The Word Business: Vol. 1, No. 1 
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Introducing "The Word Business"

Welcome to "The Word Business," a cool new update from Two Lakes Media Group that will include tips, tricks and ideas to help you write better — in business and in life. We'll find the helpful information you need from credible and respected sources such as Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur, and we'll always include a fun link at the bottom. This week, we're featuring a recent (and hilarious) word-related clip from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

We hope you like what you see. And if you do, please invite your colleagues and friends to sign up for "The Word Business," too: Here's an easy link: 

Boost Your Business With These Five Blogging Tips

So you've finally started blogging about your business — nice work. But what are you writing about? And how often? These five tips will help you build a blog that keeps readers coming back, and may even turn them into customers. 
(Via Business2Community)

Fourteen Punctuation Marks You Never Knew Existed 

Are these two new types of commas? Last Wednesday was National Punctuation Day — it's always on Sept. 24 — and we celebrated on our Facebook page with Interrobangs and Asterisms.
(Via Buzzfeed)

Infographic: Best Times to Post (and Not Post) on Social Media 

Whether your business uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ or some combination of those six, success hinges on making sure those posts are seen. This neat infographic will help.
(Via Fast Company)

'Toe the Line' and Five Other Commonly Misspelled Idioms

Do you wait with "bated" or "baited" breath? Do you "pore" or "pour" over something important? Do questions like these "pique" or "peak" your curiosity? Here are five expressions that are easy to pronounce but tougher to spell. 
(Via Daily Writing Tips)

Video: 'Word Sneak' with Jimmy Fallon & Chris Pratt 

Jimmy Fallon is the king of smart games to play with his guests. In this video, he and actor Chris Pratt participate in "Word Sneak," during which each of them are required to insert such goofy words as "Norm from Cheers," "Patrick Ewing," "soul patch" and "dentures" into a conversation. The results are laugh-out-loud funny! 
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