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Greetings from Niyama Yoga!

It may seem like an odd quote to have for November and a time of Thanks-Giving and Gratitude.  This is a time of year, as leaves vividly change and then softly fall from their branches from the cold, that we find time to gather with loved ones, to have gratitude for the variety of 'lights' in our lives and to be grateful for where we presently are.  Gratitude though, is something a bit more than just appreciation.  It carries with it, a want to in some way 'return' the kindnesses we've received through our own actions or abilities.  So as you enjoy time with those you care about and seek to stay warm as days & nights continue to grow colder and darker earlier, see if there might be opportunities to use that as a fuel, to provide some warmth and light around you - to do good.      
Things to look forward to this fall...and that season that comes after:       
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Speaking of doing good...

11/22 - Thanksgiving Day Schedule at Niyama & the Giving Tree:

Every year on Thanksgiving, we try to do a little extra good, and in a way, create a little extra warmth for those in need.  We'll have 3 classes on Thanksgiving and 100% of those classes goes straight to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help them keep their pantries stocked and full.

We'll have 3 classs this Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 22rd:
8am 75 min All-Levels with Brad
10am 75min Niyama Hot with Kristin
12pm 75min Niyama Hot with Brad

Friday, Saturday & Sunday will be REGULAR Schedules

Giving Tree & RefugeeOne:
On Thanksgiving look for the Giving Tree to return as well.  Every year we partner with RefugeeOne; a local, Chicago non-profit, that works with global refugees who have resettled here in the Chicagoland area. Take a tag off the tree, help a family in need. The tree pops up ON Thanksgiving and stays up through the start of 2019. (More details about that will follow.)
Full Schedule is online here.
Saturday, December 1st
$30 in Advance: Register at

75min class taught by Kristin Andrews under the glow of dark lights. Refreshments afters.

Music Playlist TBD - You'll hear great tunes while doing yoga with black lights, glow in the dark body paint, glow sticks & more. Wear BRIGHT White or NEON if you want to GLOW even more
Saturday, December 8th

During this two-hour session, you will spend time practicing a mix of Yin and Restorative poses (asanas).   The complementary nature of these two styles of yoga will help you to create a deep sense of balance within.  Both practices move slowly and will focus on only a few poses throughout the session.  When we slow down physically, we have more time to devote to our internal world.  These practices assist in focusing on the breath and remaining in the present moment.
Yin Yoga increases flexibility by working deep into connective tissues of ligaments, joints and fascial networks.  You will feel a deep stretch as you remain passive in each asana. 

Restorative Yoga is also a passive form of yoga that utilizes props to place you in a comfortable, resting position.  You will have an opportunity to let-go and restore as you rest in each pose.
Most poses will last between 5-8 minutes and will be conducted on the floor.  This practice is suitable for all levels.
Friday Night Karma/Donation: 
6:30-7:45pm: 75min Niyama Hot:

November, 16th: Brad/Rachel
November 23rd: Brad
November 30th: Brad
December 7th: Brad

Saturday Karma/Donation: 
12:45-2:00pm: 75min All-Levels Yoga unless otherwise stated

November 17th: Brad
November 24th: Brad
December 1st: Brad
December 8th: Brad

Hopefully, all of this finds you well.
Studio Manager
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