No Need to Worry!

Normal Market Movements

AUGUST 25, 2015
Two steps forward and one step back is how the financial markets move.  In the short term, these movement can feel akin to a roller coaster ride.  Do not let these market movements worry you.  As with a roller coaster, the movements can be exciting but in reality are safe and normal. 

Do not let the marketing machines at Fox Business News or MSNBC draw you in for hours.  This is their job: to incite emotions to make you watch and listen (and sell ad time). 

As of the market open this morning, the market decline from last week is -7%.  See the chart below for the history of declines.  Since 1900, market declines of -10% occur on average once per year and declines of -5% occur on average 3 times per year.

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*Chart contents courtesy of the American Funds.
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