In Solidarity.
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I am Jonathan G. Itchon, proud OUTsider Board Member and your new pen pal writing to you every month!  The search for my queer family began when I read the book, "Joining the Tribe: Growing Up Gay & Lesbian in the 90's" by Linnea Due.  It was a comfort to 16 year-old me to know that I was not alone. And it gave me hope that I would make it, no matter how rough it got, and that one day we would all find one another.  So words cannot express my gratitude to OUTsider for being a beacon of light to bring us all together!  It is with this gratitude that I write to you!

We stand with You.

In the aftermath and aftershocks of the election, we at OUTsider want to let you know that you are in our thoughts.  Rather than anything wrapping up or settling down, it is clear that this is only the beginning.  A new beginning that calls out to us as OUTsiders and worldchangers and queer movers and shakers to keep going.  To keep pushing boundaries and to keep believing in hope.  To stay true to our mission and to not let fear keep us from fighting.  To stick together.  And our mission at OUTsider stands behind you and with you, because it is only in the support of family and community that we will continue our revolution.  To continue bringing a spotlight, a hot mic, and safe spaces to the bodies, the voices, and the stories that need to be seen, heard, and felt.  To continue uniting queer community worldwide to exchange ideas, ignite conversations, transcend boundaries and experience new pleasures through artistic discovery.

Thank you for being a part of our family.  We love you!

OUTsider 2017 Festival Program Drop!!!

Announcing the moment that you've all been waiting for...[cue drumroll]

The Grand Unveiling of the OUTsider 2017 "Into the Wilds" Program!  Join us for a wild night of celebration and outspoken community as you get a front row seat to finding out The Who's, What's, and Must See events and artists of OUTsider 2017!

December 7th, 2016 9pm
The North Door
$5 at the door or FREE with Festival Badge Purchase!
Drop it on Me!!!
Queer Terrortories
Saturday, November 19th, 4-6p
UT Arts Building Room 1.110

More important now than Ever!  Attend this powerful presentation and be part of the future of reinvigorated queer presence!
I want to attend! Sign me up!
Center for the Celebration & Reward of Hirsute Women
Sunday, November 27th, 5-8p
The Pony Shed, The VORTEX

Celebrating the self-defined Hairy Woman in this revolutionary pop-up installation on positive body image and inclusivity.
I want to Celebrate!
Proud shout out to OUTsider's very own Jay Bird and Jonathan G. Itchon (yup, that's me) for winning B. I den Payne Awards last month!  Jay took top honors in the category of "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for his one-man show, "Naked as a Gaybird," which OUTsider was proud to sponsor.  Jonathan won in his category of "Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical" for his role in "The Mikado: Reclaimed," which was part of the OUTsider 2016 line-up!  It was an evening of unprecedented diversity and queerness in the nominations as well as the winners - Represent!!!
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Fahrenheit 451
playing November 11-December 3
Thu-Sun at the VORTEX

AGLCC Happy Hour
Thursday 11/17 6:30-8:30pm
Pride Radio, 3601 S. Congress Ave., Bldg. F

Queer Festivals Presentation
Saturday 11/19 4-6pm
UT Arts Building, Room 1.110

Transgender Day of Remembrance 
Sunday 11/20 6:30-8:30pm
Austin City Hall Plaza, 301 W. 2nd
Center for the Celebration &Hirsute Women
Saturday 11/27 5-8pm

Risk in Performance 
Saturday 12/3 4-6pm
TransForm Fitness
1909 Wheless Lane

OUTsider Festival Program Drop
Thursday 12/7 9pm
The North Door
502 Brushy Street

Should your event/class/community mixer be on here?  Well click on the link below to let me know!

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Thank You, OUTsider Insiders, for letting me be part of this family - You are Amazing!  And remember that no matter how strong we are as individuals, we are stronger in numbers!  Looking forward to connecting again next month! 

Love, Jonathan
OUTsider Board Member
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