"Within each of us lies the potential to live life fully and joyfully. It's a matter of removing shadows that keep us from the deep wisdom inside."
Hello My Dear Friends, 

I welcome you back to myself and the Amaya Center. I know many of you have been waiting on me. Where did she go, you wondered?  

I have had the most profound life happenings going on over the past 3 years. 
Just before Covid shut everything down, I was getting ready to move back to Pennsylvania to reconnect with family. Literally walking to the door of my home to let the leasing office know I would be leaving in about 30 days or so, when...yep, California was closed down due to Covid-19. I said out loud "Well that's a no."
In the ensuing year and a half, I changed in ways unexpected. I was able to learn much more about myself. I was taught so much about faith and being taken care of and also taking care of myself. I had not realized I needed such down time until we all had to slow down. During lockdown, there was a high percentage of my time focused on myself, my life and my future. I watched with great compassion and a firm heart the turning of the world. Pachamama surely was trying to show us in those first three pandemic months how she did not need us, yet she loved and wanted us. 
We were given the blessing of time in solitude to really learn about freedom and offering. I know it has been a very intense, frightening and trying time for all of us. Yet, we can know that we helped to push this to this place, with prayer for light, hope and community. Now we get to show and share our indomitable spirits.
In this time, I initiated a podcast series and a radio show. Then, in the middle of all of it, I was inspired to make the absolute decision to move to Pennsylvania for a little while. So, I put a few things on pause while I took a little respite for the moving process.  
Here I am now, in a Borough in Pennsylvania, having the most profound and incredibly loving experiences. I have reconnected with family here I have not seen in 36 years, met my spectacular grandson, and have become an active and doting grandmother... all special moments which I am cherishing beyond what words can express. I'm enjoying having such lovely moments reconnecting with men and women, many of which I have known since I was six years old. All this love has truly fueled my soul, and I have been having a very intense and happy time.
Christmas is coming, and for the first time in my life I will be sharing it with my eldest and youngest daughters in Pennsylvania! I am truly remembering what it is like to be fluid and am holding sacred every shared moment I get to spend with my loved ones here. Getting to be with my family and my most precious five-year-old grandson for the holidays this year is the greatest gift of all. What more could I ask for?!
In closing, I am so happy to speak to all of you. I have included in this newsletter a channeled message, and a prayer. Also some great news about my sessions.

See you all very soon. I have missed each and every one of you. 
Blessings, Amaya
Become A Frequency of Faith
When a lesson is just spoken and not lived, the understanding, depth, width, wisdom and love cannot be effective. 

All that we live, the wonderfulness, the fear, is to become a frequency of faith (love, wonderment, understanding.)

The depth of our harmony, song, and light becomes as we change from experience. A space in the eyes and heart for wisdom and joy of God, Goddess, Universe, etc. to live on earth through us; the paupers and the rich.

Take heart, yet be very aware, for in these times Heaven is coming to Earth through us. Each and every one.

Channeling, Heart Speak Healing, Shamanic Healing
50% Off Services Coupon Code: Kali2022

We are now coming to the next New Year and I do not think we should rush out of 2021. I believe we must turn and bow our heads, and honor Kali, for this last year has certainly cut to the core of all things. I believe that this was a gift. The miracle now is to go into 2022 moving towards...not running away from.

In the SPIRIT and CELEBRATION of 2022 I will be offering to each of you a gift from today till January 31st, with this Coupon Code: Kali2022. You all may buy as many sessions (or gift certificates) at the 50% OFF until the end of January.  This will be your best savings on sessions of the year!

After January 31st, 2022 -- my fees will be discounted incrementally each month (Feb. 25% OFF, Mar. 15% OFF, April 10% OFF) until the my New Year service rates discounts end on May 1, 2022 -- and I will be back to my regular full price sessions. I am facilitating Zoom sessions, both individual and group. Now more than ever, we must take care of our mind, body, spirit. I've been practicing my healing and channeling work remotely for over forty years, and can guarantee that a virtual session with me is just as powerful as it is in person.

I will keep you in the know about upcoming events via my newsletter, and please follow and check my social medias for updates too. I will soon be creating new groups, classes, workshops, online, at different venues.

Healing and Channeling Sessions

I am having the greatest time working out of Solutions for Daily Living in Newtown, Pa.  So, if you are in or ever passing though the area, I'm available for in-person sessions there! 

View my upcoming in-person events at Solutions for Daily Living HERE.

Book Session: Call Soulutions at 215-968-9750 or email

Goddess of Time
O Kali, my mother full of bliss! Enchantress of the almighty Shiva!
In Thy deliri
ous joy Thou dances, clapping Thy hands together!
Thou art the Move
r of all that move, an
d we are but Thy helpless toys.
-- Ramakrishna Paramhans

Kali is one of the most well-known and worshipped Hindu Goddesses. The name Kali is derived from the Hindu word that means "time", and that also means "black". Kali in Hinduism, is a manifestation of the Divine Mother, which represents the female principle. Frequently, those not comprehending her many roles in life call Kali the goddess of destruction. She destroys only to recreate, and what she destroys is sin, ignorance and decay. She is equated with the eternal night, is the transcendent power of time, and is the consort of the god Shiva. It is believed that its Shiva who destroys the world, and Kali is the power or energy with which Shiva acts. Therefore, Kali is Shiva's Shakti, without which Shiva could not act. Kali receives her name because she devours kala (time) and then resumes her own dark formlessness. This transformative effect can be metaphorically illustrated in the West as a black hole in space. Kali as such is pure and primary reality (the "enfolded order" in modern physics); formless void yet full of potential.

The Matsyapurana states that Kali began as a tribal Goddess of the high mountain region of Mount Kalanjara, which is in north-central India and east of the Indus Valley. However, because of the relatively recent origin of the Matsyapurana we cannot be certain when or where the worship of Kali actually began. We do know however, that she was mentioned in the Upanishads, which were written a thousand years before the Matsyapurana. In the Vedas the name is associated with fire god Agni, the god of fire, who had seven flickering tongues of flame, of which Kali was the black, horrible tongue.

One shouldn't jump to the conclusion that Kali represents only the destructive aspect of God's power. What exists when time is transcended, the eternal night of limitless peace and joy, is also called Kali (Maharatri). And it is she who prods Shiva Mahadeva into the next cycle of creation. In short, she is the power of God in all His aspects. A very apt and poetic description of the Great Mother Kali has been given by Pirsig, who wrote, "Kali, the Divine Mother, is the symbol for the infinite diversity of experience."
World Mother

To you oh great ones. In wonder, concern, and hope.

The children of all ages, sages, and innocents, young and old. In their eyes are their hearts. We know this dear one. We have always known this about each of you. You have no need to be in pain, believing you are forsaken, not loved. Your experiences may have given you that conclusion. We tell you this conclusion was necessary, for the sacred heart. What a deep foundation is being build, if you will be willing now to take this conclusion and let it be rebuked. Let your minds go to openness. 

Move with grace and focus now, as the great conclusion that is coming will be filled with the awe inspired complete knowing that all the rest was just to bring you all home to this one conclusion. You are wanted, you are loved. You are safe. 

We of spirit are here with you. Time to be here with each other. Then we can be here all together. So, in prayer we say:

"Oh Glorious One, thank you for keeping the Great Spirit in all hearts. We pray for those who are in a walk, a lesson, a decision that is filled with isolation, hate, separation. May the ones who have called out for years. Those who have so been born to earth, look with luminous eyes towards all of this illusion. May the light of the inner smile, help others pass, others change, and the world go on to the grand conclusion into the place in the spiral of life and the Council. 

Thank you Pachamama, for you have taken your heart and made yourself into what others call Earth. The rest of you stretching out ethereally staying as you really are, a part of Heaven. Thank you from your soul family that has stayed in spirit.

Love them Pachamama, love them so they will remember. Amen"


Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess, a creative power to sustain life on this Earth. Pachamama is perceived as being benevolent and giving - she is also seen as being nature itself. Pachamama is usually translated as Mother Earth, but a more literal translation would be "World Mother". 

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