Active Retirees

This ministry works with the Senior Adult Minister to involve our senior adults in ministry opportunities, and to meet the various needs of our senior adults.  They are responsible for a variety of activities including:  Thursday lunches, monthly Game Nights, special seminars, fellowship opportunities, physical assistance, transportation services, and opportunities for involvement.
Ministry Leaders: Rodney Rogers; Leon Wilson


Adult Class Leaders

Adult classes are important for many reasons—weekly opportunities for Bible study; assimilation of new members into the body of Christ; opportunities to share fellowship and to build relationships.  These classes are also important vehicles in responding to needs in each other’s lives and in maintaining a network of accountability with each other.  Class leaders play a significant role in helping the classes accomplish these goals.  Ministry leaders in this area will provide overall coordination for our class leaders, and will work closely with the Congregational Life and Missional Ministers in recruiting and training class leaders.
Ministry Leader: Scott Gwinn


Adult Teachers and Curriculum

Adult Education influences the lives of several hundred individuals each week.  This ministry assumes the responsibility for overall coordination of our Sunday Morning adult educational program.  Specific responsibilities include recruiting and training teachers, curriculum development, and the coordination of special events (e.g., retreats, seminars, and workshops).  Ministry leaders will work closely with the Congregational Life and Missional Ministers in coordinating this ministry.
Ministry Leaders: Annette Mahan; Ronna Privett; Brian Starr

Assembly Coordination

Worship assemblies are an important part of body life at Monterey.  Those involved in this ministry will work closely with the Senior Minister and Worship Minister in coordinating what happens during our assemblies.  Scheduling communion servers, and communion preparation are just some of the important tasks overseen by this ministry.
Ministry Leaders: Glenn Goldwater; R.J. McKinney



This ministry primarily involves managing the sound system during assemblies and special events.  Those who serve in this area ensure that equipment is used efficiently, thus projecting the best sound quality for everyone in the assembly and during special events.
Ministry Leader: Steve Bryant


Baby Blessings

The purpose of the Baby Blessings Ministry is to provide a shower for parents in our community who financially need help providing for their new baby.  A baby shower is the perfect way to show a new or expectant mother God’s grace and love.  This ministry partners with community organizations to identify families who are in need of assistance with diapers, clothes, food, and other baby items.
Ministry Leaders: Jennifer King; Elizabeth Davis


Bakers of Men

Every Sunday, Monterey is blessed with many guests in our worship assemblies.  Affectionately known as “Bakers of Men,” this ministry especially reaches out to first-time guests.  Baking and delivering cookies, along with calling and caring are some of the areas of involvement and oversight in this ministry.
Ministry Leaders: Scotty & Cindy Elston; Derrick Gorny; Lyle & Shauna Wilbanks


We receive a number of calls from individuals and families who are struggling with a variety of physical needs.  The Benevolence ministry responds compassionately to such requests by providing food, clothing, and household resources; and by making referrals to other community agencies. 
Ministry Leader: Bob Perry


Building and Grounds

This ministry works with our current maintenance staff and is dedicated to the physical maintenance of our building & grounds.  This ministry oversees the implementation of necessary repairs & remodeling, and helps coordinate our lawn and landscaping needs.
Ministry Leaders: Danny Lee; Harvey Rhodes

Building Committee

God has blessed the Monterey church with significant numerical growth in recent years.  This ministry continues to monitor our building and parking needs, and works closely with Monterey’s leadership in developing plans for future expansion.
Committee Members: Gary Bradley; Butch Davis; Mark Dickson; Linda Hutchins; Randa Lang; Barry Stephens


Chair Moving Ministry

This ministry facilitates the use of the Worship Center by arranging chairs for assemblies.  Weekly responsibilities include the takedown of chairs following Sunday’s assemblies, and setup of chairs for the following Sunday’s assemblies.
Ministry Leader: Lad Harris


Children’s Ministry

Those involved in this ministry work closely with Monterey’s Children’s Ministers.  This ministry is multi-faceted, working with children from birth through 5th grade in such areas as children’s education, children’s worship, retreats, and special events.  Involvement in this ministry includes helping prepare teaching resources, recruitment of teachers, and the planning and implementation of retreats and other special events.
Ministry Leaders: Deanna Dawson; Clara Ellison; Justin & Kayla Ellison; Leslie Kacal; Annette Miller; Kyle & Stephanie Phillips; Kevin Sanders; Bobby & Kristi Sherrard; Debbie Stephens; Wes & Kayla Wells; Doug Young


Children’s Missions

This ministry works closely with a group of 4th–5th grade students who are committed to helping children all over the world.  One of the responsibilities of this ministry is to determine the use of the second-Sunday “Changing the World” contribution.
Ministry Leaders: Terri Bennett; Debra Sue Oden

Children’s Music

Monterey is blessed with many children.  The purpose of this ministry is to provide multiple opportunities for our children to develop an appreciation for music, and to participate in activities in which their gifts are used.
Ministry Leaders:  Dawn Green


College-Age Ministry

Ministry Leaders in this area will work closely with the College-Age Minister in meeting the needs of our college-age students, encouraging them to become a vital part of the church body, and equipping them for ministry.  Specific responsibilities include coordinating college-age classes, hosting meals, and planning and integrating meaningful activities for these young adults.
Ministry Leaders:

Community Ministries

Living out the identity of Christ involves caring for and serving others.  The following ministries seek to serve our community by volunteering and partnering with service agencies in Lubbock.  Communication with service organizations, responding to the needs of individuals in the community, and organizing volunteers for service are just some of the tasks accomplished by these ministries.

American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

Hope Lodge offers free lodging and transportation to and from treatment for cancer patients, and is the first of its kind in a non-metropolitan area.  Monterey members provide meals each week for patients and their families.
Ministry Leaders:  Joni Bills; Barbara Golden


Children’s Home of Lubbock

The Children’s Home of Lubbock has blessed over 6,000 children through its various programs during its 50+ year history.  In additional to Monterey’s financial partnership with the Children’s Home, this ministry seeks to create service opportunities to bless the children living at the Children’s Home. 
Ministry Leaders:  Jody Davis; Gwen Warren

Family Promise

As part of the Lubbock Family Promise effort, Monterey ministers to homeless families with children by providing volunteers to serve meals, act as overnight chaperones, and donate time for weekend support at the Family Promise Hope House.  Family Promise gives temporarily homeless families with children the opportunity to get back on their feet in a safe and loving environment.
Ministry Leaders: Jock Cameron


Love On A Leash

Love on a Leash Pet Therapy Ministry consists of loveable and well-trained dogs and handlers dedicated to visiting hospitals, nursing homes, schools and anywhere there are those in need of love, encouragement, and a smile.
Ministry Leaders:  Matt & Genene Driskill


Lubbock Impact

Monterey partners with Lubbock Impact (34th & Boston) to provide volunteer support on a regular basis for their weekly soup kitchen, clothing closet, and medical clinic.  Lubbock Impact serves the community on Wednesday evenings.
Ministry Leaders: Tommy & Jeannette Tidwell


One Saves Three – Blood Drive

Monterey’s Blood Drive Ministry, One Saves Three, holds drives throughout the year on our campus, providing much needed units for patients in need.
Ministry Leader:  Linda Pinkerton


Orphan Care Ministry

Orphan Care Ministry seeks to offer a range of support to foster families and foster agencies in Lubbock.  Among other forms of support, this ministry hosts a monthly Foster Parent Night Out, and delivers Foster Care Crates to families in need of encouragement.  Monterey is a member of Lubbock's One Heart Orphan Care Alliance, and meets monthly with churches in Lubbock to explore ways the church can meet the needs of the orphan in the Lubbock area and beyond.
Ministry Leaders:  Corey & Donna Branch; Deanna Dawson  

St. Benedict’s Chapel

St. Benedict’s is a ministry that provides free meals daily to the homeless and low income of Lubbock.  Teams of volunteers from Monterey purchase, prepare, and serve meals on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
Ministry Leaders: Ben & Jaclyn Hailey; Tania Raindl


Same Light Ministries

Same Light Ministries share the love of Christ with low-income kids and families in Lubbock's Town & Country Mobile Home Park.  Volunteers gather with residents weekly to play, teach Bible lessons, and share meals together.  They also host special community events around various holidays.
Ministry Leaders:  Zac Branch; Zeph Bruce; Aspen Frederick; Joe Hicks; Trysten Lowrey; Morgan Rawls; Graham Young   


Third Day

This ministry is committed to service projects for Monterey members and others who live in our community.  Specific emphasis is given to caring for the widows in our church family.  On a regular basis, this team goes out into the community and serves in various projects and activities focused on blessing the lives of others.
Ministry Leaders: Bryce Carrington; Glenn Goldwater


Threads of Love

Threads of Love is a sewing ministry meeting the needs of tiny premature infants, and parents of newborns who die due to stillbirth, miscarriage or infant death.  This ministry is about healing and binding hearts together of parents at a time of uncertainty about their baby’s health or when they lose a child.  Our mission is to show parents the love of Christ at a time when their personal pain is hard to endure, and to let them know that God is faithful.  Through acts of obedience and donation, His work can and will continue.
Ministry Leader: Debbie Harvey

Deaf Ministry

This ministry provides interpretation for the hearing-impaired during our worship assemblies, and periodically offers classes for those wanting to learn sign language.
Ministry Leader: Gail Alexander



Every year, many Monterey members play an active part in various seasonal and special-event drama productions.  This ministry also works closely with the Worship Ministry when dramas are utilized in Sunday worship assemblies.  Working with people of various ages and backgrounds, gathering script resources, and ensuring that projects are ready for production are some of the responsibilities associated with this ministry.
Ministry Leaders: David Jones; Scott Voland

Family Life Ministries

A number of ministries at Monterey have connections with family life.  Ministry Leaders in these areas work closely with the Congregational Life Minister in facilitating couples, parents, families, and individuals through the various transitions of life.  The Congregational Life Ministry also coordinates counseling for Monterey members (and other individuals/families from the community) with the ministry staff and through a referral network of counseling agencies in Lubbock.

Divorce Care

This ministry provides classes and support for those who have experienced divorce.  Divorce Care classes have blessed both Monterey members and those from our community.
Ministry Leaders: Glen & Gwynn Martin; Clint & Alana Robinson

Financial Peace

This ministry offers a “Financial Peace” class periodically using the Financial Peace material developed by Dave Ramsey encouraging individuals and families to stay out of debt, and to exercise good stewardship in their personal financial lives.  The ministry also provides financial counseling for individuals who have special needs in this area.
Ministry Leaders: Jim & Linda Brown


Grief Share

This ministry offers classes and support for those who have experienced the death of a family member or close friend.  Support groups are offered at different times throughout the year.
Ministry Leaders: Gary & Flora Bradley; Ed Hicks; George & Charlotte Williams


Men’s Ministry

This ministry seeks to enhance the social, emotional, and spiritual development of men in the congregation.  This ministry coordinates an annual Men’s Retreat/Conference, and a Men’s Bible Study group meets on Friday mornings during the school year.
Ministry Leaders: Randy Christian


Sports Ministry

A number of Monterey members enjoy the opportunity of participating in several sports’ teams that participate in leagues in our city.  This ministry provides overall coordination of teams formed with Monterey members.
Ministry Leaders: Mike Reed


Women of Worship

This ministry seeks to enhance the social, emotional, and spiritual development of the women in the congregation.  The planning and implementation of social events, retreats, workshops, and outreach activities, including the Wednesday morning Ladies’ Bible class, are among the many facets this ministry may pursue in meeting its goals of relationship and growth.
Ministry Leaders:  Pat Carrington; Cathy Craft; Judy Ditmore; Ramona King; Ashley McArdle; Judy Martin; Kim Martin; Robin Stewart


This ministry promotes and enriches congregational fellowship through periodic all-church events.  The Fellowship Ministry also works closely with numerous ministries at Monterey to facilitate fellowship activities for those groups.
Ministry Leaders: Adelle Davis; Eldon & Glenda Fuqua; Eric & Annette Miller



Annually, Monterey handles a number of financial obligations and creates a working budget.  This ministry works with the Senior Minister, and support staff members in our finance ministry in order to ensure that all Monterey financial obligations are met in an efficient manner.  This ministry functions as a resource for staff by communicating regularly with the elders, and helping provide administrative oversight and support for our budget.
Ministry Leaders: Mark Dickson; Risa Jones; Tim Wooten


First Impressions

This ministry is responsible for creating a good first impression for both members and guests as they come to our assemblies and classes, and to other events on our campus.  Specific areas of responsibility on Sunday mornings include the coordination of those who serve as greeters and ushers, and staffing the Welcome Center.  This ministry also works closely with the Congregational Life Minister in offering Monterey 101 several times each year.  Monterey 101 is a class designed to introduce new members and guests to Monterey, and to help new members find places to belong and serve.
Ministry Leaders: Randa Lang; Sam Moore; Sarah Sorenson


Funeral Meals

This ministry reaches out to families and individuals in the Monterey church who have lost a loved one to death.  Specifically, this ministry provides a meal for the family on the day of the funeral.
Ministry Leaders: Karen Evans; Pam Seiler


Life Groups

As we continue to grow in numbers as a church, it is important to create areas in which smaller groups of people can connect and build relationships.  The Life Group Ministry enhances our ability to meet this need for outreach and fellowship.  Those who serve in this area will work closely with the Congregational Life and Missional Ministers in organizing training for Life Group leaders, responding to the needs of our groups, and communicating with group leaders as needed.
Ministry Leaders: Rodney & Debra Rogers


Medical Response

The purpose of this ministry is to respond to medical emergencies that take place on our campus during assemblies, Bible classes, and other events.
Ministry Leaders:  Alan Harrison


Memorial Prayer Garden

This committee is composed of members of the Monterey church that have agreed to oversee the development of Monterey’s Memorial Prayer Garden.  The committee has established guidelines for purchasing plant material and has developed a garden plan.  This project is intended to be ongoing in the development of the garden to honor and memorialize loved ones.
Ministry Leaders: Jody Davis; Mary Jo Underwood


Missions/Medical Missions

The purpose of this ministry is to build a “missions-conscious” church that is effectively fulfilling its responsibility & call to share the gospel with those outside our immediate community.  Present mission works include:  El Salvador, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Carpenter’s Church.  Our annual Special Missions Contribution also allows us to partner with ministries in Nicaragua, Peru, and Mexico.  The medical mission branch of this ministry seeks to extend and embody the message of Christ through medical services delivered in various countries around the globe including Kenya, Nicaragua and Peru.
Ministry Leaders: David Burnett; Theresa Byrd; Cecil & Diane Fincher; Charles & Brenda Lindsey; Glenn & Toni Lowrance; Patti Patterson; Rick & Kim Peck; David Savage



The purpose of this ministry is to help cultivate an atmosphere of praise and worship at Monterey.  Those who serve in this area work closely with the Worship Minister in planning weekly assemblies.  This ministry team also helps coordinate retreats, workshops, and conferences related to worship.  In addition, this ministry works with various singing groups to ensure that needs are met for music in funerals and other special events.
Ministry Leaders: Steve Bryant; Kelsie Day; Dawn Green; Janice LeSueur; Henry McBroom; Tod Towns; Tim Williams


Prayer Ministry

Prayer and ultimately God’s involvement in our lives provides the foundation for our spiritual growth as a church.  This ministry seeks to continually enhance the spiritual life of members at Monterey through prayer groups, seminars, and retreats.  This ministry also recruits people to pray during our assemblies – with specific requests for worshippers to be open to God in their lives.
Ministry Leader: Debbie Paxton


Prison Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to reach out to those in our society who have been incarcerated in one of our prison facilities.  Multiple opportunities exist for teaching, encouraging, and blessing these individuals and their families.  This ministry also works closely with the Kairos Ministry.
Ministry Leaders: Glenn Lowrance; Rick Pinkerton; David Savage


Safety and Traffic Ministry

This ministry serves in areas of building and campus safety, and emergency response preparedness.  Leaders address concerns for member safety in the event of fire, tornado, transportation, and other emergency situations.
Ministry Leaders: Terry Fahrlender


Social Media

This ministry maintains Monterey’s website ( by providing periodic updates for the design of the website, and by maintaining current information about Monterey’s ministries and events on the site.  In addition, this ministry facilitates overall communication to our members via Facebook, email, and other social media outlets.
Ministry Leader:  John Gibson; Gina Robinson


Special Needs

All God's Children seeks to minister to families and individuals whose lives have been touched by special needs.  We offer a special-needs Bible class, Buddy Program, monthly prayer and support groups, and VBS among other opportunities.  We want to help children within their abilities to grow in their relationship with Christ.
Ministry Leaders: Jared Burgoon; Holly Churchwell; Deanna Dawson; Ashley McArdle; Stacy Poteet; Misty Scott


Sugar N Spice

For years, Monterey has operated Sugar N Spice Preschool.  SNS provides classes for children through age four, two days per week during the school year.  Its purpose is to provide a Christian environment for preschool education and childcare.  The program is also designed to be an outreach to the community. 
Director: Kaci Scott; Assistant Directors: Erin Drumright; Kelsie McNeill



This ministry provides an extremely valuable role in the life of this congregation.  Through the work of this ministry, transportation is provided to such events as worship services, retreats, youth events, and other area activities.  Responsibilities also include the repair and ongoing maintenance of our vehicles.
Ministry Leader:


Visual Graphics

This ministry primarily involves working with the computer projection system for assemblies and special events.  Those who serve in this area ensure that equipment is running well, projecting smoothly, and communicating effectively.
Ministry Leaders: Kelsie Day


Wedding Ministry

This ministry coordinates weddings in the Monterey building.  The Ministry Leaders in this ministry serve as coordinators for the wedding as well as working with the wedding party to prepare appropriately for the wedding itself.
Ministry Leader:  Melissa Burns


World Bible School

The goal of World Bible School is to teach the gospel to English-speaking individuals, primarily in other countries, through Bible Correspondence courses.  A number of Monterey members meet on Wednesday evenings to grade the lessons, and to correspond with the individuals who are taking the courses.  Ministry leaders facilitate our current involvement in World Bible School, and will also recruit and train others to be involved in this outreach.
Ministry Leaders: Gary Bradley; Glenda Hughlett; Ralph Willingham


Young Adults

This ministry is dedicated to young adults and single adults in their 20’s and 30’s.  The goal of this ministry is to minister to young adults through individual wholeness, prayer and openness to and with each other by cultivating an environment of spiritual growth and laughter.  We do this through:  Bible study, class times, retreats, service projects and intentional relationship growth.
Ministry Leaders:  Kayla Burgoon; Terrell Cole; Adelle Davis; Ashley Davis; Harrison Grigson; Bridget Soltero

Youth Ministry

Ministry leaders in this area work closely with Monterey’s Youth Ministers and interns.  This ministry is dedicated to helping young people mature in Christ.  The goal of the ministry is to provide a well-balanced program that addresses the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of young people.  Devotionals, retreats, camps, Bible studies, and service projects are just a few of the many activities in which our young people are involved.
Ministry Leaders: Greg & Joni Bills; Donna Bowles; Corey & Donna Branch; Stacy Campbell; Sean & Kristie Collins; James & Dawn Conwright; Bryan & Rachel Hicks; Scott & Kelly Mahaney; Chris & Debra Sue Oden; Amanda Reeves
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