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A path at Latourell Falls in the Columbia Gorge (Oregon)
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As a general reminder, you should always formally register for a class, workshop, or meditation as early as possible, either by paying me in advance or paying the venue in advance. Sometimes that advanced deadline is 24 hours, and sometimes it is 2 weeks, so always check the class listing.

I'm sure this doesn't apply to you, but people, especially in Southern California, express interest in events and then don't show up, unless there is a monetary commitment, so most venues do not consider you as confirmed if you have not paid. It is also a courtesy to me, as my time and energy are valuable.
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Dear Ones,
I have just returned from a wonderful time in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, land of Ents, Fae, Water Sprites, and Storm Dragons. All were encountered, as well as some wonderful humans, and several felines. It was excellent preparation for my limited offering of summer classes:
  • Faery Shamanism - the much lauded series returns with 8 classes over 4 months, in which we will spend a good deal of time in the Land of Faery, as well as working on tools, lore, and practices. First class will be May 12th.
  • Magickal Foundations - this monthly class will help you build a strong foundation for your practice and your life (which should be the same!), and will be available both in person and online. Meets the third Monday of the month for one year.
  • Advanced Chakra Workshop - This is likely to be completely new information, no matter how much you know about the chakras. Learn to work with the chakras and the elements in an entirely new way. This workshop is geared towards healers, yogis, and meditators, but is open towards anyone who is interested in the material and willing to bring an open mind. June 12th, 2:00-4:30pm.
To be fair, I will still be offering New Moon Gatherings and Sound Baths. I am even looking for another venue, either in West Los Angeles or North Malibu, where I can offer regularly scheduled Sound Baths as well. If you have any leads, please feel free to put me in touch with people who can host!

Part of the reason for my limited offerings over the next few months is that this promises to be an introspective summer. It will be important for all of us to maintain balance, to undertake measured self-examination, and to practice self-care. Look at this retrograde schedule!
  • Jupiter 1/8 - 5/9 creates an energy drain and an inward focus
  • Saturn 3/25 - 8/13 asks us to reformat our plans and re-evaluate our relationship with the structure in our lives
  • Mars 4/17 - 6/29 "encourages" us to practice greater self-control
  • Pluto 4/18 - 9/26 a time to search for a stronger inner truth
  • Mercury 4/28 - 5/22 (and then again at the end of August)
  • Neptune 6/13 - 11/20 the veil thins (at a time when one might think it wouldn't)
  • Uranus 7/28 - 12/29 we are called to free ourselves from our ego, our fears, and our illusions
So I am putting on my own oxygen mask and assembling my Spiritual Emergency Preparedness kit, and I urge you to do the same. This is not a time for panic, merely an opportunity to a lot of focused work on oneself, and to make sure we're taking care of ourselves in the process. Much like a physical emergency preparedness kit, it is wise to have a bag of tricks that can help support you when the energies are all askew. What plans do you have for spiritual and emotional self care in the months to come?

Another part of the reason for my limited schedule is that I am starting to look for investors for the retreat I am looking to build on Maui. This will be a place of reconnection, of honoring the land and those who have come before us, and a place where people can soothe their souls, recharge their batteries, and find peace. There will be opportunities for crowd funding as we move forward, but at the moment, I am raising enough capital to buy the land that is calling me. This all takes some energy to birth... I invite you all to lend me your energies and your contacts in making this happen.

Speaking of setting intentions and birthing new things, if you haven't been at one of my New Moon Gatherings lately, you should consider joining us! May's gathering will be a combined Beltane and New Moon on the 1st. We will observe June's New Moon on 6/5. July's is a bit up in the air, because the actual date is 7/4, which will make for great fireworks, but I'm still trying to figure out what night will actually work for meditation. I am leaning toward 8/3 for August. I'm also looking for host locations for all three, let me know if you are interested and you've got a good outdoor space with a firepit.

If you're looking for interesting learning that I am not currently offering, may I suggest Lasara Firefox Allen's amazing one-day intensive on Jailbreaking the Goddess? Anyone who has spent time with me recently has probably heard me rave about the material. Instead of the biologically-based maiden-mother-crone model of goddess, she is putting forth a fivefold model that is nonlinear and internally defined, with which I strongly resonate. She'll be in LA on 5/22. You should come!

I look forward to seeing you in the near future.
May you be the light of the world!
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