To date....

Land use plans put in place to reduce over 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions

9,000+ smallholders and 250+ community groups with plan vivos

$7 million to developing country communities and institutions

60,000+ ha under improved management

"Thanks to the trees, the wind is not as strong here, and the crops can cope better. Before, we had to buy extra food for the household, but now with more food from the farm, we don’t need to. The money we get from carbon offsetting is used for school fees for our children, new tree seedlings and to improve the farm.”

          ~ Faustini Kashaija
           Emiti Nibwo Bulora
Welcome to the new quarterly Plan Vivo newsletter! Here are our highlights of the last 3 months...

Non-carbon ecosystem services included in our new Standard

The 2013 Plan Vivo Standard, just released, includes increased emphasis on meaningful participation and ownership by communities, suitability for landscape level PES schemes and the ability to certify non-carbon ecosystem services. Read more...

A metric tonne of seeds!

This how much the Limay Community Carbon project (now CommuniTree) bought from local communities and planted last year. Their 2013 annual report is just in, bursting with the stories, developments and stats of a bouyant year. Read it here.

Meet our farmers

Get a glimpse into what participating in Plan Vivo projects means to those on the ground with the new farmer profiles from our projects in Nicaragua,Tanzania, Bolivia and Sri Lanka. Securing children's futures, improving yields, turning around farms in disrepair - find out what a difference participating in Plan Vivo projects has made to smallholder farmers and their environments.

Funding successes

Recent funding has been awarded to us for the development of climate smart agriculture through improving the Small-Holder Agriculture Mitigation Benefit Assessment (SHAMBA) tool and, separately, to investigate the optimal level of monitoring in carbon forestry, in recognition that transaction costs are often a major barrier to smallholders accessing ecosystem service markets.

At the forefront of Climate Justice

As our latest video highlights, the Plan Vivo Standard is a pragmatic mechanism for delivering climate justice. So far millions of dollars of climate finance has been channeled transparently and equitably to resource poor rural communities through our projects with much more in the pipeline. This was the key focus of our recent stakeholder meeting - the summary and report of which are out now.
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