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With the launch of OCASE 2.0 on April 1st, 2015 the EBPU wanted to compile a quick list of OCASE Questions and Answers

Q.  Who is my agency’s OCASE contact person?
  1. Please ask your Program Manager or Director. Each agency should have a single OCASE contact person to effect centralized communications between your agency and OCASE. The OCASE contact is your agency’s go-to person for any issues regarding OCASE, including entering information and using the system. Each agency’s OCASE contact should be known within the agency as the first point of contact for any issues with OCASE.

Q.  In OCASE 2.0, should I continue to use the same Service File for each client?
  1. Yes, go to Documents in the top-right corner.  How do I record a service like a Support Service Session (Document 2) CLICK HERE.  Please note, you will not find the Documents under the client’s Case, Documents only show up under Service Files.
Q.  When I see a plus sign?
  1. Click the plus sign to add your information to that question.  Those questions allow you to add multiple responses to it, after making your selection(s) click plus (+), even to add the very first response.
Q.  How do I add or change the mailing address or other contact details like telephone or email in OCASE 2.0?
  1. Navigate to the client’s Individual Profile on the ‘profile’ tab.  You can add multiple addresses and update all the contact details there.
Q.  When I need reports, how can I prepare now so that I can get the information that I need?
  1. Instruct your staff to ask clients specific questions to get the information you need and record the details in OCASE using the new convenient Document (record).  For example staff can ask for specific demographic information, and they could ask about issues that present a challenge to clients.  Changes to the demographic and presenting issues can be recorded, as they become known either through conversation or direct questions, by using the ‘Updates’ for those areas of change.
Q.  How do I enter Group activity in OCASE 2.0?
  1. There is no change in OCASE 2.0, continue to use Informal Series and/or Group List.  If you need to start tracking group activity, contact us for training using this service request form.
Q.  Will any of the drop-down list choices change for Gender, HIV Status or Ethnic Group?
  1. These choices will now be the same for all ASOs.  See these drop-down lists below:
Drop-down lists: 3 columns
Trans man
Trans woman
HIV Status
HIV Positive
HCV Positive
HIV/HCV co-infection
HIV/HBV co-infection
HCV/HBV co-infection
HIV Negative
Ethnic Group
East Asian / Southeast Asian
Hispanic / Latin American
Middle Eastern / Arab
South Asian
White / Eastern European
White / Western European

NOTE: “Undisclosed” should not be used as a default. You will have some clients who will refuse to disclose, but this category is not to be used as a default. Workers are to make a best guess at Ethnic Group and then use the ‘self-reported’ field in Document 2 to add more details.
Q.  How do I request data (like a list of my active clients) or training (like OCASE refresher training)?
  1. We’ve set up a new EBPU requests website at to make it easier than ever before to contact the EBPU. The fastest way to get a hold of us now is to just fill-out the simplified request form on our website!

Q.  Are there any exciting new changes to OCASE I should know about?
  1. We’ve got a busy year of improvement ahead of us, but please stay tuned for exciting new updates taking place with regards to powerful new reports and improved password security.
If you would like to have more information about the questions mentioned here or if you need any OCASE support please contact us - service request form.