January Report

Doing Business in Reality 2015

Greetings alumni, students, investors, and former plaintiffs! 

Dean Hammer here, still on Cloud 9 following our Doing Business in Reality 2015 Conference held just last week. Use of Cloud 9 is not suggested for extended periods of time, but its precognitive enhancement properties have proven indispensable for working out next year's budget.

One the the stars to emerge from our Doing Business in Reality 2015 Conference was betty_456, who not only leads student groups on campus, but is a vital part of her mother's Reality Estate Agency when she's home for vacation. Read more about her here.

Another rising star of the psychic business set is Cheery Olson, or, actually, the immortal undead entity that inhabits his body. He's doing some great things with his 4000 year old shell company, Sun Boat Cruises LLC - at least to the extent that he can control young Mr. Olson's consciousness. Find out more about Cheery Olson here.

Psychic High School strives to prepare all our students for the time when they'll enter the world outside our clairvoyant event boundary and bend reality to their wills. Remember that you'll all invited to share your experiences anytime at!

Sincerely yours,

Dean Hammer
Dean, Psychic High School
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