The Word Business: Vol. 1, No. 2 
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The Word Business
How to Ruin Any Sentence 

Think about the word "honestly." When spoken, it (sometimes) adds sincerity and candor to a statement. But in writing, "honestly" stops a sentence stone-cold dead. Why? Because it's a "crutch word" used to emphasize a statement. Does using "honestly" in a sentence imply that your other sentences are lies? This week, we present six crutch words to avoid when writing.

We've also got details about a great new book aimed at improving your writing at work, a new blogging platform for pro athletes and a goofy Jimmy Kimmel Live clip that proves nobody knows how to spell "Zach Galifianakis." 

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Six Words That Can Ruin Any Otherwise Decent Sentence 

We'll give you three three words to avoid: "actually," "honestly" and "obviously." For the other three — plus the reasons why these words are so troublesome — check out this nifty little slideshow

Derek Jeter: Blogging Genius? 

Last week, recently retired Derek Jeter debuted "The Players' Tribune," a blogging platform for pro athletes to write and publish their own first-person stories. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson scored first with a gritty post in which he referred to himself as "a recovering bully." If it's an indication of what's to come, this blog could live up to its pre-game hype.

Avoid Cliches and Three Other Tips for Clear Business Writing

One reason so much business writing is bad, speculates Steven Pinker, author of the new book,The Sense of Style, is because people use clunky words to sound smart. Here are his ideas to fix the problem.  
(Via 250 Words

Why Aren't Indie Bookstores Dead? Let Us Count the Ways... 

If you're like us, you still enjoy spending time (maybe even lots of time) in a real, living and breathing bookstore. And as long as we continue to stop in and buy something every so often, bookstores will never go away — because, as blogger Kevin O'Kelly writes, "a good bookstore is never just a business."  
(Via The Huffington Post

Jimmy Kimmel's Barista Spelling Bee

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel Live challenged three baristas to a spelling bee, in which each word given to contestants was a person's name. Did anybody win this thing? Watch and find out which names gave the baristas the most trouble. 

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