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October ... We are in the Time of the Psychopomp. We have just been through the pause in time of the Autumnal Equinox, and the days are getting shorter, the veils are thinning, and we begin to focus inward. This is, of course, made stronger by Mercury Retrograde, which we are already feeling (it officially starts on October 4th), and the Eclipse cycle (there will be a solar and a lunar).

Let me back up. September is the crescendo of the year, the time when the things we have been working on this year become clearer, more intense, in order to give us a chance to resolve them. So, I ask you, how was your September? What did you learn? What came to a head? These don't have to be negative or painful things, by the way. If September was about flow for you, then that was your theme for the year. Not everything has to be pain and suffering and drama.

As we glide into October, what transitions did September create for you? What realizations? We will be in Mercury Retrograde for most of the month, so take this as the break, the breathing room you are always asking the Universe for. Mercury Retrograde is only challenging when we resist its themes. Instead, why not stop, ground, breathe. Look at how you got here. Are there any loose ends that need to be tied up? Do that now. What sort of resolutions can you create? Look for closure, fulfilling obligations, and clarity of communication. In this time of slow down, you will be most comfortable if you take every action as consciously as possible. Don't rush or look to cut corners, it will end poorly.

Eclipses bring epiphanies, revelations, insights, and changing circumstances. They will both be during the retrograde, so they are likely to be about your past or about closure. October 8th brings a total lunar eclipse (full moon in Aries), which will likely be internal or personal information. October 23rd (new moon in Scorpio) is a partial solar eclipse at the tail end of the retrograde, and will be more outwardly directed. Pay attention. Everything that happens during the retrograde cycle of Mercury is important. The energy has slowed down, it's palpable and thick, so it's a great time to manifest, heal, and work on things you would like to resolve once and for all.

With all this in mind, I am offering some unusual things in the next month. For the entire month of October, I am making Private-Group Singing Bowl Meditations available at a discount (see the sidebar). I have developed a new healing modality that is a powerful clearing and alignment tool, involving sound and light, that will be available for a limited time at the introductory rate of only $55 (email me to make an appointment). On October 29th, I am facilitating a workshop on healing your ancestral lineage. And on astrological Samhain, November 7th, I and Scott K Smith of The Sacred Other will be conducting a shamanic trance ritual to help people
activate their receptors, so they can bring the Divine through and hear the wisdom of the ages.

May you be the Light of the World!
Upcoming Classes & Events
Forest Lawn Memorial Park

October 3rd, 17th, 24th, and 31st
Labyrinth Walk
The veils are thinning... We are in a period of slow down ... The energy is thick around us... Join Ayamanatara for a walking meditation to bring insight, healing, and connection.
donations gratefully accepted
The Crystal Matrix
3215 Glendale Blvd | Los Angeles
Saturday | October 4th
Becoming the Goddess
Empowerment Workshop - open to all gender identifications
register now!
Kenneally Acupuncture
27225 Camp Plenty Rd | Canyon Country
(661) 252-4100
Wednesday | October 8th
15 minutes $28 | 30 minutes $45 | 45 minutes $60 | 1 hour $75
By appointment only
Kenneally Acupuncture
27225 Camp Plenty Rd | Canyon Country
(661) 252-4100
Wednesday | October 22nd
Singing Bowl Meditation
A Singing Bowl Meditation is a powerful way to bring your body to a state of calm using crystal singing bowls as the conduit. During the meditation, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls are played while we sit or lie in meditative bliss. The sound floods us with ethereal vibrations which deepen our meditation and connection with All. In addition to promoting overall relaxation, increasing resistance to stress, boosting energy levels, alleviating psychosomatic pain, lessening depression and improving digestion, this practice re-balances the autonomic nervous system, and brings the body, mind and spirit to a state of equilibrium.
Reservations are essential—please call (661) 252-4103
Kenneally Acupuncture
27225 Camp Plenty Rd | Canyon Country
(661) 252-4100
Wednesday | October 29th

Healing Ancestral Lineage
In this two-hour experiential workshop, we will look at how trauma is passed down through generations, and we will connect with the archetypal energy of our bloodlines, bringing that back into the present, and shift the energy of everything in between. In doing this, we honor and heal our ancestors, and we can break through strong patterns that may have baffled us, allowing us to respond differently to the world around us.
$33 at the door
or only $25 with a paid reservation by 10/22

private residence
900 N, Mentor | Pasadena
Thursday | October 23rd
New Moon Gathering
Every month, we gather on the New Moon to set our intention for the cycle ahead. Themes are based on the energy of the planet. This is an auspicious New Moon, as it is also the day of a partial Solar Eclipse! Potluck follows the journey/ritual (please bring a protein-based or wheat-free dish if at all possible). Feel free to bring a camp chair, 7 day candles, and some firewood. Event will be held inside in the event of rain.
$15 donation
The Crystal Matrix
3215 Glendale Blvd | Los Angeles
Friday | November 7th
Journeying the Invocation
This ritual experience will activate your receptors to help you bring the Divine through and allow you to hear the wisdom of the ages in a safe, consensual space. Come wearing masks or costumes to enhance your experience of a potentially emotive journey into the out-of-the-ordinary. Please arrive early, no one will be admitted after we begin.
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