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This month's photo montage comes to you courtesy of the River of Goolay'yari a.k.a The Cooks River in the Inner West of Sydney. I am fortunate enough to live near this river, and as I am now aunty to a dear little puppy, I am spending more time walking along its banks. The Aboriginal name of the river is Goolay'yari, from the Pelican Dreamtime Story: how apt then, that every time I go down there, I see this beautiful pod of pelicans.

In other news, I now have a proper web address for my Queen of Cups Chai, with a proper online shopping cart! I usually make a thermos of chai to take to work on Mondays and Wednesdays, so if you have a tarot reading with me on one of those days, perhaps ask me if I have any chai to spare. If you're lucky I won't have drunk it all! Otherwise, you can drink it downstairs at Spoon's.

And, I continue to enjoy doing email readings (along with face-to-face and Skype readings of course). Email readings are ideal if you would like a shorter reading about something: I do 5 min, 10 min, 20 min and 30 min readings. They also suit those who are watching their pennies and/or living outside Sydney. More info here (Scroll down to Email Tarot Readings).

Read on for the Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Ten of Wands :-)
Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Ten of Wands
For those who are reading this newsletter for the first time, every month I talk about the tarot card that appears the most in the month's tarot readings. Even though the cards will always have individual significance, a commonly occurring card can also have a say about what's going on for the whole community.

The Ten of Wands can elicit a mixed response. Sometimes looking sad, sometimes looking hopeful, just what emotion will the Ten of Wands bring us this month?

The Ten of Wands will often indicate the need to move off in a direction all of our own. We may feel alone as we travel this path, but we have the knowledge that what we are walking towards is our own creation, and something that we feel drawn to do.

As we make decisions in our lives we may feel the burden of carrying an understanding that conservative minds can't quite grasp. What is this strange task we are giving ourselves, where we feel moved to trust our instinct and head in a direction that leaves others scratching their heads and wondering why we are making our life seemingly difficult?

Such is the way of the nonconformist - walking a pathway alone while others judge them to be barmy, until lo and behold, things start to come together for the suspected-to-be-barmy one.

I have selected four of my favourite Ten of Wands images from my tarot collection, and I will now let them speak for themselves:

The Ten of Wands from Tarot del Bosque Magico by Hsu Chi Chun & Leo Tang says, "Shhh. Stop staring at me. I'm just building a new life over there on the other side of town. I don't want to hear your 'free advice' nor your admonishments. I just need you to back away so I can finally learn to trust myself."

The Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk says, "Okay, so I'm having a rough time. But see how I keep walking, regardless of the burden I carry. I trust that if I keep going, things will eventually clear. This is not foolish optimism, it is a deep trust in my own willpower, fortitude and wisdom."

Stella's Tarot by Stella Kaoruko & Takako Hoei says, "Yes, it is raining on my parade. I never expected this trip to be easeful though, I knew it was going to challenge me. But oh my goodness what wonderful things I am discovering about myself."

(With this card in particular I am reminded of how I love to ride my bicycle in the rain. Sometimes it's a bit hair-raising, and it certainly can be tiring, but I feel so alive and close to nature and happy as well. I recommend rain-riding!)

And finally we have the Ten of Wands from Alchemical Tarot: Renewed by Robert M. Place saying, "I am rising like a phoenix, yeah! See how powerful my movements are! Watch how I am inspiring people with my courage and clarity. If I head in this direction I am bound to free myself of all the conditionings that lead me to believe that I am unworthy of this existence. I am always discovering how much I can truly offer myself and all the beings I share this world with."

Yes! The Ten of Wands: it ain't that bad. Challenges can be kind, not just brutal. And dear reader, I wish for you that the kindness outweighs the harshness this month. Holding out for the good stuff can certainly be rewarding.

Cheerio & best wishes,
Sarah Barry (Psychic Sarah)

P.S Want more tarot stories? I post a Tarot Reading for the Collective on my website every month.

The Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall is the deck of choice for the September reading. This is a wonderful tarot deck, full of enigmatic fashionistas and strange cats. The Ten of Wands also makes an appearance in this reading. Read on to gather the gifts from these wondrous archetypes.

(I generally post the Tarot Reading for the Collective in the first week of every month.)
Ten of Wands from Tarot del Bosque Magico by Hsu Chi Chun & Takako Hoei
Ten of Wands from Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk.
Ten of Wands from Stella's Tarot by Stella Kaoruko & Takako Hoei.
Ten of Staffs (Wands) from Alchemical Tarot:Renewed by Robert M. Place.
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