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Medfield State Hospital Master Plan Committee Update

Now is the time to move forward. In the words of former Medfield Selectman Richard DeSorgher, the purchase of the Medfield State property in 2014 was "one of the most important things that we as a town have done". With the land now under Town ownership, the question on everyone's mind was "What will Medfield do with that property?".

Former Selectman Mark Fisher addresses the following letter to our Community. He was a member of the Board of Selectmen that signed the purchase agreement, along with DeSorgher and our Current Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson.

To the Citizens of Medfield,
On Tuesday evening, December 2, 2014, I was honored to be a member of the Board of Selectmen that signed the Medfield State Hospital Property Disposition Agreement on behalf of the Town of Medfield. This agreement formally transferred the title of the property from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Town of Medfield.
I experienced a range of emotions sitting there that night. I felt nervous that the Town had taken on quite a challenge with the property. I felt tremendous joy that the Town, and not the State, now had control of the State Hospital property. Most importantly, I felt tremendous pride in all of the hard work that the members of the various state hospital committees, residents, and Town staff had put in to accomplish quite a remarkable achievement. We had pushed and prodded the State to clean up the property. We had also convinced the State that the better plan for the land was to let the Town decide what should be done with the property, and not a state agency.
I can remember turning to Town Administrator Mike Sullivan, and sharing our doubts, our fears, but also our pride in the Town as well as our confidence that this was the right thing to do, and that while it may be a messy process for a while, we will get to the right solution for the reuse of the land.  Mike reminded me that while things sometimes take longer than people think, the Town through its volunteer committees has accomplished remarkable things over the years.  
The Citizens of the Town of Medfield have accomplished amazing things over many generations. That is why we have such a beautiful place to call our home.  I have no doubt that we are moving in the right direction towards the reuse of the hospital land.
I ask you to have faith in this process, and the courage to move forward. The citizens of Medfield are up to the challenge of shepherding the transformation of this land into a magical place to live, work, and play.
 I ask you to come to Special Town Meeting at the High School on Monday,  November 18th  , and vote YES to move forward with the re-zoning of the property as we take the next step towards revitalizing the property, and making it a place that we can all be proud of for generations to come.
Mark Fisher
Former Selectmen
3 Kenney Road
Special Town Meeting to add to your calendar:

November 18, 2019 – Special Town Meeting at Medfield High School gymnasium starting at 7:00 PM at which time there will be opportunity for public comments and the formal vote will be taken which must be passed by 2/3rds of the Medfield residents in attendance to be approved.

Do you have questions about the proposed MSH Zoning Amendments? Committee members will be available in the Medfield Public Library lobby on Saturdays from 10am to 11am through November 16th. Stop by and say hello!
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