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Promoting Peace

This year has seen much division and upset. It's a wonder that everyone isn't feeling bereft and uncertain. I want to acknowledge that. I don't want to dwell on it. My thoughts are creating my circumstances all the time. When we put our thoughts on peace we create that too. And when we have enough of us promoting thoughts of peace we can create that in our community. 
Fear can run rampant. So can Peace. 
Start with yourself and allow peace to come fully into your life. 
Schedule some time with me, below and I'll show you how. 

Dr. Tanya English

The Wise Owl Herbal Prayer walks are designed to bring you into connection with the earth through the walk and herbal information that we give on indigenous plants and to commune with Spirit prayerfully as we connect with our physical environment and allow Spirit to inform and uplift us. 
Various Locations: 1st class May 1st is at Palisades Kepler State Park. Last class Oct. 31st is also at Palisades Kepler State Park
 Tuesday  May 1    9-10:30 am
 Thursday June 21 9-10:30 am
 Friday    July   27   3-4:30 pm
 Thursday Aug. 2   12-1:30 pm 
 Tuesday  Sept 25  7-8:30  pm
  Wed.      Oct 31   10-11:30 am
Each walk is $25 or you can commit to all 6 and receive one Free for $125. We will invoice you through PayPal. You must register and pay for the walk prior to the date so that we have materials for each attender. This includes handouts. 
Registration is through private message to:
Group limited to 10.
If you show up the day of walk without registering ahead you will receive materials in an email.
Wednesday the 18 @ 10am
 Facebook Live Prayer Workshop
on the Quantum Healing International page. 
Learn something new about the power you have within!
When we release old patterns of physiology the body heals!
It's easy, painless and relaxing!
Schedule your chiropractic consult.
Say this with "I", "You", Your name and put it the form of a question so your subconscious will try to answer.

I willingly release the thoughts and things that clutter my life. I forgive myself and others. I let go and trust that my good will manifest in greater ways than ever before!

This is a nerve. 
Motor nerves are controlled by your thoughts.
Autonomic nerves are controlled by your feelings.
Dis-ease happens when negative feelings become subconscious patterns of physiology.
When we update the subconscious to present time, dis-ease is healed. 
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