God made us for relationship. We believe we thrive in connection to the body of Christ. Big church is one way to connect, but we can also attend without ever really connecting. Connecting more deeply can be difficult, but we want to help make the process easy and natural.

If you haven't attended a Monterey101, this is a good next step. Monterey101 takes place during Sunday morning bible classes and is designed to help you get acquainted with the variety of opportunities at Monterey.

 The next M101 will be in the
Summer of 2015.
Watch for the date and details to come. 

For more information on attending M101, contact Joey Drumright at


Serving is so much more than volunteering. To serve is to give yourself to God and to others.

We believe God through Jesus is restoring all things, and we are invited to join him. God's renewal looks like greenhouses, addiction recovery, church-planting, and poverty development. Wherever there is brokenness he is making things new.

How is God calling you to join him? 

Explore our serve pages on our website
and be prayerful about how God is calling you to join his Mission.

For more information on service opportunities, contact Aaron Dawson at

As Christians, we never arrive.
We are always growing and becoming better imitators of God.
We believe God, through Jesus, constantly deepens us, purifies us, and feeds us when we chose to deny ourselves and follow him. We don’t make ourselves grow—that’s what God promises to to.

 How are you making yourself available to God’s transformation? Slow down, spend time with the suffering, find a mentor, join a care group, pick up a book, practice the presence of God. Whatever you do, never stop seeking. 

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at for more.