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Prioritizing Enjoyment this Memorial Day Weekend
Although the word "challenging" feels like it doesn't do this year justice, it accurately describes a lot of what we have experienced.  Challenges.  Challenges to our normal routines, to our feeling of safety, to our ability to work.  Most of what we "know" has felt challenged recently, and a lot of options are limited, so what should we do?
Focus on the things within our control, especially this weekend, and prioritize our mental health and our enjoyment.

Find time for something you enjoy this weekend.  Regardless of your schedule, look over your weekend calendar and find some amount of time where you will be doing something you enjoy AND where you will try to be completely present for as much of that time as possible.  Take a deep breath and take in everything happening around you, take note of your positive feelings and enjoy.

Pick one thing you will "recreate" under social isolation.  Pick an activity you might do on a holiday weekend and find the social distancing version.  Share a cookout over zoom, camp on your back porch, set up a front yard sprinkler water park, get some sunshine, be creative and have fun.

Praise yourself at least once each day.  Pick one at least one compliment or positive statement to say to yourself each day.  "I handled that disagreement well." "I'm proud of completing that project." "I did something kind for someone else today." "I changed my Memorial day weekend plans to help keep people safe."

Don't forget why we have this annual holiday.  Take time to reach out to veterans that you know or those that you don't, but are still thankful for.  In every challenge we have faced as a country, brave individuals have been on the forefront our of nation's health and safety, to ensure our ability to live and care for one another.  Find ways to say Thank You and give back as you are able.

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