September 20, 2019
vol. 10
And so it begins!
The Self-Sovereign Identity Incubator had an incredible kickoff week with our Fall 2019 cohort! We want to thank all of the organizations that participated this past week including Blockstack, Hard Yaka, globaliD, Microsoft, Sovrin FoundationuPort, and World Identity Network.
We also had a successful kickoff event: "The State of Digital Identity: Bringing Blockchain, Decentralization, and Self-Sovereign ID to the Internet". We would like to thank the speakers and the sponsors, Hyperledger and Orange Silicon Valleyfor a wonderful evening. 
Hot off the press
Must reads
  • Using digital identity to stamp out credential fraud and fake diplomas: "By being able to share digital degrees using protocols for self-sovereign identity, graduates will be empowered with the ability to attest to their status in a way that can be easily verified without having to call the school directly." —Evernym, Sept. 18, 2019
  • Chicago Inno’s 2019 25 under 25: "When Bharel started at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2014 to study computer science, he developed a deep interest in blockchain technology. So earlier this year, he launched Spaceman ID, a company offering products to help web services implement self-sovereign identity, a shift in digital identity that focuses on user’s having more control of their data." —Chicago Inno, Sept. 18, 2019
  • Delivering informed consent: Lessons from Mae La: "Informed consent is not simply a legal hurdle in implementing a digital identity solution; it is a core component of empowering individuals to improve their own lives through these programs." —ID2020, Sept. 16, 2019
  • Current online identity standards are a mess, blockchain project says: "Although the web is perceived to be a place where anonymity thrives, the project claims it is “virtually impossible to perform any action online with true privacy.” To compound the problem, the process of verifying one’s identity can be complicated—with power resting in the hands of centralized providers." —Cointelegraph, Sept. 16, 2019
  • Xertify is the only Colombian company financed by a U.S. incubator for digital sovereignty: "Therefore, Xertify as a producer of diplomas, labor certificates, official certificates, among other digital documents for organizations and individuals, managed to be the ideal candidate for the objectives of the incubator to encourage the protection of personal data." (translated from Spanish)  —El Espectador, Aug. 28, 2019
Hear it from the experts
  • Top trends in blockchain technology; inching towards web 3.0: "The days of seamless blockchain interoperability at the ‘atomic’ level are not here yet. Nor are the days of cross chain functionality where a single smart contract can update multiple blockchain platforms using a single process. We won’t see these needed functions go mainstream for at least two years." —Gartner
  • SSI Meetup webinar: All you need to know about SSI for Corporates and IoT: "We really need to shift our way of thinking abut identity from not just human identity to billions and trillions of identities in the near future." —Heather Vescent, President & CEO, The Purple Tornado
  • Verifiable credentials for identity issuers: "Verifiable credentials/Spaceman ID’s “Login with Anything” button means that verifiers only need to implement one API and can accept credentials from any verifiable credential issuer. Issuers no longer need to run infrastructure or worry about convincing verifiers to use their credentials!" —Spaceman ID
  • Devcentralised: What is Blockstack?: "At Blockstack we believe that the applications that you use should not control your identity or your data. And we believe that blockchain technology is the right technology to change the equation that you have as an end user with applications you use." —Mark Hendrickson, Product Manager, Blockstack
  • Self-sovereign identity – insights from Sovrin: "We do not write any PII to the ledger. Instead, the Sovrin ledger is used to provide public identifiers for organizations who are issuing credentials. And what that means is the actual credential is probably held in a private ledger." —Heather C. Dahl, Executive Director & CEO, Sovrin Foundation
  • The Nonconformist Innovation Podcast: Dr. Phil Windley: "And so the point of a system like Sovrin is to create a digital identity system or identity metasystem that is open to all and gives everybody kind of a level playing field in the same way the internet did." —Dr. Phil Windley, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Sovrin Foundation
Deep dives
  • 2nd global enterprise blockchain benchmarking study: "We believe this report is distinguished from other studies by its focus on the state of network deployment and its investigation of the different development stages of ongoing enterprise blockchain-based projects." —Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School
  • The blockchain founder's handbook: "Your guide to getting started with blockchain. Learn how to identify the business problem, build your ecosystem, design your business model, and address blockchain governance." —IBM
Quote of the week
“If you just treat privacy as a function of regulatory compliance, you’ll do the bare minimum. Businesses need to think of privacy as a competitive advantage.”

—Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., Creator of Global Privacy & Security by Design
A call for mentors and sponsors
There are multiple opportunities to participate in the SSI Incubator including:
  • Volunteer as a business/technical mentor to guide a SSI-based startup through its early development stages. The 12-week incubator is designed to get the incubator participants ready to present for the SSI Demo Day—the culminating event where they will showcase their SSI solution to a room full of investors. The SSI Incubator is looking for mentors who will share their expertise with the world's most-promising emerging early-stage SSI companies.
  • Become an SSI Incubator sponsor. The SSI Incubator is hosting a number of digital identity events in San Francisco this Fall and Winter including a SSI Demo Day in December. By becoming a sponsor of the SSI Incubator, you will be recognized as an advocate for SSI adoption and innovation among industry leaders.
Please contact to volunteer as a SSI Incubator mentor or sponsor.
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