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The COVID-19 pandemic has created worldwide disruption, requiring many couples and families to be at home in quarantine.  
All relationships require nurturing to remain healthy so here are some tips for staying strong as a couple:

  • Block out time together. Managing work transitions and homeschooling can make finding time opportunities to connect more difficult.  Try to schedule a time when the two of you can share a cup of coffee, go for a quick walk together, or talk each day. 
  • Plan for what you can. Make a daily schedule that works for everyone in the household, factoring in work schedules, online schooling, etc. This may minimize some confusion and stress of sharing space which can be tough on a relationship. Be mindful, you may have to make a few adjustments along the way. 
  • Maintain "Date Night." Get creative in finding some fun, socially distant activities which keep your relationship positive and fresh.  What types of things do you like to do together and what is the "at-home"version?
  • Agree to talk it out and move on.  Discuss how you will work through disagreements and not allow them to be the elephant in the room. Make efforts to really listen to each other's feelings and be prepared to let go of the small irritations that can turn into something bigger. 
  • Keep up your network. Encourage each other to keep in touch with family and friends, together and individually.  Don't let yourselves become too isolated in isolation.
  • Pay attention to the basics. Take care of your physical and mental health needs so that you can care for your partner and family.  Practice positive coping and stress management skills.  Maintain proper sleep, hydration, exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Keep looking positively ahead. Remember to tell yourself and each other that this is a temporary time frame.  Things will become easier after a while.  Spend sometime talking about what plans you will make, things you have learned and your hopes for the future.

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April's Topic: The Power of You
Upcoming May Topic: Money Matters (Available May 1st)

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April's New Featured Webinar:
Birth Order: Behavioral Traits that Affect Your Life and Work
Most of us have heard the long-held theory that birth order has an impact on who we are as an adult. Studies have indicated there is a great deal of truth to that theory. In this webinar, we will learn how our birth order affects our behavioral style, how it affects us at work, and how to affects our relationships. We will share tools to help us interact with friends, family and colleagues based on their birth order.

May's Upcoming Webinar:
Identity Theft: What Can You Do About It?(Available May 1st)
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