November 1, 2019
vol. 16
Upcoming event with Greg Kidd and the Self-Sovereign Identity Incubator cohort
Serial investor and entrepreneur Greg Kidd and the SSI Incubator Fall 2019 cohort will speak and present at an upcoming evening event in downtown San Francisco. Greg will discuss blockchain identity in a fireside chat and panel. The five startups in the SSI Incubator will pitch what SSI products and solutions they have been developing the last few weeks. 

When: Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 6:30pm - 9:00pm PST
Where: UC Berkeley Extension, 160 Spear St, 6th Floor (609) San Francisco, CA 94105

Come meet Greg, the SSI Incubator startups, and learn about the future of digital identity!
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Hot off the press
Deep dives
  • Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth: "For example, digital ID could contribute to providing access to financial services for the 1.7 billion plus individuals who are currently financially excluded, according to the World Bank ID4D Findex survey, and could help save about 110 billion hours through streamlined e-government services, including social protection and direct benefit transfers. For institutions, gains could come from higher productivity, cost savings, and fraud reduction; for example, improving customer registration could reduce onboarding costs by up to 90 percent, and reducing payroll fraud could save up to $1.6 trillion globally." —McKinsey & Company
  • Self-sovereign identity for IoT devices: "In this paper we will try to define the differences and discuss both pros and cons of using such commonly known technologies as Sovrin based upon the Hyperledger Indy technology, Civic, Jolocom, uPort, and some others. Besides, we’ll tackle the idea of using the SSI for inanimate object and how it can be constructed in this way." —Nataliia Kulabukhova, Andrei Ivashchenko, Iurii Tipikin, & Igor Minin
Must reads
  • German banks say: The economy needs a programmable digital euro!: "The user of a digital euro–whether man or machine–must be clearly identifiable. This requires a European or, better still, a global identity standard. With every form of digital money, customers should be identified using a standard that is just as strict as that which banks and other obligated entities are required to apply under current legal framework pursuing the combat against money laundering and terrorist financing." —The Bundesverband deutscher Banken (Association of German Banks), Oct. 30, 2019
  • Practical application of distributed ledger technology: Self-sovereign identity on the blockchain: "Although we are optimistic about the transformative nature of DLT, it’s worth noting that less than 10 percent of dedicated identity apps are expected to use DLT by 2023. In spite of this statistic, the self-sovereign identity movement is experiencing an average yearly growth of 35 percent." —JD Supra, Oct. 23, 2019
  • Google hosted an insecure app for searching personal data of Palestinians: "An Android app on the Google Play Store allowed anyone to look up biographical information on a large number of people in Palestine, including names, dates of birth, place of residence, and details on their family. The app was designed for a user to search for one person at a time, but a cybersecurity researcher also found the server hosting the data itself is insecure, allowing anyone to scrape it en masse." —Vice, Oct. 31, 2019
  • Criminals thrive on data abundance - here's how we'll catch them: "This is at the core of self-sovereign identity, a potential global response to identity theft or the generation of fake identities, and technology could help law enforcement revert potentially altered data to its original state." —World Economic Forum, Oct. 28, 2019
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A call for mentors and sponsors
There are multiple opportunities to participate in the SSI Incubator including:
  • Volunteer as a business/technical mentor to guide a SSI-based startup through its early development stages. The 12-week incubator is designed to get the incubator participants ready to present for the SSI Demo Day—the culminating event where they will showcase their SSI solution to a room full of investors. The SSI Incubator is looking for mentors who will share their expertise with the world's most-promising emerging early-stage SSI companies.
  • Become an SSI Incubator sponsor. The SSI Incubator is hosting a number of digital identity events in San Francisco this Fall and Winter including a SSI Demo Day in December. By becoming a sponsor of the SSI Incubator, you will be recognized as an advocate for SSI adoption and innovation among industry leaders.
Please contact to volunteer as a SSI Incubator mentor or sponsor.
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