Psychic High School

June 2021

The children do love their pranks

Children’s Circle Summer Session

We all have such fond memories of Children’s Circle, but did you know that maintaining a safe and educational environment is hard work? This month, Psyhigh students spent time learning just how hard, and many of them have survived. Learn more here.

Know any psychic children’s songs?
Cloven Joe, PBLOT President

Student of the Month

Cloven Joe is an exchange student from the Nether Realms™, and his charm and acumen have helped him to become president of our local branch of the Psychic Business Leaders of Tomorrow. Find out what makes Joe so successful here.

Make a Deal with Cloven Joe
This month's remote viewing contest target

Remote Viewing Contest

Congratulations to Sir Rupert Thistlethwaite-Moore, The Rafters, Pollington Bridge, Westerfield-on-the-Dale, Hertfordshire, U.K., for identifying this month's remote viewing object: a Harrow Hat—that is, a school hat as worn by pupils of Psyhigh’s psychic sister school Harrow (founded in 1572). We've placed it in a sturdy hatbox and mailed it to Sir Rupert. Could you be our next winner? Tulka has selected a new object and placed it in his paper sack. Use your remote viewing powers to identify it and you could win next month's prize. Let us know what you see at

Tell us what you see
Summer is a time for friends

Psyhigh Spirit

This month we had a visit from Psyhigh upper-uber-duper classperson Huldra, a pair of new memories in the Children’s Circle Scrapbook, a nomination for the best psych band of all time, and an intercepted message from a strange countdown.

Have you been staying esoteric this summer? Let us know in your journal, remember to upvote us here, and be sure to visit our sponsor Zephyr Air Transport for all your airborne special delivery needs.


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