October 25, 2019
vol. 15
Upcoming event with Greg Kidd and the SSII cohort
Next month, serial investor and entrepreneur Greg Kidd and the SSI Incubator Fall 2019 cohort will speak and present at an upcoming evening event in downtown San Francisco. Greg will discuss blockchain identity in a fireside chat and panel. The five startups in the SSI Incubator will pitch what SSI products and solutions they have been developing the last few weeks. 

When: November 13, 2019
Where: UC Berkeley Extension, 160 Spear St, 6th Floor (609) San Francisco, CA 94105

Come meet Greg, the SSI Incubator startups, and learn about the future of digital identity!
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Hot off the press
Deep dives
  • Stacks Token Economics Whitepaper v 2.0: "In this paper, we present the economic distribution of the Stacks token, describe an adaptive mint and burn mechanism for the future supply of Stacks tokens, and describe the token allocation and plans for App Mining." —Blockstack
  • Embrace a new marketing era: End dissonance and drive growth: "Customer trust is your most important, hardest-earned, and most easily spent resource. Customers are concerned with how their data is collected and used. Regulators aren’t far behind. Build a conscientious, customer-centric privacy strategy." —Forrester
Must reads
  • 5 things to know about Workday Credentials and WayTo by Workday: "As the credential network expands and more businesses turn to digital credentials for hiring and recruiting, you’ll soon be able to use the WayTo app to apply for jobs, prove your employment, and capture your skills and capabilities—all in a way that puts you in control of your professional data." —Workday, Oct. 16, 2019
  • WhyID: Protecting our identity in the digital age: " Each identity programme has an inherent requirement of trust from the user. Trust can only be built on the foundation of transparency and accountability. Trust can only be built when systems are designed to promote, empower, and protect the rights of citizens across the world. And that is exactly what the main objective of all policymakers should be. " —Access Now, Oct. 21, 2019
Hear it from the experts
  • LISSI — Let’s initiate self-sovereign identity: "Twelve German entities initiated a joint project to jump-start the adoption of self-sovereign identity solutions in Germany....The twelve entities involved in the project include: Commerzbank, Deutsche Bahn, esatus AG, Creditreform, Hasso Platner Institut, Boniversum C, Main Incubator, comdirect, Bundesdruckerei, ING, Commerz Real and Authada." —Hodl Helper
  • It’s the end of the beginning of self-sovereign identity: "Over the course of 2019, we’ve watched the SSI space mature, with the results of early proof-of-concept projects, like the Verifiable Organizations Network, CULedger, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. New companies are entering the space to learn how this technology might re-invent their business, and this means there is an influx of new energy and new ideas." —Heather Vescent, President, The Purple Tornado
  • IIW: A second timers perspective: "Spaceman ID showed the capabilities of cloud hosted wallets and how easily they can be implemented through an arbitrary driver. In the case of the demo we showed how one can get access to an Aries capable wallet simply through the use of SMS, no need to download any apps, no need to register to any site, one text and you can get the benefits of self-sovereign identity." —Alexis Falquier, Co-founder and Lead Developer, Spaceman ID (Read IIW: A first timers perspective)
  • The AI Network Podcast: Ep. 113: Pelle Braengaard, uPort: "Self-sovereign identity is about identity that is under the control of the user—of the person. It's actually identity issued by the user—not issued by a government, bank, or Facebook. And its about the person himself taking control over his own identity." —Pelle Brændgaard, CTO, uPort
  • A gentle introduction to verifiable credentials: "But while digital records are nothing new, today’s credentials come with certain ‘cryptographic superpowers’ that make them tamperproof, traceable, and verifiable." —Daniel Hardman, Chief Architect, Evernym
  • The GID Report #8 — Regulators turn up the heat on Libra and Telegram: "When your product is money and payments, any progress is going to be slow. And it’s not the kind of progress rate that tech companies are generally acclimated to in an industry defined by fast disruption." —globaliD
A call for mentors and sponsors
There are multiple opportunities to participate in the SSI Incubator including:
  • Volunteer as a business/technical mentor to guide a SSI-based startup through its early development stages. The 12-week incubator is designed to get the incubator participants ready to present for the SSI Demo Day—the culminating event where they will showcase their SSI solution to a room full of investors. The SSI Incubator is looking for mentors who will share their expertise with the world's most-promising emerging early-stage SSI companies.
  • Become an SSI Incubator sponsor. The SSI Incubator is hosting a number of digital identity events in San Francisco this Fall and Winter including a SSI Demo Day in December. By becoming a sponsor of the SSI Incubator, you will be recognized as an advocate for SSI adoption and innovation among industry leaders.
Please contact to volunteer as a SSI Incubator mentor or sponsor.
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