January 2016 - Minter's Monthly

Minter's Monthly - January 2016

What a year we've had so far. It has rained, iced, snowed, rained, rained and even had a few rays of sunshine as well. Thank you Georgia for always keeping us on our toes!

It has been busy on the farm getting Christmas trees planted and staked for the 2020s tree seasons. It's been a long, back-breaking task, but we've had some pretty amazing helpers along the way. Getting the fields from post-production (trees were actually cut down November and December of 2015) to planted requires a lot of work. The stumps must be dug out of the ground, the rows plowed and smoothed, and then the hard work begins. Each hole is dug with a shovel and each tree is then planted by hand. The rain did us a huge favor (just like Dad always says - in farming, you only get one opportunity to get the job done) and watered in the 2,000+ trees. So that leaves this week to get them all staked. Once this task is complete, we can focus on the 2016 season and events on the farm.

With the 2015 CSA Program being such a success, we've decided not only to have a 2016 CSA Program but to also expand our member numbers. Last year, we had roughly 45 participants. Our goal is to double this membership this year. If you or anyone you know are interested in joining, please let us know. There will be several changes this year - we no longer have chickens (and I'm sure this will change in the spring!), sizes, portions, number of items per share, etc. - and we'll be sure to update you when we have a date set in stone. 

On that note, we're getting ready to order seed and plants. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We had some struggles with different items last year (purple sweet potatoes, PEACHES, cauliflower... just to name a few), but we hope to have a great year this year. We'll be trying new things and planting a lot of fun seeds. Email me and let me know if there's something very special (and reasonable) you'd like to see!

Thank you for making our 2015 season such an amazing year! Stick with us... we'll be doing it all over again (and then some). See the dates below for our 2 main events on the farm! Have a great remainder of your January.

- Stephanie

* Oh and just to warn you, we will be attempting to do the Newsletter every month (time permitting) and post lots of pictures and updates on social media - Facebook (Minter's Farm & IFHD) and Instagram. Find us, add us, like us! 
June 18th, 2016 Inman, GA 7th Annual Inman Antique Truck Show
September 16, 17 & 18, 2016 Inman, GA  20th Annual Inman Farm Heritage Days
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