Version 4 of the Bridge+More solution is ready to be launched.

Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

We are ready to launch version 4 - with an updated app and firmware!

Please update to tablet app version to 5.00 and remember to let the tablet update the dealer's firmware (to version 3.22.01).

This is an update you can postpone.

Referring to our last newsletter we can see: 
  • An updated calibration has as expected a clear positive impact on card code recognition related errors - like 89 and 98
  • An updated calibration improves cards lifespan - as it improves the reading and dealing of worn out / older cards.
But we can also observe we can have made the calibration process with two decks to complicated and to time consuming.

Therefore, we have made the following changes:
  • Added a fast manual calibration option with 4 cards (see below)
  • Improved the manual calibration process 
  • Reduced effects on calibration from updates or from a manual removal of calibration settings 
  • Improved the user interface of the manual calibration options.

Most important is the updated automatic calibration with card recognition
  • We have made calibration while playing very simple with just 4 cards - ensure 5, 7, Jack and Queen of Hearts is the first 4 card in the deck and the dealer will recognize them and calibrate based upon these 4 cards (you can also use 52 cards sorted for calibration). In other words, it would be a simple and a good idea to start any game with these 4 cards first to ensure frequent calibrations.
  • It also means you can calibrate whenever you want - or if you experience card code related errors (for example from dirt on some cards) then shuffle the cards ejected and find these 4 cards and place them first - and the dealer will calibrate

But a calibration also has to be possible - cards can be to dirty or to worn to be used / calibrated - and if you try to calibrate such cards - 4 or 52 - you will get a code 89 during calibration - hereby the dealer is telling you - clean or get new cards. 

Please notice - It is possible to turn off automatic calibration with card recognition for a specific club / specific dealers if wanted.

We have also updated the web server:
  • Added further Reference games including tournaments from India (by user request)
  • The password version of our monitor option has been made easier but also more secure.
We have improved several of our current features as well - for example:
  • Corrected point series when included tournaments have been deleted
  • Minor corrections to monitor views
  • Norwegian PBN result transfer now encrypted
  • Should the dealer and tablet loose Bluetooth connection we have added an option to stop the game and correct

  • But the easiest way to handle a seldom lost BT connection is to drag from outside the screen into the screen and open settings and then turn Bluetooth On if lost or click twice to turn Off and On to reconnect (without leaving the B+M app) 
We learned from a user that he found it difficult to find (to search for information on our information and FAQ site. Therefore, we have updated the search feature and added a post list on front and other pages. Below we show if you search for CALI (calibration)


We learned from another user that three principles could be worth repeating:
  • As soon the first player takes his/her hand, the dealer will show the board number of these cards board number.
  • If registration is behind - which is not an issue as fully allowed - the tablet will show as illustrated below and dealer N S E W will blink on the dealer

  • If any reason to instruct players by code 99 to reinsert the cards - the last board will be redealt if for any reason this board have not been registered in full - and Accept been pressed. Simply to be safe!

We have continued our Off-line solution testing - including an improved communication between tablet and dealer - we will be contacting some of you to invite you to test ...

Please remember to turn the tablet and the dealer Off and On after the firmware update - and please ensure the dealer has a battery level of more than 20% before updating the firmware.
  • Please notice due to the tablet software update - you will need to (or rather allow) the update of the tablet software when asked to Install. If you during install are asked to "Allow ... (2 times) then answer yes - especially on Huawei tablets. When asked please use this setting:

Remember, we always welcome comments and suggestions or if you have update issues – please contact us at and please remember to register for our general newsletter here.

Best regards,

Kren Nielsen

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