful space, it felt more like Uluru was the centre of the entire planet! And certainly the heart of this continent. What a power centre!

On the afternoon that we arrived we went straight to the Cultural Centre and spent a couple of hours there, watching the movie playing and reading all the information. I had already heard that the Anangu people - the traditional owners of that land - ask people to not climb the rock, so I had no plans whatsoever to go against their wishes in any way.

I learned some of the reasons why they ask tourists to not climb, and was also amazed and humbled by the huge fight the Anangu people put up just to have access to and guardianship of their own land. They recommend walking around the base as the best way to learn about this sacred rock, and as I walked around from mid afternoon to sunset, I could certainly feel the magic that is offered to anyone willing to listen and feel.

I appreciated the signs where tourists were asked to not take photos and videos at certain points as the area was particularly sacred, and the sites were only meant to be seen in person.

At the two waterholes there was a sign asking people to sit quietly and listen and feel what is in that space. How wonderful for visitors to this place to be asked to really take in their surroundings through their immediate experience of sitting in that space, rather that just merely taking a snap shot and then moving on. We were asked to pay attention to being in the moment. What a gift!

I am enjoying being back in the swing of my daily life, and am also looking forward to the day that I can walk upon that red earth again, stand before those giant rocks (Uluru and Kata Tjuta) and sit beside the waterholes. I posted some more photos (yes, I still took some photos as well as 'feeling' things!) on Instagram. My page is public so you don't have to be a member of Instagram in order to view them.

Read on for the Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Four of Pentacles
Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Four of Pentacles
For those who are reading this newsletter for the first time, every month I talk about the tarot card that appears the most in the month's tarot readings. Even though the cards will always have individual significance, a commonly occurring card can also have a say about what's going on for the whole community.

The Four of Pentacles did a sneaky entrance into this month's tarot readings. There was no loud and rambunctious "Look at me!", more a meandering "oh, hello again, would you care to have a cup of tea with me... again?".

Which I guess is more the style of the Four of Pentacles. It asks of us many things in a slower kind of way.

It asks us what we are contemplating, what we are holding on to and what we may need to let go of. It wants to know how are we holding ourselves back and how are we setting good solid foundations so that we can provide ourselves more stability.

When I see the Four of Pentacles I am reminded of the need to come back to the breath. Just. Chill. Out. (and stop reacting to the small, petty, insignificant stuff. Or the old, long-gone stuff.)

With this Four, we have the opportunity to be calm and centred so that decisions can be made from common sense and gut instinct, rather than from fear.

And as with all tarot archetypes, we can gather different insights from the Four of Pentacles depending on how it is presented visually from deck to deck. So here are some Four of Pentacles images from my tarot card collection to speak for themselves:

The Collective Tarot's Four of Bones (Pentacles), by the Tarot Collective says,

"Be still and ponder. What are you doing? Observe the season of your surroundings and the season of your heart and act accordingly. Do not compare or act on anyone else's time. This is your time. Own it."

Stella's Tarot's Four of Disks (Pentacles) by Stella Kaoruko & Takako Hoei says,

"Hold on to what you trust, and stand solidly on top of your plans. Keep your future dreams close to your body, and be grounded in your actions."

Tarot of the Crone's Four of Disks (Pentacles) by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince says,

"Make your dreams more solid. Connect with them every night and trust in your ability to create new worlds. Sleep where you feel safe and don't be afraid of the energy that awakens within you when you are connecting with your visionary strength."

Tarot of the Cat People's Four of Pentacles by Karen Kuykendall says,

"Only share what you want to share. Though be careful if you're becoming too possessive. Find the balance and act honestly, otherwise you may have some debts to pay (materially as well as metaphysically).  

May you tread wisely with the Four of Pentacles...

'Til next month, best wishes,
Sarah Barry (Psychic Sarah)

P.S Want more tarot stories? I post a Tarot Reading for the Collective on my website every month.

This month I used a playing card deck instead - The Key to the Kingdom by Tony Meeuwissen. Like last month's deck, the quirky cards seem to affect my brain so that the result is a mix of inspired strangeness and helpful hints. If this sounds up your alley, then read on. :)

[I generally post the Tarot Reading for the Collective in the first week (or so) of every month.]
Four of Bones (Pentacles) from The Collective Tarot by the Tarot Collective.
Four of Disks (Pentacles) from Stella's Tarot by Stella Kaoruko & Takako Hoei.
Four of Disks (Pentacles) from Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.
Four of Pentacles from Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall.

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