Psychic High School

August 2022

Bring it on home

Reality Abroad Homecoming 2022

It’s been a summer of learning, making new friends, and in some cases living in a state of near continuous terror! Now our Summer Abroad students are returning to campus and telling their tales. Read them all here.

Welcome them back!
Community get-together

Student of the Month

K Roman doesn't believe there are actual wizards on Warlock Mountain, but that doesn't mean something sinister isn't going on. Meet August's Student of the Month.

Obey your thirst!
Tell us what you see

Remote Viewing Contest

Congratulations to Hector Halifax, San Pedro Town, Belize District, BELIZE, for identifying this month's remote viewing object: a boomerang. We've placed it in a padded envelope and mailed it to Hector. Could you be our next winner? Tulka has selected a new object and placed it in his paper sack. Use your remote viewing powers to identify it and you could win next month's prize. Let us know what you see at

Tell us what you see
Please pay attention in class

Psyhigh Spirit

This month we heard from Psyhigh’s favorite vampire baby, Hoot Owling’s report on the Garbage Man, a report on some flying saucer activity, a horoscopical examination, and—contrary to what you may have heard—Adopt-a-ghosts are not allowed on campus.

What’s your back-to-school horoscope say? Let us know in your journal, remember to upvote us here, and be sure to visit our sponsor Zephyr Air Transport for all your airborne special delivery needs.


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