Dear Toads

As January soon is something in the past, it is time for us to update all of our lovely members on what is new and what is to come. 
First and foremost, we have a new board. On the annual meeting on the 16th of January, eight exciting toads were elected to represent UPaD's board during 2017 and have now started to settle in in their new roles. So
 who are we you might wonder, but wonder no longer because a short introduction will follow further down! But first we have som exciting things to share with all of you:


The Board Informs: 
Although the board have just been inaugurated they are super eager to get going, so here follows two messages from two of our lovely board members:

From the Head of Events:

It is that time of year again, when it is time to start to plan for the coming 'Inspark' in August, and we are therefore searching for two persons to take on the prestigeous mission as 'generaler'. Have in mind that it is both time consuming and it demands you to have some organizational skill. The majority of the work is to be done before the actual 'inspark' starts. If you are interested, send an email to One request is that you talk Swedish.

From the Head of Education:
If you are interested in having a position in/for UPaD, keep your eyes open on Facebook in the coming days where more information about open positions will be posted.

What's happening in February?
Here comes some tips on fun things you do not want to miss in February, and please note the deadline for application runs out this coming week!
  • Isak Svensson and Peter Wallensteens' book release seminar at Medelhavsmuseet on the 3rd of February, see our previous post on Facebook. Note that this will be held in Swedish!
  • Uppsala Model United Nations 2017, between the 23rd - 26th of February, see the event here 
    ...or surf in to their web page
And last but not least...
  • A bunch of skiing toads are going to Åre between the 29th of January - 2nd of February on the trip that UPaD has arranged. Head of Communications has promised to update us with some awesome and snowy pictures!

Who are we?
So let's present to you the board of 2017:
From the left: Olle Linder, Helene Andersson, Hedvig Schylander, Josefine Bylund, Ebba Holmström, Elin Westerling, Isabelle Borgström and Johanna Gellerman
The board members got to answer three mind boggling questions which will help you, dear members, to get to know them all a little bit better:
1. Which is the best place to study?
2. Who is your personal hero?
3. Name three things you like that starts with the first letter of your name
Josefine Bylund, President
1. Anywhere apart from my bed
2. Kofi Annan
3. Jalapeños, jazz and jpizza

Hedvig Schylander, Vice President
1. The Karin Boye library at EP. It's quiet (the good kind, not the stress inducing kind) and has a lot of nooks and crannies to make into your home for the day.
2. Aaaargh! To hard! Can I say Elvira Melin, the previous VP? Or Ebba Bladh - the one before her? Or my grandmother. She's pretty rad as well. I know a lot of rad women<3
3. Houseplants, hearing a whole dance floor sing along to a really good song and having friends over for game nights

Helene Andersson, Treasurer
1. Engelska parken – it’s always open, it’s close to Folkes so you can easily recharge with snacks, there are plenty of good spaces to sit if you are studying in a group, and the library’s good if you need peace and quiet.
2. One of my heroes is my friend Ebba Bladh, not only because of how lovingly she treats her friends, but for the way that she strives to align her actions with her beliefs. From the way that she lives her day-to-day life, for instance through her vegan diet, to the way that she engages in political activism to fight for the values that she believes in, she truly makes an effort to walk the walk.
3. Hugs, hot chocolate, heated discussions

Olle Linder, Secretary
1. The UN room
2. Ernst Kirchsteiger
3. Ockelbo, observing cool stuff, October

Johanna Gellerman, Head of Communication
1. Anywhere where you are allowed to talk 
2. Close call between Shakira and Leif GW Persson, but I think I will go for the latter because, well, it's Leffe 
3. Joey from Friends, juice and (the) journey of life

Ebba Holmström, Head of Education
1. Carolina Rediviva
2. Nelson Mandela and/or my mother.
3. East Africa, Elephants and Exploring the world.

Elin Westerling, Head of Events
1. Uppsala
2. Princess Leia
3. Eggplants, equality and events

Isabelle Borgström, Alternate Member
1. In my corridor kitchen
2. My best friend Evelina
3. Islands of the small kind, impeccably tasty desserts & irritatingly interesting tv-shows


You might have noticed something different scrolling through the list of the new board - both Head of Activities and Head of Information have changed names. Head of Activities and the Committee of Activities are now named Head of Events and the Committee of Events. The new email adress is events@u-pad.seHead of Information is now called Head of Communication and is going to keep the same email adress as before. The changes were made on the annual meeting since the current names was considered more accurately describing of what it is the position means.

Yours truly,
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