Thursday, August 11, 2022


Ready. Set. Enjoy!

Dispatch from City Hall

by Mayor Andrew Nowick

I only have a few things to report this week. The culvert repair at 1 Arnett Ave is complete. The upper Arnett Ave culvert repair is making steady progress—the concrete floor was poured yesterday and the project should be complete in the next two to three weeks. The interlocal agreement with West Amwell for the boom mower has been fully executed and we can now schedule some time to trim vegetation along our streets. The bid opening for the Swan and Ely Creek repair project is scheduled for this morning and the bid opening for the Ida related repair work to roads and storm drains will be on August 17. On Tuesday evening, I dashed to the roof of City Hall to look at a rainbow I knew would arch in the eastern sky.

Like Crystal and everyone else who works for the City, I am committed to my job. And this may be as good a time as any to encourage residents to consider the value of a full-time mayor. I cannot think how Mayors Fahl and Delvecchio managed to run this City while managing their professional careers. Though much of my time this year has been spent working through Ida repairs, I know the City will run more effectively and smoothly with my continued commitment to forty hours a week. Just getting the DPW up to full staff again feels like a great thing to me, even if I could make the argument that another part time employee or two would make an even greater difference to your quality of life.

As Mayor I am keenly aware of the direct relationship between City services and staffing levels. That said, I’m still feeling my way along and want to make responsible choices that balance cost, need, and quality of life. For now we’ll hum along as we are, but it’s a question we should be considering more formally at some point in the years ahead.

Be well and be kind,


Hunterdon County Survey

The County is looking for your input! This is the first of several opportunities to have your voice heard during the development of the County’s Growth Management Plan.

Participate in this survey to share your thoughts about what would be great to have in Hunterdon. Click here to check it out.

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¡Bienvenido a Oaxaca!

Drought Conditions Continue

Earlier this week a Drought Watch was declared in the state of New Jersey.

Public Notice: Sale of Public Property

The City of Lambertville will be selling public property no longer needed for public use online through Public Surplus. Click to learn more and view the list of sale items. All bidders will need to sign onto the Public Surplus website at to create an account.

Today I Learned

On August 11, 1934, the first civilian prisoners arrived to be housed in a new high-security penitentiary off the coast of California.

Over the next three decades, Alcatraz became the stuff of legends, as it became home to the most dangerous prisoners in the penal system. Al Capone did time on “The Rock,” as well as several other big-time crime bosses, before it was eventually closed due to high maintenance costs.

Today the island is maintained by the National Park Service, and tours attract more than 1.5 million visitors each year. Sea birds make their homes on the rocky cliffs and agave plants thrive in the coastal climate.

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