What Naturopaths Do
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Revisiting Naturopathy

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

Naturopathic medicine has been around for a very long time; elements of it have been around even thousands of years.  Today it brings together modern medical science and ancient folk medicine.  Unfortunately, when medical marijuana become legal a lot of people developed the idea that naturopaths are only pushers of marijuana.  This is not true.  Even among my long-term patients, there is an uncertainty if a naturopath "handles this."  So I'm going to cover some of the bases.  We have a very broad scope of practice, which overlaps many of the things that medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and counselors do.  We are not quirky herbalists, naturopaths are real doctors.  Here is what naturopaths can do.

  1. Diagnosis -- including all lab tests and imaging orders.
  2. Health Screening - including physicals, paps, breast exams, food allergy assessments
  3. Physical Therapy -- ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, massage, spinal adjustment
  4. Prescriptions -- conventional pharmaceuticals, herbs, vitamins, life style changes
  5. Coaching & Counseling - dieting & exercise advice, addictions, eating disorders, depression, spiritual journeys
  6. Health Education - pediatrics, gastrointestinal, women's health, mental health, diabetes, blood pressure and more.
So, if you have a doubt about whether I can help you with a particular problem, why not ask?  You can text me, email, or call.

  Insurance Notes:

First Choice and Molina Health Care insurance plans have recently been added.  

Health Education

  Mood & Stress is one of my books in the Natural Health Primer Series available from  It covers the most common natural approaches to mental health and stress problems encountered in many families, including depression, anxiety, and attention disorders.

Like & watch my clinic facebook page: ( for weekly posts about the newest research coming out about health.. Some recent topics have included:

  • Feeding babies vegetables as part of their first foods causes them to eat more vegetables later.
  • Calorie restriction will help prevent metastasis of breast cancer.
  • Science is backing the idea that forgiveness helps with forgetting traumas.


July-August Special -- Ionizing Foot Bath

One of the "fun science" things about natural medicine treatments is the one that combines electricity and water.  While you should not use your hair dryer in the bathtub, there are some powerful therapeutics that use low-volt electrical energy with water conduction to improve your wellness.  The ionizing foot bath is one of these tools.  It is used to detoxify the body.  Low-volt electricity is used to ionize the water in a foot bath.  By putting your feet in the foot bath toxins are pulled into the water.  For July & August the cost is $30, a $10 savings.   


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