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Farm in the Spotlight 
Rootbound Farm

Our Farm in the Spotlight is Rootbound Farm. Rootbound Farm is a Certified Organic farm in Oldham County, Kentucky, owned by husband and wife team, Ben Abell and Bree Pearsall. Now in their 9th season, they farm 150 acres in Oldham County with their young daughter, Hazel Grace, and toddler son, Henry Sage. The couple grows 60 acres of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Like many Kentucky farms, the land is comprised of flat land, rolling hills, and woods.  This diversity creates opportunities for a diversified farming operation.  Their flat tillable land is ideal for vegetable crop production.  The rolling hills covered with healthy grasses provide a luscious home to their Katahdin sheep flock.   They run 100 ewes and their lambs on 100 acres of Kentucky bluegrass.

The pair works to incorporate the newest understanding of balanced soils, organic pest and disease control, management intensive grazing, and modern farm equipment alongside the patience and humbled listening that has informed sustainable farmers for generations.  Their ultimate goal is to create a regenerative and resilient farming system that supports and builds biodiversity, positively influences soil, air, and water quality, has a net-negative carbon ouput, and produces phenomenally healthy and delicious food. 

Ben got his start farming for Elmwood Stock Farm in Georgetown, KY and then he went on to work for and eventually manages the University of Kentucky Horticulture Research Farm in Lexington.  During his time at UK he was a part of many of the organic and sustainable farming research projects done at the farm.  As Ben and Bree branched off to start their own farm, maintaining organic growing practices has remained one of their central values at Rootbound. Being a Certified Organic farm means that they receive an annual audit from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to ensure that they are utilizing growing practices that meet the national organic standards.  For example, the national organic standards do not allow the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizer, or GMO seeds. They focus on controlling pests and diseases by using natural methods and inputs and they put a lot of intention into building soil health that can sustain healthy plants.  Bree and Ben are committed to the organic certification program because they believe that it allows for a high level of transparency with their customers about their growing practices. Bree says “The organic label has a lot of trust because there is a lot of work that goes into earning that label. I think our customers really appreciate that and it gives them some peace of mind.”
Bree and Ben are most excited to be able to bring grass-fed lamb to the market.  Rootbound Farm’s lamb is 100% grass-fed which means that they do not feed any additives like corn, soy or other grains.  Their sheep live their whole lives grazing certified organic grass pastures. In the winter the animals eat grass hay that is mowed from the farm earlier in the season. Meat from grass-fed animals yields a delicious flavor profile and also carries many health benefits like being high in Omega-3’s and low in saturated fats. 
One of the central tenets of Rootbound Farm is their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program where members buy a portion of the harvest at the beginning of the season and then receive a weekly curated box of vegetables every week from June through October.  Ben describes this program as the “foundation of our farm.”  Because members join early in the season, they help provide much needed capital for the early investments of farming such as seeds, planting, and labor to tend to the crops. CSA members’ commitment to the full season also means that the farmers know they will have a consistent market. Rootbound Farm has several CSA pickups in Louisville, Frankfort, and Lexington. Their CSA pickup on Saturdays at the St. Matthews Farmers Market is one of their larger pickup sites for the CSA shares.
Things are always moving and changing in farming just as they are in life. Bree says “Rootbound Farm is truly grateful to the St. Matthews Farmer’s Market for helping us start our business off on strong footing and for being a part of our community.”

What's at the Market this Week?

Have you visited Stone Burr Lamb, Barr Farms,Elmwood Stock Farm, West 6th Brewery, and Valley Spirit Farm? Spring onions, asparagus, strawberries, leafy greens, hot house tomatoes and cucumbers will all be available this Saturday. Eggs are plentiful and so are lean cuts of lamb, beef, pork, and chicken. Dried apples are available from Paul Tokosh as is popcorn. Kettle corn is available from Gallrein Farms. Triple J Farm has rolls and cinnamon rolls. The burrito tent and Garey Farms Breakfast will be here serving up your delicious favorites so linger a little longer and enjoy a hot meal. Our musical guest is Don Brockmeier. Our alternate vendors are Beaded Treasures, Daily Cake, Horseshoe Bend, and Blueberries of Daviess County. 

Featured Recipe
Spring Pea Orzo

Peas are plentiful right now and you can get them for $5 a bag from Granny's Delights or from Coulter's Good Earth Farm. Spring pea orzo is a delicious side or could make a hearty vegetarian meal. Pair with Primo Oils & Vinegars for your specialty olive oils to drizzle on bread. Wildflour Bakehouse farmhouse white can be used for the bread. 

3 to 4 lemons
8 ounces uncooked orzo pasta
1/4 cup minced shallot or red onion
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon table salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 1/2 cups cooked fresh or frozen peas
1 cup snow peas or sugar snap peas, blanched and chopped
1 cup assorted chopped fresh herbs (such as mint, chives, and parsley)
1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted
To Make:
Grate zest from lemons to equal 2 tsp. Cut lemons in half; squeeze juice from lemons to equal 1/2 cup.
Prepare pasta according to package directions. Whisk together shallots, next 4 ingredients, and lemon juice. Toss together pasta and shallot mixture. Cover with plastic wrap, and chill 1 to 48 hours.
Toss together pasta, peas, snow peas, next 2 ingredients, and lemon zest just before serving. Add salt, pepper, and additional lemon juice to taste.

Recipe courtesy Southern Living

Market Special Events
Select Saturdays of the Month

Throughout the summer, we offer a variety of special events to enhance your market going experience including Children's Day on Saturday, June 8 featuring crafts, games, and other hands-on activities for children.  A seed planting activity in which participants will plant tomato seeds to nurture and take home.

July 6 Patriotic Celebration
Aug 3 Heirloom Tomato Tasting 
September 7 Honey Tasting

Maker in the Spotlight
Me Salsa

Me Salsa is a traditional Molcajete style recipe created by J. Francisco Campo Chávez as a tribute to his aunts, The Seven Sisters who have made Molcajete salsa all their lives in their small towns in México. Its unique flavor comes from a special red pepper from Yahualica which is hotter, spicier, and richer than found anywhere else in the world because of the unique soil minerals. Campo Chávez' goal is to keep this traditional recipe 100% natural, handmade, and produced only in small batches. The salsas are made fresh from locally sourced ingredients with no preservatives.

Since all of Campo Chávez' aunts are teachers part of the proceeds from each sale goes towards Kids Education wherever its needed most.
In business since 2009, Me Salsa is a passion and a family tradition. Kroger made a great video about the recipe.  Watch here. These tastes bring Campo Chávez' back to his family and traditional roots. The tomatoes are first rinsed and roasted at 850 degrees Fahrenheit. He does the same with the onions and peppers. This roasting is done by hand and takes time, but it bakes in the flavor. It's really the brand differentiator for him. Roasting makes the product unique and he plans to keep making the salsa the same way. The product is pasteurized.

Salsa Roja contains fresh Roma Tomatoes, Onion, Serrano Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers, Garlic, Cilantro, Yahualica Red Dried Peppers (chile de árbol) and Coarse Sea Salt.

Salsa verde is made using fresh Green Tomatillos, Onion, Jalapeño Peppers, Garlic, Yahualica Red Dried Peppers (chile de árbol), Cilantro and Coarse Sea Salt.   This is great on huevos rancheros.
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