Version 3.97 of the Bridge+More solution launched - please update app and firmware.

Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

We have launched version 3.97 - with an updated app and new firmware - please update to tablet app version 4.71 and remember to let the tablet update the dealer's firmware (to version 3.12.14).  

We have in this new version made changes to

Please update and do manual calibration. You can delay this update with a click.

We have also updated the web server:
  • We made a substantial upgrade to our handling of Team matches - we wanted to build a simple and easy Team feature to make it possible for all our user to play team games and enjoy the benefit and more fun of a team game - see below. We are very pleased from the positive feedback from our initial test users and thanks for all the inputs and suggestions. 
  • We have again made further improvements to the monitor streaming feature - Improved user interface with less selection but more variables and headline text options. Results made easier to read and we have updated the scroll / spread over several pages options. We have also fixed some minor errors. We now also show if some results are missing (live monitor).
  • First version of Non-barometer BWS import - we cannot for certain types import non-barometer Mitchell BWS file format files - play the tournament as a barometer game and you can off-course send the details back as non-barometer. Hereby we can also handle those federations which systems that cannot create a barometer BWS file. 

  • Our game analysis now includes details like Pair number and Board 2 in a round - and we have sent some clubs a recommendation to instruct specific pairs to insert cards more precisely. 
  • Added % score to play stencils frequency view.
  • Added players view option - per table or player number - also for individual games.
  • Added options to import all game details from two tournaments into one larger tournament.
We have improved a number of our current features as well - for example:
  • Fixed missing data in some Reference games data source. We are considering to test the tournaments external data sources - a test like we offer you to test a board's details for bridge logics. We are surprised by the number of errors we can find in large tournaments data and as principle we prefer to keep to keep the source data untouched but ... as mentioned considering 
  • Fixed detailed Bid sequence presentation.
  • Improved Session 2 or later's % score presentation.
  • Calculation of Handicap improvements. 
  • Removed % score presentation from Imps and Team results presentations.
  • Teaching import improvement.
  • Teaching Set delete improvement.
We have also improved the % score presentation on the tablet.

Please remember to turn the dealer Off and On after the firmware update - and please ensure the dealer has a battery level of more than 20% before updating the firmware.
  • Please notice due to the tablet software update - you will need to (or rather allow) the update of the tablet software when asked to Install. If you during install are asked to "Allow ... (2 times) then answer yes - especially on Huawei tablets. When asked please use this setting:
Our new team Feature

Setting up a Teams tournament:

The basic setup page, defining the dimensions is the important first step
The terminology we use is as follows:
  • Halfs per Match. This is like a sports game, where a match is divided into 2 halfs (soccer), 3 periods (ice hockey) or 4 quarters (American football). Rather than using halfs, thirds, quarters – we call such a sub-division – a leg.
  • Legs - In Teams matches it is very common to play 2 legs, so the pairs meet both pairs from the other team. We use 2 legs as the default. In the Bermuda Bowl Final, the teams play 8 legs, which is our current maximum.
  • Boards per Leg. Here you specify the leg size. Meaning, that if a match consists of 2 legs, the number of boards in a match is 2 times this. If you say 10 boards per leg, and 2 legs per match – a match will contain 20 boards. 
  • Tables – the number of tables will normally be the same as the number of teams. However, if you have a vacant team, you must specify a seat for them. Notice it is different than the process for a pair game, where you can automatically assign a vacant pair at the dimension setup or select (or unselect) the vacant pair manually. 
On the next setup page, you get a brief summary of what you specified. Here you have the option to shorten the tournament. If you do, it will imply that all teams will not meet.

Scoring a Teams tournament:


Setting up players for a Teams tournament:

Select the “Players” button by selecting the Team tournament and click the line or click the "Details" button.

You will then see the panel shown below to define the players on the team. You can add / remove / change players here as you are used to do.

When you click “Save” – we will define a default layout of the matches. You may need to change this. See later…


Changing the players in the match of a Teams tournament:

On the icon list above you can now also choose the “Players(New)” button - click brings up this small panel.


Here you select the match number you want to change the players layout – or seating - of the team match' players.

Below is an example of the new players layout panel. Notice the buttons at top as well 

This panel is showing details for single match between two teams but on the top of the page you can select which match you want to configure. In our example you can see - at right - that there is a fifth player on one of the teams. You can drag and drop that player on to a seat, where he / she should play. When dragging and dropping a player, we will make sure that you drop the player on a valid seat for that player.

The “Populate to next leg” button will copy all details from leg 1 to leg 2. Notice - no matter what is defined in leg 2.

As we have illustrated you can specify who is playing on the teams at each table. It is also possible to change pairs, swap individual players. Please also notice a player can serve on more teams as long as he / she is not playing 2 seats at the same time - see more below.

We will be adding a function to add / change / delete players at this view as well as an option to swap. 

With regards to player handling on the tablet, you can specify who is playing at the table. Either overruling the default setup or specifying a real player instead of the defaults – for example “Player 1A”. You cannot yet create the team's player list on the tablet.

Results Presentation for a Teams tournament - new options:

A new really cool feature is that you can now click on a result in the Team Results Grid - illustrated above with a red frame. You will then watch the scoresheet of the two teams. We have clicked on the first cell, where the two top-teams met (framed red as illustrated below). The detailed result presentation is  shown under the grid. You might have to scroll down in your browser to view it. You can click the card icon at left for even more details and as always make corrections with the icon at the right.
Multi-pairs Presentation for a Teams tournament:

We have completely re-written the multi-team presentation, using our new Team structure. This means a much more flexible structure. Here is an example of the new layout.


Other comments to our new Teams tournament feature:

Please notice - we arrange the players to ensure “Thomas – Barbara” will not appear as “Barbara - Thomas” as well. The first player to play North – respectively East - in a team tournament will remain first mentioned throughout the grid. Only if Thomas and Barbara play on 2 different teams, which they may well do for instance as substitutes, they will be listed as 2 different entities, under each team. There will be no combined score for a pair having had substitutes.

In the example you may note that “Solveig Engernes” appears in more teams on different pairs. It’s still the same person - but she is playing as a substitute.


Remember, we always welcome comments and suggestions or if you have update issues – please contact us at and please remember to register for our general newsletter here.

Best regards,

Kren Nielsen

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