A statewide drought watch has been issued by
New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection
Shawn M. LaTourette as of August 9, 2022.

The Murphy Administration urges residents and businesses
to conserve water as persistent dry and hot conditions continue
to stress water supplies throughout the state.

What constitutes a drought?
Although there is no hard rule for what constitutes a drought, it’s broadly defined as a period of dry weather over an extended period that leads to a water shortage.

The DEP is continuing to closely monitor drought indicators, which include precipitation, stream flows, reservoir levels, ground water levels, and water demand. DEP will continue to inform the public, local governments, and water systems of future actions to mitigate the risk of more severe conditions.

The most up-to-date information about the status of New Jersey’s water supplies can be found at

What can I do to conserve water?

The most important tool for household water conservation is awareness! By staying mindful of your usage (both indoors and outdoors), you can help conserve water.

At this time of year, more than 30 percent of water demand is for outdoor purposes, much of which can be reduced or avoided. The public can make a big difference by reducing watering of lawns and landscaping, reducing the washing of vehicles, and cutting back non-essential uses such as hosing off driveways and sidewalks.

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