Psychic High School

February 2023

Those adorable mutating creatures


There's been an explosion of interest in those adorable mutating creatures that come from the woods behind the science lab. But could there be more to them than it seems? Find out in February’s Story of the month.

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Take a chance on me

Valentine’s Day Ritual Dance

Do you believe in true love? Whether there’s an inexorable cord of fate that binds us all is still a matter of debate at Psychic High School, so a little experiment couldn’t hurt, right? Read about the annual Valentine’s Day Ritual Dance here.

Give it a tug!
The Otto Twins

Students of the Month

Otto Ahn, and his strangely silent twin sister Otto Ough, have the power to control... power! And, as co-chairs of the Psyhigh Student Council, they're ready to use it. Meet February's Students of the Month.

Meet the Otto Twins
Describe what you see

Remote Viewing Contest

Congratulations to Jean-Jacques Paternoster, 6511 Beaumont, Hainaut, Wallonia, BELGIUM, for identifying this month's remote viewing object: a pair of ear plugs. Tulka has placed them in a small envelope and mailed them to Jean-Jacques. Could you be our next winner? Tulka has selected a new object and placed it in his paper sack. Use your remote viewing powers to identify it and you could win next month's prize. Let us know what you see at

Tell us what you see
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Psyhigh Spirit

This month we saw three new remembrances of Children’s Circle from Psyhigh branches across the world, and Valentine’s Day Dance attendees from as far away as Asturias. There are new weekly comics from the Spongiform Unimind, and if someone could lend a fellow student a hand in resetting their 14 syllable student ID mantra it would be much appreciated.

How do you keep from forgetting things? Let us know in your journal, remember to upvote us here, and be sure to visit our sponsor Zephyr Air Transport for all your airborne special delivery needs.


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