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It's time for another photo of my tarot bicycle because I put new photocopied tarot cards on the spokes the other week. This time I used the Alchemical Tarot deck. I love its bold and beautiful imagery, it lends itself nicely to my handsome bicycle! If you want to view all the different cards in person my bike is usually parked at the corner of King and Queen Streets Newtown, but can be found at other places around Sydney depending on my cycling routes, my mood and my chores for the day!

The creator of the Alchemical Tarot is Robert M. Place, and it is he who will be leading a special tour that I am going to attend at the Metropolitan Museum in New York city. This is a behind-the-scenes tour of the Met's collection of historic tarot and divination cards, including some that are over 500 years old! I'm leaving for New York on April the 18th and will be there for ten days, hooray!

The main reason for the trip is to go to the Readers Studio, the biggest and arguably the best tarot reader's conference in the world! This will be my first overseas excursion totally dedicated to being a Tarot Nerd! My mind is boggling a bit in anticipation of such enthusiastic and decadent tarot worship!

(If anyone has any tips such as excellent art galleries to visit - besides the Met & Guggenheim, yummy vegetarian/vegan eateries and any other little local knowledge tips, secret locations or unmissable gems please email me at sarahthepsychic[at]gmail[dot]com)

I'll send out another newsletter before I go next month, but this is the heads up that I will be away for two weeks. So if you would like to see me before I go, please contact me to book an appointment. Otherwise, my first day back at work will be on Sunday, May the 3rd.

Read on for the Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Devil! (Stay with me, it won't be scary I promise! Do read on!)
Tarot Card of the Month ~ The Devil (!!)
For those who are reading this newsletter for the first time, every month I talk about the tarot card that appears the most in the month's tarot readings. Even though the cards will always have individual significance, a commonly occurring card can also have a say about what's going on for the whole community.

I know The Devil doesn't have the best reputation. Thanks to the religions of the world it seems a lot of people are mightily scared of seeing this one in a tarot reading.

I got the Devil Tarot card tattooed on me! So it can't be that bad, right? (Don't let the fact that I aim to get ALL the tarot cards on me eventually, get in the way!)

For now, let us put away what religions have told us about The Devil and understand it for what it is - an aspect of our psyche that warrants the same amount of attention that we would give to any of the other [less scary looking/less scapegoated] cards.

So when does The Devil turn up? When we are at a crossroads. When we are considering turning against the tide and following our hearts and becoming free thinkers.

The Devil will bring doubts - as these are the things that we most commonly face at the crossroads. "What if I stuff it up? What if everyone will hate me?"

An example from my own experience: As many of you know, in 2013 I decided to go fully independent and start up my very own private tarot studio. Of course a doubt came to my mind, “What if nobody comes to see me?”
I spoke that doubt out loud at the time and was struck by how silly it sounded, after having been well established as a full time professional Tarot Reader for 10 years already. And happily, as I moved into my own space, of course the people DID come (Hooray! And Thank you!)

So we will find The Devil at the edge of things. At the place where we are on the threshold of either falling back into 'safe' and 'familiar' plateaus or leaping forward into exciting and unimaginably rewarding ways of connecting with the world around us.

There can be a bit of a kick with the ol' Devil, as the path we want to carve out for ourselves usually takes some physical and particularly mental, effort.

To acknowledge The Devil in our life is to acknowledge the powerful societal structures and ingrained ways of thinking that we are up against. To step outside and move beyond that kind of structure is liberating, and can allow us to breathe on our own.

To be able to acknowledge the doubts and move beyond them, we need to trust that our integrity and compassion will always win in the end - even on the days when it seems hopeless.

As usual I include here a variety of images of the Card of the Month from my tarot collection, and will now let them speak to you directly:

The Devil from Stella's Tarot (by Stella Kaoruko & Takako Hoei) says "Watch for me in the night. Watch for me in the day. Watch how I hold so much power, yet notice how you can utilise my fire to aid your progress. I will try and stop you, but if you run far enough ahead due to your own wisdom, I will applaud your tenacity."

Djöfullinn (The Devil) from Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir says something in Icelandic, which unfortunately I cannot understand. But I think it would be trying to enslave you by tricking your mind into thinking that you're not strong enough to face the vicissitudes of life. When goodness gracious me, you are! Free your mind! Meditate!

I think The Devil in Karen Kuykendall's Tarot of the Cat People is my fave. I mean, lol. Look at that face! How can we be scared of the ol' devil when Karen Kuykendall has presented them in such a fabulous fashion?

This Devil would say, "Roar! Ahem. I mean, behold! Hmm. Look, can we have a chat about life? I want to help you but I've got this role to play in the tarot where I have to infect you with doubts. I'm bored. Meet me out back in five okay and I'll show you how to dance the doubts away. See ya."

Well, that was unexpected, but there we have it: The Devil. And here is a song about chasing the devil out of earth: Max Romeo's 'Chase the Devil' . You're welcome!

'Til next month...

Cheerio & best wishes,
Sarah Barry (Psychic Sarah)

P.S Want more tarot stories? I post a Tarot Reading for the Collective on my website every month.

This month's reading features the beautiful Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini. Read on for encouraging words interwoven with art deco-inspired imagery!

[I generally post the Tarot Reading for the Collective in the first week (or so) of every month.]
The Devil from Stella's Tarot by Stella Kaoruko & Takako Hoei
Djöfullinn (The Devil) from Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir
The Devil from Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall
This is my Devil Tarot card tattoo. This is my bum. I sit on The Devil all day! As it happened, I got this tattoo done last year on Friday the 13th, as the moon went full. There was also a lunar eclipse. Scary? No way. You can see my ever-growing collection of tarot-themed tattoos, all done by Megan Oliver of Inner Vision Tattoo, here. :-)
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