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July 2022

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Reality Abroad 2022

Summer session at Psyhigh is full of extra-dimensional opportunities for adventurous psychic youth, and subdermal tracking devices are half-off this year! Learn more about our programs here.

All aboard!

Student of the Month

Hoot Owling is a transfer student from Animist High and enjoys making new friends, riding twigs, and solving occult mysteries. Meet July's Student of the Month.

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Remote Viewing Contest

Congratulations to Caledonia Margaret Muir of Sherwood, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CANADA, for identifying this month's remote viewing object: a Groucho nose & glasses. We've placed them in a padded mailing envelope and mailed them to Caledonia. Could you be our next winner? Tulka has selected a new object and placed it in his paper sack. Use your remote viewing powers to identify it and you could win next month's prize. Let us know what you see at

Tell us what you see
All hail the Psy Eye!

Psyhigh Spirit

This month the Disaster Response Club had its first meeting, which thankfully produced only minor tremors. We also encountered the strange story of a casualty of our Reality Abroad program and witnessed more progress in the rescue expedition in Vyzesillus Caverns. And, we are thrilled to announce the debut of Psychic High School’s newest Teaching Acolyte (TA), Huldra!

What’s your favorite psychic summer class? Let us know in your journal, remember to upvote us here, and be sure to visit our sponsor Zephyr Air Transport for all your airborne special delivery needs.


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