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Welcome to Higher Journeys News-n-Muse April 2015 edition!

Hard to believe as I've strolled through my yard these last few days that merely weeks ago I was unable to have that pleasure due to feet of snow blocking the way. Now I'm actually seeing the green of the grass re-emerge, the daffodils pop and the trees scream with colors of pink and white.

That could only mean one thing - IT'S SPRING!! ...A season we here in New England thought would never arrive, after the record breaking winter (over 10 feet of snow) we weathered. This past winter is a period in our collective memory we shall never forget!

Speaking of which, in this edition you can read an article I wrote back in March for Spirit of Change Magazine that speaks to a forewarning about the winter to come that I received late last summer from the little critters in our backyard - NO KIDDING!!

But as nature always delivers on her promise to renew, to re-emerge, to show us her beauty and bounty and gift of giving in so many ways, we too can show each other that we are made of the same elements: to give, to love, to honor, and to share.

In this spirit, I want to acknowledge a lovely individual who recently honored yours truly, along with my colleagues and co-editors of Conscious Life News, Ross Pittman and Vicki Howie, with the coveted "No Bull Peace Prize." Unlike that other peace prize that is pronounced nearly the same, this award was developed "To Appreciate Those Who Are Creating A World with Love." 

I am so honored and touched by this acknowledgment, but I am even more heart warmed by this special soul who decided to do such a selfless act, wanting no fanfare, and no name recognition. However, I'd like to take this moment to honor his desire and effort in helping to "create a world with love." Please visit his website, to learn more about this amazing project and read about my recent award below in the featured news section.

But that's not all we've got in this April issue. We'll also be looking at the idea of after-death communication (ADC), a term coined by the authors of Hello from Heaven, Bill and Judy Guggenheim, and how the dreamscape may be an entry point to connect with loved ones in spirit.

Then we'll muse over the idea of "Spiritual Telepathy" a term coined by the former founder and publisher of Intuition Magazine Colleen Mauro, and the author of the new book by the same name, Spiritual Telepathy - Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul. I interviewed Colleen about her new book and what a consciousness raising discussion it was!

So have a read, take a nice deep breath, and enjoy the latest spring musings!


Alexis recently awarded No Bull  Peace Prize


April 2015 -

This month I’ve chosen to send Nobull Peace Prizes to three of the principal mainstays of Conscious Life News (CLN) [Ross Pittman, Vicki Howe, and Alexis Brooks]. The newly created Mission Page informs us that “Our mission, our “raison d’être” is to ELEVATE. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has identified a phenomenon he calls “elevation” (read his article here). Haidt says it is “elicited by acts of virtue or moral beauty; it causes warm, open feelings in the chest; and it motivates people to behave more virtuously themselves.” That’s exactly the feeling and call to action we want for you and for ourselves.” It goes on to delineate more specifically that general purpose in beautiful terms.


Alexis Brooks is recognized by most people as writer, reporter and skilled interviewer of people from the entire range of consciousness uplift in which we find ourselves. Those are the external manifestations. I percieve her real work is pondering the Universe in all its aspects. There are very few people who have as great a breadth of knowledge and familiarity with so many of the different points of view that are represented in our various spiritual journeys. Because of her great knowledge she injects thoughts and questions into her interviews that simplify complex subjects and illuminate obscure points. Her show Conscious Inquiry is the heart of CLN Radio. The interviews are also available as podcasts on iTunes and from her home page where you will also discover her writing and find an in depth personal biography

I’m very grateful to these creators of Conscious Life News. I experience conscious and spiritual elevation from their work on a regular basis.

After-Death Communication - Just a Dream or More?


Editor’s Note | Higher Journeys

In 2001 I wrote about Bill and Judy Guggenheim’s excellent book entitled, Hello From Heaven, which discusses the subject of after-death communication – the reality of such a phenomenon and how common it appears to be.

Since that time, I’ve received dozens of stories of similar encounters – those who claim they have made contact with loved ones in spirit, most of which occurred as unexpected encounters. This is not a new story, nor is it a subject that’s losing interest by any means. As long as life and death exist, so will the longing for the living to reunite with “the dead.”

In the following article you will read about several inroads that have been made via the research about after death communication (or ADC, as was coined by the Guggenheims), not the least of which is a process called Induced After Death Communication – a method by which an individual can trigger a possible connection with loved ones in spirit. Similar to self-initiated out of body experiences, a process that OBE expert William Buhlman advocates, induced ADC’s may provide a clear and present approach to instantly erasing grief that could otherwise linger for years.

Stay tuned to Higher Journeys as I plan to cover at greater length, the subject of both induced ADC’s and self initiated OBE’s.

When a Dead Loved One Visits You in a Dream, Is It Real?

Original Source: Tara MacIsaac | Epoch Times

The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In “Beyond Science” Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

As many as 20 to 40 percent of Americans believe they have communicated with the dead, according to multiple studies. Are all of these people in a state of delusion or have they really made contact?

Dr. Camille Wortman, who received her Ph.D. from Duke University and who has worked for decades as an expert on grief and bereavement, wrote in her blog: “Despite the comfort that these communications may provide, mourners often worry that if they are having these kinds of experiences, they must be losing their minds. In many cases, they are reluctant to talk with others about these experiences, fearing that people will think they are going crazy. This could help explain the societal belief that such communications are rare, and that they may be indicative of psychological problems.”

After-death communication can help mourners, says Wortman; she and some other psychologists are exploring this phenomenon as a method of treating grief.

“Survivors would benefit from greater awareness of how frequently these communications occur. Armed with such knowledge, they may be more likely to be comforted, and less likely to doubt their own sanity if they experience after death communication,” Wortman wrote.

Therapy Session Gives Intriguing Clue

In 1995, Dr. Allan Botkin developed a therapy method called “induced after-death communication” (IADC). One of his patients learned something from the induced vision of her deceased friend that suggests the experience was real and not an illusion.

A reporter named Julia Mossbridge had lost her friend, Josh, in college. She had convinced Josh to attend a dance he wasn’t planning to attend and he died in a car accident on the way, she explained in a report on her experience. She felt guilty, though over the course of many years the grief had become relatively weak.

Botkin’s method involves getting the eyes to move in such a way that they imitate the rapid-eye-movement (REM) during sleep. Dreaming occurs during REM sleep. At the same time, he helps the patients get in touch with the core emotions related to their grief.

Mossbridge described the experience: “Simply, without pretense, I saw Josh walk out from behind a door. My friend jumped around with his youthful enthusiasm, beaming at me. I felt great joy at the connection but I couldn’t tell whether I was making the whole thing up. He told me I wasn’t to blame and I believed him. Then I saw Josh playing with his sister’s dog. I didn’t know she had one. We said good-bye and I opened my eyes, laughing.”

She continued: “Later I found out that Josh’s sister’s dog had died, and it was the same breed as the one I had seen in my vision. Yet I still don’t know what’s real. What I do know is that when I think of Josh, I no longer dwell on the images of me calling him or of his car getting hit. Instead, I see Josh walking toward me, laughing and playing with an angel dog. For now, this is the only kind of proof I need.”

Botkin has said it doesn’t matter if the patient believes in the experience or not, it can still have a positive effect.

Read the full article here

Chipmunks, Black Walnuts & Record Breaking Snow




Many snow-hearty New Englanders are ready to give up their badge of honor after the winter they’ve weathered this season. Who knew this much white stuff would descend in such a swift succession?

Our little neighbors — that’s who! You know, those little pesky critters that just insist on sharing your property and everything that comes with it — including the food? I think they knew, and here’s why.

It’s late summer. An annual gathering of chipmunks come together to strategize about how they will capture their food for the winter. One or two agree to knock the nuts down from the tree; the others tow them off to some secret location.

I’d always marvel at how coordinated their efforts were — watching the tree branches shake, then the thump of a few black walnuts landing after spiraling toward the ground, and then off they would go with a nut almost as big as themselves, scurrying across the yard to find their hiding spot.

But where they would go, we didn’t know. Until this year.

While checking on my husband to see how the late summer clean up was going, instead I found him carting out wheelbarrels full of nuts, then boxes, then recycle bins. Easily, over a thousand nuts had been harvested and conveniently stockpiled in just about every nook and cranny of our storage room, strategically placed in upside down chairs, half empty boxes, under tables — anywhere real estate availed itself.

Immediately I began to wonder what would necessitate such a mad dash to gather as much food as possible. And then an epiphany: “I think they know something we don’t know. We’re in for a brutal winter!”

I’ve always been keen to notice off-kilter patterns of some of nature’s inhabitants. If something is out of the norm with them, then something is out of the norm in nature. The intuitive capacity never fails!

Read the full article here.



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Here's a musing from a reader of our featured article After-Death Communication - Just a Dream or More?

Eleni commented:

"I had a dream about this boy I once knew. We didnt talk very much but I at least knew his name. He appeared in my dream for the first time and I remember I was lost in school and asked him for help then I moved on. Well the next morning I found out he died that morning randomly. It was weird  [that] he appeared in my dream that night."

Eleni, ADC's or foreshadowing of a passing in dreams is quite common. Even if you're only vaguely familiar with the individual or in some cases may have not known them at all (although someone you know will), somehow we are linked to this omnipresent field in which all consciousness lives (even those "deceased"), and will deliver the message/image to the most appropriate person - perhaps to carry it to the individual who needs to hear the message but isn't able to get it themselves.

Though mysterious, it's quite a brilliant universal mechanism, and all of us our connected to it. What a gift!

Thank you for sharing!



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There's much we could infer from the unprecedented weather conditions we've seen globally over the last few years.  

Whether due to "climate change" or "human change," (whereas the weather simply acts as a mirror to reflect this collective human shift), we don't know for sure. But one thing I think we can all agree on - Nature is a powerful force, and as I feel us all to be of nature, we too are a powerful force, individually and collectively.

Let us use that force wisely, keeping service to others top-of-mind.  And re-member, spring is a time for re-newel, re-emergence and re-minding ourselves and each other to give freely, give beauty, give love!

I send you all bountiful blessings for a wonderful spring. Continue to embrace the journey!

...with love,



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