My Dear Friends,

I always like to start with a short intro at the beginning of my newsletter, before the blog. Yet, I find in these given times that I am almost speechless. That words will not cut it any longer.

Can you feel it? The pressure building from a pyramid of energy; profound demand from the hierarchy of the heavens that we must now pay attention and act as adults in a world gone mad. Our resistance, fear, rebellion, the ego mind encouraging us to hold onto ways that do not work, hold no value to any of us any longer.

We are in the end times. The time where all must be absorbed for maturity and integration. The time where the light and the dark have split. The time of prayer, consideration, and deliberate decision on how we want our world to survive. How shall we live through this period, and then turning on a wheel make communities that will flourish?

Pope Francis directed that the church should now humble themselves and go to the One Nation people all around our world to be taught how to save the earth. I say to each of you, we must do the same. We must be taught how to live in a world that we are the intruders in. We spend so much time bickering; in a power struggle over political rightfulness. What if the rightfulness is to let the whole system fall apart? It is not working, not at all. The concept, perhaps, needs to be kept, yet the rest of this greedy, unstable, imbalanced, sick system must be put out of its misery.

As I write these very strong statements I am aware that the great heavens are setting up portals of hope for us. More women and diverse nationalities have been voted into the higher tiers of our government, seeding a further destabilization that hopefully will recreate a stable governing structure in the end. One that will be based on the Lakota Federation, and the Galactic Federation.

Yet, we are so caught in this place we are missing the biggest voice of all. The earth. She is screaming on top of her lungs to get us to stop. She is shifting and jiving, moving everything around, and we keep ignoring where our true focus must be. We must be taught how to listen to what the whole world needs, then build a structure of governing that extends across oceans to help all.

We must be intolerant of behavior that is out of integrity, inconsistent, insensitive, and immature. There is no more time to stand behind our wounds and wait. Who cares what others say? Who are you? What do you stand for? Where are your limits? We must have limits, or this world will certainly implode. Having limits means we also understand the set up for all experience (this is for another time and discussion.)

It is time to look skyward, look for the smoke signals that lead us to villages and tribes that are our soul sources; our human companions along the way. Look at your feet, tread firmly and tread with great awareness. Look around you, see who travels with you. Look at each other, get to know each other. This is the only way to become one.

Have great compassion, have great honor, and have great strength, for all will be tested now. Have goals, boundaries, great compassion, for all have suffered, for all carry the laughter of a child, all hold the prayer of GOD, all are the beloved incarnate.


Enclosed in this newsletter is a new schedule for all of you. Join me once again in Newtown, Pa in June. Included on my event calendar is a series of conversations I am presenting through facebook live. Join me every Thursday 5pm PST at The Amaya Center, or on instagram and like or follow the pages to be notified of these talks when they happen. 

Please enjoy the blog. As always it is my greatest heart song to serve each of you.
I am~ Amaya Victoria

All we are really doing is walking each other home~ Ram Dass

Thank you!

As many of you know, I have moved from Los Angeles to beautiful Orange County. For those of you who prefer to work with me in person, I have an office space in Laguna Niguel. For those of you still in LA, I do take appointments every third Saturday of the month. I am always available for speaking engagements or workshops in either location. A reminder, all my services are phone accessible.

Thank you all for your continued support, and I can't wait to speak to each of you soon!
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