Psychic High School

April 2021

Worm Gardens

Yes, it looks foreboding… and it should! Keep away! Nothing to see here! Student disappearances are at an all time low, just so long as don’t include Worm Gardens. You have been warned.

Just keep on walking…

Student of the Month

Annie Sweet has spent her time in the halls, and in the spaces in the walls between them, and has become a nurse for the Vegetable Babies, yet she’s really not that different from you and me. Meet April’s Student of the Month.

Meet Annie Sweet

Remote Viewing Contest

Congratulations to Melody Huang of Eastern Liaoning University, Zhen'an District, Dandong, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, for identifying this month's especially challenging remote viewing object: a miniature plastic rabbit. We've put it in a tiny padded envelope and mailed it to Melody. Could you be our next winner? Tulka has selected a new object and placed it in his paper sack. Use your remote viewing powers to identify it and you could win next month's prize. Let us know what you see at

Tell Us What You See

Psyhigh Spirit

By popular demand, Psychic Cryptography is back in session. Also this month there were presentations by Psyhigh Scholars Gretel and Huldra, as well as informational seminars on Flying Equine Therapy, Popcorn Therapy, and Unemotional Support Creature Therapy.

How is your therapy going? Let us know in your journal, remember to upvote us here, and be sure to visit our sponsor Zephyr Air Transport for all your airborne special delivery needs.


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