December 9, 2019
vol. 21
In this special edition of The SSI Sweep, we are spotlighting the five startups in our Fall 2019 cohort in preparation for our final event of the year on Thursday, December 12 when they will present their self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions. As the first SSI Incubator cohort is about to graduate from our 12-week program, we wanted our readers to get to know each of the five teams and their work better, so we highlighted each one in a blog post.

More details about the event are below. Reserve your seat here!
SSI Incubator Fall 2019 cohort spotlights
Domi creates self-sovereign identity wallet for rental market

Domi Labs is a Berlin based startup that is using self-sovereign identity to take the friction out of the renting process by enabling renters to leverage their rental history. With their solution, property managers will also benefit from having access to a streamlined and GDPR-compliant means of managing rental contracts.

"At the end of the program, we will be demoing our proof-of-concept which will show core functions of our platform. Our prototype will enable prospective users to experience the full rental journey as either a landlord or a tenant—from the application and screening process, to the authoring, negotiating, and digitally signing of contracts—all based on the secure exchange of verifiable credentials between users’ wallets. We also showcase how Domi can be easily integrated into any third-party online rental marketplace." —Katrie Lowe, CEO of Domi Labs
HearRo using self-sovereign identity to smooth the customer service experience

HearRo is a Los Angeles based company using the benefits of SSI to smooth the friction that occurs during the communication processes of the typical call center experience. The company is working on what they call 'one-click customer service' which will be the result of HearRo creating a secure connection not only between users and companies but between users and the products and services they own.

"No need to lookup a phone number or navigate an IVR to get help for a specific product. With HearRo the context—who you are and what product you own—is sent along with your request for service. When a representative is available to talk, you are notified in the app. No waiting on hold and no traditional phone calls or texts are required." —Vic Cooper, CEO of HearRo
Xertify brings self-sovereign identity to higher education

Xertify, based out of Bogotá, Colombia, is a global technology company that automates the issuance of digital certificates with a focus on education. Their solution will allow students and workers the flexibility to freely move between jobs and different educational institutions by enabling them to have control of their digital certification.

"Xertify provides a digital decentralized identity, named the decentralized identifier (DID), to the institution, the verifier, and the student. Then, with the DID we can use a standard, globally used and accepted format of digitally-signed credentials (verifiable credentials). Then the Xertify Wallet 1.0 allows people to hold, share, and request those verifiable credentials (W3C). We are using the solution offered by our incubator colleagues, Spaceman ID." —César Suárez, Chief Innovation Officer at Xertify
MetaDigital builds self-sovereign identity for medical professionals 

MetaDigital, based in Toronto, is using SSI to address medical fraud and is focusing on easing friction between medical provider, payer, and patient. The startup's platform can verify the identity of each patient and provider beforehand instead of the normal, post-payment verification process that is standard in the healthcare industry.

"By having the claims verified in real-time, the revenue billing cycle can be reduced from an average of 30 days for the healthcare providers. This provides a huge incentive for adopting our platform." —Anesu Machoko, Co-founder of MetaDigital
Spaceman ID brings self-sovereign identity to all

Spaceman ID is an Identity as a Service company offering a set of products that makes SSI easy to implement. The Chicago based startup offers products such as an API toolkit and a SMS digital wallet that make SSI easy-to-use for enterprises, developers, and the everyday consumer.

"We are currently working on a set of products, Spaceman API and Spaceman Wallets. These two products make up our base offering and allow for users to easily implement an SSI identity system. At demo day, we will be showing off both products from implementation through actual use." —Jacob Frey, Co-founder at Spaceman ID
Upcoming event
The Self-Sovereign Identity Incubator (SSI Incubator) invites investors and enterprise partners to come to "The Future of Digital Identity, Blockchain, and Investment in Self-Sovereign Identity" and see what the five startups in our inaugural cohort have been building the last 12 weeks. The startups are looking for investors who have resources that can help them take their companies into their later stages.

This evening brings together some of the most exciting work being done in decentralized technology and specifically explores the current work being done in self-sovereign identity. 

When: Thursday, December 12, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
Where: AWS Loft, 525 Market Street, #2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

The following startups will be presenting:
Domi Labs (Berlin) - Secure digital passports for landlords and tenants that would create a fairer rental market.
HearRo (Los Angeles) - A blockchain powered phone system using secure digital identities to deliver better customer service.
MetaDigital (Toronto): An intelligent healthcare platform to eliminate medical prescription and insurance claim fraud with real-time digital verification.
Spaceman ID (Chicago) - Tools for companies to easily implement private, secure, and portable digital credentials.
Xertify (Bogotá, CO) - A network where people and institutions can exchange trusted personal information based on blockchain technology.
In addition to the startups' demonstrations, event speakers include:
Greg Kidd, Co-founder of Hard Yaka and Co-founder and CEO of globaliD, will kick-off the evening with some opening remarks about the investment opportunity within the rapidly growing global blockchain identity management market.

Following his remarks, Darrell O'Donnell, CTO of CULedger, will take the stage with Heather C. Dahl, CEO of Sovrin Foundation, in a fireside chat to discuss CULedger's success with its deployment of SSI solutions in the credit union industry. Their conversation will cover:
  • Finding inspiration in SSI: Hear about what motivated CULedger to pursue work in decentralized identity 
  • Bringing SSI to market: A discussion on the specific technology associated with SSI and its value prop
  • The road ahead: Looking forward at the future of CULedger’s work in SSI, next steps in their product development and funding
We welcome investors, entrepreneurs, and digital identity experts and enthusiasts to join us for SSI Incubator's culminating event of the year.
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