delve's film of the week | Sicario

“A gleefully grisly genre gazpacho that matches Old West derring-do to a comic sensibility as dark as chewing tobacco”

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Genre Western  Director S Craig Zahler
Starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins
Running time 2 hours 12 minutes  Certificate 18

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Artwork by Sébastien Thibault

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This week's hand-picked links... inspired by Bone Tomahawk

Cannibalism lies at this Western’s heart of darkness. So take a look at 7 animals that eat their own kind. (Or don’t, if you’re reading this at lunchtime...)

Broken legs, ritualistic skulls and skeletal weapons… The movie’s great title is no accident. Take this quiz about bones in your body and learn about your amazing inner scaffolding.

While we’re talking bones and horrifying stuff, why not add the 9 strangest bone churches of Europe to your list of places to visit?

Without spoiling anything, the film’s savage villains have strange ‘implants’. Here are the top 10 implantable wearables soon to be in your body.

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