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June 10, 2016

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Report on the first (possibly annual) "Gathering of MSF Friends", hosted by Anthony McCarley on the Chesapeake Bay

What started as a sidebar discussion on the Forum became the First Gathering of Friends from MSF.  On May 21st and 22nd, displaying the community spirit of marathon swimmers, the “Original 13” slept in cramped quarters with people they were meeting for the first time, just for the opportunity to swim the Chesapeake’s eastern shore with like-minded swimmers.  With the water temperatures between 57 and 61F, the air never warmer than the high 50’s and almost constant rain, the conditions weren’t as pleasant as hoped… but great for two days of serious training. 
Many accomplishments occurred:

·        For several people it was the coldest water that they had ever experienced…

·        For three people it was their first experience swimming at night…

·        For two people it was an achievement of doing EC relay qualifying swims…

·        For one person it was a chance do the longest swim of her life at seven hours…

·        For one person it was a chance to pick up a new rock…

·        For some people it was all about the shirts…

·        For some people, it appeared, it was all about the delivery of food…

·        For everyone it was a chance to meet some new friends… and spent time with people you don’t see often enough…

The amazing Shawn Turner created amazing artwork for the “swag”! 

Swim Results

English Channel

  • Howard James (England), 13:13 - new record for earliest in season (May 16)
  • Chloe McCardel (Australia), 10:45

Strait of Gibraltar

  • MAGDA OKURKOVA, F, CZECH REPUBLIC, 01/04/2016, 3:42
  • RICHARD NYARI, M, SLOVAKIA, 01/04/2016, 3:43
  • DEZIDER PEK, M, SLOVAKIA, 02/04/2016, 5:12
  • ONDREJ PEK, M, SLOVAKIA, 02/04/2016, 5:12
  • KERRY LOUISE ELLEN O'HARA, F, U.K., 09/04/2016, 4:14
  • LISA JUNE WILLIAMS, F, U.K., 09/04/2016, 4:14
  • JOHN DAVID JORDAN, M, U.K., 22/04/2016, 4:44
  • NATHALIE LUISA POHL, F, GERMANY, 23/04/2016, 2:53
  • DANIEL GOMEZ TRUEBA, M, MEXICO, 06/05/2016, 3:32
  • MARK LUND MILLER POLLARD, M, U.K., 14/05/2016, 4:22
  • MICHAEL WILLIAM HELPS, M, U.K., 14/05/2016, 4:22
Swim Around Key West - link to solo results

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