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Meeting Summary
Public Meetings
  • Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston and WVU Representative Ron Justice spoke about the incident that took place on Spruce Street on Friday February 1, 2019. 

Public Hearings
  • No one chose to speak during this portion

Council Action

A. Boards and Commissions
  • Building Commission
    • Gary Murdock was nominated for reappointment. (Approved)
  • Transit Authority 
    • Clement Solomon was nominated for reappointment. (Approved)
    • Jenny Dinsmore was nominated for reappointment. (Approved)
  • Metropolitan Theatre 
    • Tina Tallaksen was nominated. (Approved)
    • Richard McEwuen was nominated for reappointment. (Approved)
    • Joshua Williamson was nominated for reappointment. (Approved)
  • Positions are still available for anyone seeking to volunteer on one of the city's boards or commissions with a vacant seat. You can apply by visiting There are vacancies on the following boards and commissions:
    • Fire Code of Appeals
    • Woodburn School Redevelopment Commission
    • Sister Cities Commission
    • Bicycle Board
    • Human Rights Commission
    • Traffic Commission
    • Museum Commission
    • Pedestrian Safety Board
    • Health and Wellness
    • Housing Advisory
    • Tree Board
    • Met Board
B. Audit Presentation - Tetrick and Bartlett
  • David Shriver spoke about  the audit reports for the City of Morgantown. The City of Morgantown  had no audit findings in regards to government audit standards. 
Public Portion
  • Ashton Bray asked for council support in growing a garden in the Greenmont community. 
  • James Kotcon spoke in regards to the Green Team's presentation of their Annual Report. He gave corrections to statements that were made during the presentation of the Green Team's report. 
Special Committee Reports
  • The MMPO, working with several other organizations, is looking at initiatives regarding pedestrians and bikers. 
New Business
  • Consideration of approval (first reading) of an ordinance authorizing the Home Rule Board.
    • This ordinance  is presented as a request to use the Board of Zoning Appeals to administer a future subdivision and land development ordinance. This will be presented at the April Home Rule Board meeting. (Pass 7-0)
  • Consideration of approval (first reading) of an ordinance requiring financial disclosure requirements for elected officials.
    • This ordinance is would require campaign finance reporting for City Council candidates. This is designed to create more transparency in city elections.  This will be presented at the April Home Rule Board meeting. (Pass 7-0)
  • Consideration of approval (first reading) of an ordinance to approve current replacement pages to the City Code.
    • This ordinance will allow for the adoption of recently passed ordinances into the published version of the City Code. This pertains particularly to the traffic and general offenses code. (Pass 7-0)
  • Consideration of approval of a resolution of the City of Morgantown supporting the legalization of Power Purchase Agreements in West Virginia.
    • This would allow municipalities and tax exempt entities to acquire solar energy cost effectively. (Pass 7-0)
  • Consideration of approval of a resolution authorizing City Manager Paul Brake to act on its behalf to enter a contractual agreement with the Division of Justice and Community Services, to receive and administer grant funds for the support of prevention resource officers for Mountaineer Middle School and Suncrest Middle School. 
    • This resolution would maintain resource officer programs which had a lack of funding. Through this resolution, the City Manager would be able to administer funds directly to resource officer programs. (Pass 7-0)

City Manager's Report
  • Budget Calendar 
    • City Manager Paul Brake proposed a date for a work session regarding the budget. (March 12, 2019)
New Business
  • Financial and program transparency proposal
    • City Manager Paul Brake presented a proposal to enter an agreement with Cleargov. This portal will make information available to citizens regarding financial matters and city programs. (Approved)
  •  Proposed 2019 paving list
    • Paul Brake presented a memorandum that identifies a list of roads that will be paved in 2019. Damien Davis also presented a map outlining the expected paving projects and provided additional information on the project.  (Pass 7-0)

City Clerk's Report 
  • City Clerk Christine Wade spoke about the upcoming election. For more information visit the city website. 
  • Christine Wade also spoke about changes to the applications for Boards and Commissions.
  • The Police Department is still accepting applications for Police Officers. Applications are being accepted until March 15. Applications can be found on the Police Department webpage. 
Feb 4 - Green Team 
Feb 5 - City Council
Feb 6 - Traffic Commission
Feb 7 - Bike Board 
Feb 7 - Health and Wellness
Feb 11 - Pedestrian Safety
Feb 11 - Met Theatre
Feb 11 - Neighborhood Coordinating Council
Feb 13 - SunnysideUp!

Feb 13 - Parking Authority 
Feb 13 - Transit Authority 
Feb 14 - Monongalia County Development Authority 
Feb 14 - Planning Commission
Feb 18 - MUB
Feb 19 - Sister Cities
Feb 19 - City Council
Feb 20 - Main Street Morgantown 
Feb 20 - BOPARC
Feb 20 - Board of Zoning Appeals
Feb 20 - Historic Landmarks
Feb 21 - Library Board
Feb 21 - MPO Policy Board
Feb 21 - Museum Commission
Feb 21 - Human Rights
Feb 26 - Committee of the Whole 
Feb 27 - Housing Advisory 
Feb 27 - Urban Landscape 
Feb 28 - Land Reuse and Preservation 
Feb 28 - Woodburn School Redevelopment 
Check out the calendar on the City of Morgantown website for specific information on public meeting times and locations.
Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently openings for the following positions:
  • Engineering Intern (2 positions)
  • Horticultural Laborer (Part-time)
  • Police Officer
  • Laborer (Part-time)
  • Skilled Laborer
For more information, visit

There are currently openings on the following boards and commissions: 
  • Fire Code of Appeals
  • Woodburn School Redevelopment Commission
  • Sister Cities Commission
  • Bicycle Board
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Traffic Commission
  • Pedestrian Safety Board
  • Museum Commission
  • Health and Wellness
  • Housing Advisory
  • Tree Board

For more information, visit
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